The Fallen Hero King

Once he was a hero with the power to dominate every sword. But now, he was in a broken world, abandoned by everyone. He vows to climb the infinite ladder, dominating everything in his path.
Kingdoms, Empires, Vampires, Dark Creatures, and especially women.
Join me on an R-18 journey to the top of infinity.

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Chapter 1 – The Sword and the Woman.

Chapter 2 – The Paso Town.

Chapter 3 – Vivian

Chapter 4 – Redstone Town.

Chapter 5 – Egerton’s

Chapter 6 – Ilma and Lady Antanasia

Chapter 7 – Knights and Dames. 

Chapter 8 – Ownership

Chapter 9 – Lady Sierra of Sercenasse

It’s too much work, so can I put the link for other chapters here?