The Day Before The Calamity (Jan…We’re Moving….)[Calamity Arc- Part 9]

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-Haruru’s Pov-  

As the gate is slammed open, both Kirante and I, look towards it, to see an angry Jan, He was mostly angry at Kirante as he was glaring at him. 


He doesn’t say anything, he comes to me and pulls me out of the shop.  

Getting out of the shop, I see a carriage parked on the right side. From its looks, it was from the Eastern District.  

The beast which was pulling the carriage was a Blue Godarn. Godarn’s were mutated beast without any demonic or angelic blood in them. They have four legs, neck one-third of its overall length and height around 6 to 6.5 feet, the Blue Godarn has a height of 6.2 to 6.7, the rest was the same as a normal Godarn. The most interesting part of Blue Godarn’s body is the blue color spikes around its neck, the carriage, on the other hand, is green in color, and it was made out of stones, except for the doors which were probably made of woods.  

Jan opens the gate and lifts me and makes me sit on the sofa.  

“Stay here till I get the barrels.”  

He doesn’t even hear my reply and heads in the shop. I concentrate on his voice, to find out what he was going to talk with Kirante, but  I couldn’t hear a single thing, beyond the walls.  

The inside of the carriage was a perfect square with four glasses around me, two on the door, and one on the front and back of the carriage. These glasses were special, as they would not let sound escape the space; they usually collect sound and turn it into mana to strengthen itself.  

[I guess even Kirante has them on his shop.]  

[No rich person would like that the  fact he’s being spied on or somehow their information gets leaked.]   


After half an hour, Jan brings the first barrel.  

“Jan, what did you talk about?”  

“Nothing, Princess, Just clearing some doubts of mine.”  



Jan brings the first miniatured barrel and puts it on the floor, I roll the barrel and place it on the corner, we repeat this five more times,  we place all the barrels on the floor that the weight is equally distributed. The carriage feels to have lower down due to the weight. 

“Well, I guess this was expected.”  


“No need to worry, I already talked about it to him, and he was okay with it, till the carriage doesn’t break.”  

“And he agreed?”  

I ask with astonishment that a Chalak would allow that.  

“Yeah, he was pretty cool about it. He just said I would have to pay double.”  

“Jan!! Are you trying to burn our money on a single trip?”  

“Hey, I can’t let my wife pick those heavy things, and we are out of time too.”  

Giving a cheesy smile, he sits beside me. 

Before closing the gate, Jan tells the chalak to move.  

“Chalak, let’s go, we don’t have much time.”  


A voice comes from the top of the carriage; a person jumps down and sits on the cabin.  


*Nygh*  The carriage then heads towards our destination.   

I take a glance at the barrels, fearing that the weight would break the carriage. 

Jan sits beside me, with his arms around me, as he sniffs my hair, I turn to look at him, to see him looking straight into my eyes. His arms caressing my face, pinching my cheeks; out of nowhere, he says.  

“Why are you so beautiful?”  

Tilting his head, he steals my lips, not stopping there, a wet tongue enters me, out of reflex, I close my eyes and accept it. It wriggles around, till it finds my tongue to invite it in its play. Moving from mine to his, then coming back to mine, I just follow.  

Suddenly I fell getting lifted and put down on Jan’s lap. He withdraws his tongue, so I follow after it, unexpectedly it leaves my mouth, and the lips get separated. Disappointedly, I stare at his lips, a sparkle fires in my heart. A smirk appears on his face, and the sparkle intensifies. A desire to push him down wields up on me. I try to suppress it.   

“What happened my dear succubus?”  

His hands slide down from my cheeks to the neck and squish it.  

[The small tender care.]  

I reply to him with a kiss. Now my hand wanders his body, my tongue invades and defeats his. The hands of his reroute, dividing into two, one approaches my bust, the other to my bottom. When they grab me tight, I get free from the charisma of my husband.   

I curse myself for falling for him like a maiden. When I try to pull back, he pulls me towards him, I put my arms on his shoulders, and push him back, to which he looks at me confused. His hand grabs me tight.  


“What happened, Ru?”  

He gets closer to me and looks me in the eyes. I feel the blood rushing up to my head with that stare of his.  

“Why does…. my precious succubus refrains me?”  


My mind stops working, and the next thing I know, my mouth gets invaded again, and my heart conquered. My body moves on its own, pulling him closer, I push his head closer; rhythmically move my waist. Jan’s hand goes under my skirt and touches the skin covered under it. His hand sluggishly heads towards that itching place of mine.   

Even if this might be mine 1000th time to be conquered, I still shiver at the anticipation of being invaded. I could trace the destination of the hand with the tracks they left. I bite onto my enemy’s tongue to stop my agitation; he counterattacks with a chuckle. He surprises me with an attack on my weak base and his desired destination.  

Like a calm sea, he moves his finger on my holy land. My hands move from his hair move to his torso and lower. I free his towering land from his tents. Getting hold of it, I gulp down my saliva. The night and the morning memories were still fresh on my mind, I knew to do it now was adding fuel to the dry tree but I still wanted it, even if just for a minute I wanted it.   

I lift myself as the last of my resistance had shattered against his might, and now only being conquered was left.  



I sit on it.  


It easily enters me, as I could hear the nectar that my husband called it, to gush out as it digs deeper. I break the kiss and just move. The walls of my vagina warped tightly around it, I couldn’t take it entirely, as my husband’s hand preventing me from lowering my hip further. He smiles and kisses me again. I only had the luxury of having some part of it. He slowly moves my hips but doesn’t lower it completely. The itching that had subdued restarts again, this time grave. I was going crazy with the teasing, and thought of it would ever end, but my husband stops his cruelty, and sluggishly lower my hip. This sluggish manner gets his veins to touch my sensitive spots.  


My moans are cuffed, and only the sensation is felt. When it enters entirely, I open my eyes and moan loud in the mouth, I become hypersensitive and felt my strength to leave, every time he makes a pistol movement. I lie on top of him, as Jan just pat my hips, as he does everything, contrary to me, my vagina looks active and tightens every time it enters me. I silently experience bliss.  

His hands roam on my back, either caressing my butts or grabbing my tail.    His hand as if getting bored leaves my tail, and ventures to the front, opening the shirt he exposes my blouse, without opening it, he grabs my breast by sliding his hand under neat it, I moan as he pinches my nipple, I feel my wall to tighten around his tool.  

“Ru, you are as sweet as you look.”  

[Is it praise? Is Jan praising me?]  

I happily kiss him, move my waist to match his rhythm. After moving for some time, I feel something wield up inside me.  

“Jan, going too….”  


Saying that he speeds up his moment.  




The tools slam’s again and again with heavy momentum. Our lips locked, as I cum on my Husband cum Master, seconds later, I also feel something hot to invade me. I enjoy the after state, hugging each other, kissing and getting creampied by Jan.  



“What happened?”  

“Nothing. Jan.”  



“You are acting strange.”  

“I love you.”  

“Me too. I also love you, Ru.” 

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