Zombie Emperor 12

Chapter 12

「Do you understand what I’m saying?」
「doof, uoy」1 2

Doesn’t seem so…
The red monster slowly approaches.

「Don’t come!」
「emoc ,doof」3

It ignored my order.
Does my power really work with unique mob…!

「uoy etib em tel,uoy nmad」4

Close to the knife-like arm is a chopped zombie, he made the size easier to eat.
Does he not care about zombies?
I don’t understand what it’s saying…But I understand one thing.
This guy’s…an enemy!

「Shoot that monster!」

I let the police zombie use their arms
The police zombies held their firearms, then fired.

What a great sound.
My ears were pierced…I should’ve blocked my ears.


Hey hey, his abdomen was hit but he doesn’t mind…
I knew it, but as expected, he can’t be taken down with shots…

「All members shoot! Shoot until he’s swiss cheese」

If one shot was no good, then I’ll just shoot a hundred rounds.
I gave a firing order on the police zombies.
All police zombies prepared their guns, then they fired continuously.
Of course, just until all bullets were gone.

What a great sound.
I’m glad that I blocked my ears this time.
It should be dead by now.

「Hey, no way」

Blood was gushing out of his body, but he’s still approaching.
He’s really a monster.

「uoy llik ,ll’I」6

…The monster clearly vent out it’s anger.
I still don’t understand what he’s saying, but I know that he’s angry.

However, I’m also angry.
The corpse of the easy-to-eat zombie, this somehow feels the same as Aki-chan’s parents.
Aki-chan’s parents were cut to pieces and was eaten out.
This was the unique mob that harmed Aki-chan’s parents.

「If there’s no weapons…then!」

I’ll approach him to hit his head!
Even if it’s a zombie, if you destroy it’s head he’ll die.
The video of the zombie hunters did the same way.
The zombie hunters didn’t have a video for it, but they confirmed that they also beat a unique mob.
There’s no reason for the police zombie to be unable to beat them.

「Good…Everyone with weapon…Remove the limiter of your body! Adrenaline from a fire scene! Hit and kill him!」

I gave the zombie an order using my ability.
I’m able to order their body function, I’ve confirmed this when I had sex with Sakura-chan
The clamping tightness of Sakura-chan loosened, so it’s possible to order the body of the zombies itself.
In other words, if I intentionally ordered them to remove the body limiter…they would draw out enormous strength like from a scene of fire.

「That zombie over there! Hold down that red monster!」

The zombie jumped to surround the red unique mob.
The zombie approached and cling on the foot, but he was cut easily.
I can’t buy time?
But, there’s a chance!

「Goooo! Crush his head!」

The nice physique riot police zombie jumped out, then hit the unique mob’s head with the shovel in his hand.
…Good! He faltered!

「Beat him! Surround him, destroy him!」

The police zombie surrounded the red unique mob, then they began to attack!
…That guy didn’t move for a while.

「Is it over…?」

I approached the guy cautiously.
His head was deformed…
As expected he should be dead.

「If unique mobs are this strong…I feel that it needs a dozen of people to take it down」

However, there were victims
The zombies had some opening but, they surround and attack him, but this guy resisted and cut down some zombies.
It was fortunate that the wounds aren’t deep.

「I never thought that it would be cut into two…」

When he had the chance to attack, he cut the zombie into two.
His lower and upper body says goodbye to each other forever.

「Thank you, Obasan. we’re somehow able to do it because of you, also…sorry」

I reached my hand to the obasan zombie that dyed her hair violet for some reason.
I’ll bury this person too.

I must be able to fight.
Aki-chan, Sakura-chan, and Saya.
I have to defend this three people by myself so I won’t hesitate anymore.
It’s impossible to protect humankind from the threat of the zombie.
I, I will defend who I want to protect.
I will throw『Cut』anything else.

…That will be my fight7
This is all that I can do.

I determined as I watch the victims buried in the vacant lot.

「Jin-san, are you okay!?」

Aki-chan and Sakura-chan came
It seems that they noticed the unusual situation after hearing gunshots.
They just got out of bath, looks sexy.

「It’s okay, it already ended」
「Is that so?…Jin-san, this is…」

Aki-chan pointed on the unmoving unique mob.

「Oh, I think it’s probably the one who killed Aki-chan’s parents, I just avenged them…」

My head feels heavy…
I’m getting sleepy…

「Sorry, Aki-chan, I’ll sleep for a while…」

No good
My eyelids are heavy…

I had a dream. 8

I was holding a kitchen knife, and I was fighting my zombie companion.
I stabbed the head and chest of the zombie with both of my hands.
But, I was outnumbed
I’m reaching my limitー
So I was bitten by a zombie.

I became a zombie, but even if I was a zombie, I continued stabbing the zombie.
Soon, the boundary of the hand and the knife disappeared and it united 9
I became hungry with the kitchen knife unified with me, I didn’t see anything other than zombies as tasty so I ate zombies.
I cut zombies and continued eating.
As I continue to eat more zombies, my body got bigger, my knife hand somehow stretched to my arm.

And then, I found an appetizing couple10 in a certain houseー

「Jin-san! Wake up! Jin-san!」

What am I…
What was that?
But, the last house I’ve seen is…

「Jin-san, are you okay…? You look terrible somehow…」

It seems I’ve worried Aki-chan.

「I’m okay, I just…had seen a nightmare」
「Is that so?」
「But, why lap pillow?」

…Why are you doing lap pillow to me
Aki-chan put me on her lap.

「I want to try this once.」

Is that so?

「Aki-chan, you see, I…」

I decided to tell Aki-chan about the dream.
In my dream was the house of Aki-chan, so it would be better if Aki-chan should know this.


  1. 「あみお、あうすさえ」You food
  2. All the gibberish translation is thanks to the comment, read below
  3. 「あうすさえ、けうちう」-Food come
  4. 「てうどぬ、うちぢくみせ」-damn you, let me bite you
  5. 「にぬ?」What
  6. 「あみお、からせ」I’ll kill you
  7. Ie senpai! This is our fight!
  8. That people will pledge more than 200$ on patreon so I don’t have to find a job anymore
  9. ooooh, he was dreaming the experience of the red monster
  10. Aki-chan’s parents