The Day Before The Calamity(What and Who’s Objective?)[Calamity Arc-Part 8]

Janvas’s POV-    

I get shocked when I see the barrel turn smaller and smaller, the size of the barrel keeps on decreasing, till it becomes as tiny as a cup. Haruru looks up to me with a beaming smile.    

I couldn’t interpret what had just happened, Haruru who usually liked to goof around, had performed a spell that took years to use. She dropped a huge bombshell upon me. Now, not only she knows dimension magic, she knows comprese spell. She had the best of both worlds.    

“Ru, when did you learn it?”    

“First, how was it?”    

“It flabbergasted me, when did you find time to learn it?”    

Hehehe…The maids don’t have to work all the time, so whenever I found free time, I would train myself to use the Comprese spell, and sometimes it also resulted in my Dimension space to increase in size, now I can even fit Mari’s katana inside.”   

She happily smiles,    

“Hmm…So, it means, Mari would know about it.”    

“Ahh…Jan, please don’t scold her.”    


“I told her not to tell you. I wanted to surprise you.”    

Haruru’s beaming smile slowly turns into worry, her swishing tail swings slow, but as I spread out my arms, she smiles joyfully and jumps at me. Hugging her back, I swing her in circles, her laughter fills the shop. I nuzzle her nose with mine, kissing her slowly, I smile.    

Putting her down, I look at the cup-sized barrel, as I casually try to pick them, their weight tells me not to be fooled by them. 

“Ru, can you get the other small too?”    

“Yes, I can at least get, 10 Things, size compressed or dispersed.”    

“Here, Mr. Kirante, the cost for the barrels.”    

I hand over the money given to me by Farahe, he doesn’t even check them and keeps them inside his pocket, I think of asking him the reason, but knowing his behavior until now he might just say, I’m a prince, and I won’t cheat him and all.    


“Jan, is something worrying you?”    


“Then, why don’t you bring a carriage, till I compress, the remaining barrels.”    

“NO! I’m not going to leave you alone, while Unor, is still in the capital.”    

“But, Jan, we don’t have that much time, and if you wait till I get all the barrels compressed, then maybe only ten to twenty minutes would be left, as you also need to search for carriage. Jan, this is the OverAged Beast shop, no one would do anything wrong in here.”    

“What? Why?”    

“Jan, how would they get the stoned beast blood, if they could not even protect themselves from the robber or imposters.”    

“Sire, you won’t have to worry about Miss, if she is in the shop. Not even the king has the audacity to go against us.”    

“Why is that?” 

 “We have a treaty with the royals, that we would provide them with stoned beast blood without delay and they wouldn’t do things that we won’t like. Sending 1000s of soldiers to get only 1 barrel of beast blood isn’t worth it; over here we would just provide it to them with just an exchange of money, on one place they won’t be losing any soldiers or spending money for their expenditure. And if we tell them we won’t like our customers to be harassed even they would have to wait till Miss exits the store on her own free will.”       


“And of course, if they would try to force their way, then we also have force enough to repel them, after all getting the Wined Beast Blood isn’t a child’s play.”    

Kirante smiled like a clerk who would smile towards their Customer, but the aura of the mana he produced, told me Haruru would be safe in his hand.    


“Mr. Kirante, I guess that’s enough, you are scaring my maid over here.”    

“Ahh… My Apologies, Sire, Mam.”    

Cold sweat drops from my head, the mana that he had was probably parallel to the Generals of the Nation, and yet he was living the life of a shop owner, like other people. I wanted to ask him the reason, but today’s morning mistake of mine was enough to teach me to stay in limits.    

I’m reluctant to go from here, but Haruru just pushes me out of the shop.    


Currently, I was in south-eastern plaza, and to find a carriage that could carry 300+ kgs, I would need to go to the center to find a suitable carriage.    

There were four plazas in the capital. North, East, West, and South plaza which were sub-divided into four-parts, North, East, West, and South. 

North Plaza was a plaza just for namesake, the entire Northern plaza was under the royal family, with no ordinary civilians being permitted to roam or wander around it.  

The Eastern Plaza was the plaza where the nobles lived, where the North was the locations were the richest noble lived and south being the least one lived.  

The Western Plaza was the place where people who had one or more member of their family working for the nation lived and the sub-divisions were divided same as the other, the north had families who had the majority of the people working for the nation and south having the families with only one person working for the nation. And how or why was the OverAged Beast shop in the south of the western plaza was still a mystery to me, the contribution that this shop did for the nation and how the palace only wanted wine from this shop was the answer about where the shop belonged to.    

The southern plaza was the place where the rest resided, the civilians get the west-southern plaza for themselves, the north was is for the hotels, public hospitals, schools, etc. all the stuff that would help in the nation’s development, the east-southern, is given to the stores, and merchants, the south was given to the unproductive people otherwise known as scum.    

The entire system to set the Capital in such a way was due to the king thinking it was perfect.  

As the north sides had a massive mountain towards it, making the palace attack prone from the north; on the top of the mountain, Wifobe Safora’s Military Ground is situated, while the south has vast lands, no mountains, or rivers, making it the weakest part of the capital, and even the so-called walls were planned, to be constructed after tomorrow’s deal. 

 It was like the king didn’t care about the people’s safety.    

And it was after the current king came up to power, from what I know, my grandfather and mother were peerless, in taking care of the nation, and the safety of the citizens. But through some unforeseen circumstances, they died. It was after one year of giving me birth, someone who was strong enough to be a queen, and the actual king died on a field trip, it was impossible for them to die until it was someone from a foreign nation or a backstabber.    

[If only, I could find a clue.]   

 –Haruru’s POV-     

When Jan leaves to find the carriage, I sigh and get ready to do my work.  

Playing with space was not an easy job.  

I put my hands on the other barrel and start compressing it, I was able to compress the five barrels simultaneously, but till I reached the last, I was completely exhausted due to mana depletion.      

 “Miss, here.”    

I sit on the chair provided by Kirante, all of a sudden, he asks about Jan.    

“So, Miss, is it true that His Highness is no longer a Prince?”    

“Ye-es, Jan was dethroned, 7 Years ago.”    


“Yes, the King, was really angry with the news, that Jan wasn’t able to awaken his Animalistic traits even after 10 Years.”    

Kirante shows a conflicted face, then he heads towards the counter and sits down. I think of asking him what’s wrong, but the relation between us, wasn’t that good, and I didn’t think he was an open person, to tell his problems to anyone he met.       

I calm my breath and try to absorb mana in the air; the gravitational mana in the shop was enormous. My mana refills within minutes.    

When I open my eyes, I feel like I weight lesser than earlier, and I feel I advanced a stage. 

Happily, I move to the last barrel and compress it too. 

Sitting on the chair, I imagine what Jan would present me. Kirante suddenly asks another question from the counter,    

“Miss, why are you two here to carry such heavy loads? Even if His Highness isn’t a prince anymore, he still has the royal blood inside him, doesn’t that make him more prominent than some wine?”    

“For the King, he isn’t, so no one thinks, Jan is worthy of anything.”    

Hearing Kirante’s question, I sulk down.    

“Even if that’s the case, why would people send a royal blooded person for errands? Don’t you think it’s strange, Miss?”    

“What do you mean?”    

“Maybe it wasn’t His Highness they wanted to lure out, but you.”    

The door of the shop slams open, Jan enters the shop with a bad mood. 

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