The Day Before The Calamity(Did he forget his weapon?)[Calamity Arc-Part 6]

Janvas’s POV-  

As we take the next turn, we meet with a bunch of hooligans.  

Haruru turns around to leave, but till then, the hooligans prorogating words had enraged me. 

I dash at the one nearest to me, before he knows what hit him, he loses his life.  

I grabbed his head and form the hottest mana layer I could, as it melts his head within seconds.  

Seeing one of their own to die on such a short note, the other’s get baffled, they quickly unsheathe their weapons. 

All of them were pure breeds, probably from the South-Southern Plaza. Two wolves, one cat, and a tiger. And it was their first time seeing magic kill another being. 

The wolves guard the entrance we came from, I check on Ru, seeing me distracted the tiger lunges at me, the cat doesn’t move and stays where he is. 

I dodge the tiger’s sword by stepping to the side, his blade passes me, seeing a chance I grab his arm and toss him to one of the wolves, who was approaching Ru from the behind. The cat jumps on me with his dagger, the dagger had cracks, inclining its frequent use, I bend and make an arc to escape the blow, unluckily the cat was able to twist its body mid-air and throw his hidden dagger at me. I somersault and let it pass, as he drops down, I pace towards him and stab him, with the fire engulfed hand. 


Haruru’s scream takes me off from the cat’s body, the tiger and his group chase after Haruru, maybe to have leverage against me, I quickly pick up the cat’s daggers and throw it towards them, one dagger hits the wolf on his back, he drops down agonize in pain, but I miss the chasing tiger.  

“Ru, run towards me!”  

Ru ducks at the right moment, letting the paws of the tiger pass her, she runs to the right at full speed, the two follow her, mid-track she changes her direction making the tiger fall when he turns abruptly, the wolf wasn’t as talented as the tiger, so he slides afar. I pass Ru as I head to the tiger. 

The wolf finding his partner to be in danger, throws a sword at me, I easily dodge it, and throw a fireball at him, it hits his shoulder, he screams and runs out the alley, now, only the tiger was left, and he with anger he dashes at me. 

With Marine absent, I find the task of fighting to be tedious; on the other hand, Haruru wasn’t a fighter. 

So, to make my task easy, I cast a flame cyclone around the tiger, as I put more mana into it, it gets hotter, the tiger starts with a roar, then screams, till the ends he screamed every anguish cries. 

“Jan, people are coming.” 

Ru and I hastily run away from there, with the wolf only being the one who saw us, but I believed he wouldn’t approach the soldiers, so we were safe for now. 

We change streets for some time and end up reaching on the opposite side of the library, seeing an alley to be vacant Haruru pulls me into it. 


Haruru calls me, turning around I hug her, with the clean arm, while keeping the blood-stained arms away from her, we hug for some time. 

“I’m sorry.”  

Ru suddenly apologizes.  

“Ru, don’t apologize, those hooligans would have attacked me, even if you weren’t beside me.” 

“Jan, no-no-no, I’m asking for forgiveness for not being able to help you, as I could only ask for your help throughout the event.” 

“*Sigh* Ru, your worry is excessive. Marine’s a fighter, while you aren’t. You both have flaws and strengths, different from each other. Just take this as an example, if I were to ask Marine to choose clothes for me, she would pick any clothes with the color back, whereas you would ask which day I need the dress, where I’m going, when I have to reach the venue, what kind of environment it is going to be, who I would like to take with me, and more. Id she is my sword and strength, then you’re my pride and hope, and Safrine’s my home and assurance, you all play different roles in my life.” 


I grab her chin and lift it, as I look into her eyes, I speak with confidence. 

“You are not useless to me, never, ever. We have lived for such a long time, and have I ever looked at you as you don’t mean anything to me?” 


Pecking on her lips, I say,  

“Tears don’t soothe you, be it regret or sadness you are to smile, as my princess, you are my pride, my vigor, my youth, you tell the world about me, in my presence, and if you cry-“ 

“It’s not tears, the dust, got into my eyes.” 


“Yes…*Aaah*, why are laughing?” 

Haruru moves her arms with big sways to hit me, but the touches are light, as she stops whining, I kiss her cheeks, I take two steps back, and motion her to turn around, as he does, I look at her to see if she got hurt, luckily she doesn’t.  

“Jan, wait a minute.”  

Saying those words, she leaves the alley. I stay and inspect myself, to see if I was bleeding, and fortunately, I wasn’t. 

After a few minutes, Ru comes back. 

“Where did you go?”  

“To get this, show your hands.”  

As I show my hands, Haruru casts a spell, and a black rectangular space appears in front of her, putting her hands inside, she pulls out a small bucket and a towel form it.  

“So, now you can fit a bucket too.”  

“Yes, it’s still not as good as the merchant’s, but I have improved a lot from back then.”  

“Well, I can see that.”  

Smilingly she washes off the blood from my hands and clothes.  

“Ru, weren’t you scared when the hooligans surrounded us?”  

“Hmm…, I wasn’t, I knew you would save me.”  

“Ru, isn’t it blind fate?” 

“No, it isn’t. You are my Master and husband, and you won’t let anything happen to me, I’m sure of that.” 

“Ru, it’s true, I won’t let anyone steal your fallen hair from the ground, but you are forgetting something…, I’m not omnipotent, and when, someone strong will defeat me, then what?”  

“Jan, not everyone is born with a silver spoon, and even if they did, they won’t have it forever. Even a beggar can have the same silver spoon that once the noble had. And, if they strive hard, it may even change to gold or diamond.” 

“What should I do?” 

I ask. 

“Mother told this to me one day, Improve than the last, I always wondered what it meant, it was Marine who told me what it means, 

I need to improve than what I was in the previous night, it may be in any sense, like If I could lift 10 Kg of weight the previous night, then I need to lift more than 10, today, it can be 10.1 or 10.5, but it must be bigger than the last night.” 

“Improve than the last. Huh.”  

“Jan, it doesn’t mean like yesterday. It just means keep on improving no matter what time, place, or situation it is, just improve.”  

For some reason, the teaching Ru, entices me with her, Teacher Spell.  

I get near her and kiss her lips, my hand pulls her close, her saliva tastes like strawberry to me, at first she was shocked but comes to her senses, and she pulls me closer, she messes with my hair, with our body was pressed, I feel her soft breast on me, I wanted to lift her and have my way, but knowing it wasn’t the right place or time…..Time. 



“We don’t have time for this. We need to reach the shop and hurry back to the palace.”  

Ahhh… Yes, Jan, look again because of you, we are going to get late.”  

Saying that she separates from me and gets out of the alley.  

[Because of me???]  

The Day Before The Calamity (Learn How To Pick A Fight.)[Calamity Arc- Part 5]    

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