The Day Before The Calamity (Learn How To Pick A Fight.)[Calamity Arc- Part 5]

– Haruru’s POV-  

“Sir Janvas, wait!”  

Hearing someone call for Jan, I turn around to see a soldier waving his hand, this soldier was wearing clothes lighter than others. 

A bulky person was marching, towards us, he was tall, with horns growing near his nose instead of the head. 

I feel as a boulder was left to crush us, it slowly made way towards us, the ground would stomp with every step he took. 

Feeling scared, I try to pull Jan away from its tracks, but to my confusion, he doesn’t budge. 

The stomping makes me scared, with every step, I feel my heart would stop beating, Jan pulls me closes and says, 

“Don’t be afraid.”  

The soldier just comes near us then halts completely.  

“Sir Janvas, I’m really sorry for doing this, but I’m really impressed you didn’t even flinch even in such intense pressure.”  

Jan annoyedly says,  


“Lieutenant Revin, Sir Janvas.”  

“Lieutenant Revin, if your aim was just to an amplitude test of mine? Then I must say you lack the manner scaring my wi– maid in the process shows how small-minded you are.”  

The soldiers bowing apologies,  

“Sir Janvas, Miss, I didn’t want to scare you or anything. The soldiers wouldn’t have understood why they shouldn’t look at you like that.”  

“If that was the case, then if you had just told them that you were defeated by me in the Wifobe Championship tournament, then that would have had a better effect on them.” The lieutenant looks down to suppress the shame, while I could hear some of the soldiers murmuring to each other. Seeing them, I could pick out that they had the qualities of wolf or dog’s, making their hearing far better than others.  

“Sir Janvas, I would really appreciate that you wouldn’t bring the past back. Now I’m a lieutenant, not the same child with no background.”  

“Even I would appreciate that you wouldn’t scare her for no reason. They are your soldiers, aren’t they supposed to be under you, and if they have such behavior, isn’t it your responsibility to discipline them?”   

“I’m truly sorry, Sir.”  

“So, I hope that we can leave now if your amplitude test has ended, that is.?”  

“Ye-yes, sir.”  

As we were leaving, I feel an eye on me, when I turn around, I see the lieutenant eyes on me, Jan also looks back and finds him looking at me, he glares at him, to which the lieutenant hastily leaves.  

The soldiers who were looking at me now were doing their work and didn’t dare to look towards me.  

As we get some distance, I tug Jan sleeves,  


“Why was the lieutenant so scared of you?”  

While Smirkig Jan says,  

“Heh! Long story short. In the Wifobe championship duel, I had beaten him to such an extent that his horn had cracks on them. And he had to go Safrine for a checkup.”  

Rubbing the back of his head, Jan chuckling continues,  

“You remember Safrine making overcooked foods just for me.”  


“She made those because the higher-ups wanted him in their ranks, and they even had paid her hefty, but the operation had taken her 3 Days continuously. So, she took out her frustration on me.”  

I laugh at remembering how Jan was trying to feed the dish to Katrine, and mother caught him.  

“It’s not that funny.”  

“No, it is.”  

A small smile appears on my face when I realize, Jan is respected.  

I wanted to shout but didn’t. Walking while having his arms around me was enough of me.  

-Near the Market-  

The market was bustling as everyone from around the nation comes to the capital during the festival. Looking at the crowd, I could guess how beautiful tomorrow’s festival would be.  

Master frowns when I escape his grip and walk behind him.  

“Master, we need to be separate when we are near people and Children’s.”  

Grabbing my hand, he pulls me closer to him.  

“You don’t need to walk behind me, just walking beside me should also be enough if you really want to act like a maid; what’s wrong with walking closer when children are near?”  

“But Master, my clothes will tell everyone that I’m your personal maid, and walking along with you, will anger other nobles and rich.”  

“Ru, you are my wife too, and having my wife along with me during a festival is something that I want.”  


“And about walking close to children?”  

“You are a pervert and will do things that children shouldn’t see.”  


Saying that he nibs my ears, making me yelp.  

“Do you know where the shop is?”   

“Ye-e-s, I have been there once, it’s a little inside the market, it’s near the east-southern plaza.”  

“Let’s get going then.”  

Walking forwards, we mix in the crowd.  

After changing the streets and getting away from the crowd, we head towards the library, which is near the shop.  

From the moment we entered the crowd, Jan hadn’t left my hand, in the crowd, no one noticed, but while we were on the streets, which had very few people, it got us many stares from the bystanders. I move to the other side of Jan, as I wasn’t feeling that good with those looks.  

But after walking for some while, I discover that it wasn’t me, they were looking at, but at Jan who didn’t have any animalistic trait, the people must have stayed back as I was beside him.  

Turning on the next street, we find it too less populated, but the environment tells us we took a wrong turn.  

“Jan, I guess we should-”  

“Look, brothers, who do we have here.”  

One of the hooligans speaks to his friends, he licks his tongue, when he spots me beside Jan.   

Another hooligan speaks, as to enrage Jan,  

“A busty babe and her supplier. Isn’t it great brother we catch a great fuck without looking?”  

Other of their friends start laughing as they surround us.  

“Hey brother, why don’t you leave her here and come back after an hour.”  

“Or leave her and never come back.”  

All five of the hooligans surround us, laughing at our bad luck. My lock at Jan tightens, as I try to figure a way out. But before I could do anything, Jan launches at them. 

The Day Before The Calamity(Idiot.)[Calamity Arc-4]

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