Zombie Emperor Chapter 18

Chapter 18 ☆

That’s right, let’s try part-time job.
I, Yuzawa Akiko had decided when it was spring on my first grade at high school.

「Aki-nee will work part-time? Can Aki-nee do part-time?」

Sakura, my childhood friend thinks I can’t do part-time job.
Just you see.
I’m going to show you that I can work at a convenience store clerk properly.
「Hey, hey, isn’t it fine? We’re just going to play for a bitー」

After a few days of working, I was involved to a strange person…
Internet refers them to DOQ1? They’re a race of people called like that.
Uu…his breath stinks cigarette.
Or rather, he’s been looking at my boobs since a while ago!
In the end, men are after breasts!

Isn’t it?
I’m somewhat confident in the size in the shape.
But, I don’t like it when they stare at it fixatedly.
Someone help…

「Oi, Tono. Aren’t you troubling her? Stop that」

Help came!
Another man called out this Tono and rebuked him.
It’s a tall slim man.

「What? Isn’t it Jin?…Got it」

Thus, the strange person went out of the store.
Thank god…

「Are you okay? Did he do strange things to you?」
「Ah, no, I-I’m fine!」

Ah, this person looks at my eyes when speaking.
Not my breasts.
I wonder, is he doing it because of what happened? I’m strangely happy because of that.

「That guy does that but he’s not a bad guy, forgive him」
「But, he’s a strange person」

The tall man laughed in an embarrassed way.
It’s strange.
He’s not a ikemen in particular but I become to like this person.
I feel that I’ve seen his face somewhere having an influence.
ButーーWhere was it?

Returning to the house, I found the true nature of the deja vu when I arrived at my room.
There’s work that I’ve forgotten inside my room and there’s some cat stuff toy.
And then, the face of that person looked a bit similar.

It’s the stuffed toy from the time when I was in kindergarten.
It looks familiar indeed.

「Is that so? Tono-san is an old acquaintance」2
「That’s right, he’s an acquaintance since kindergarten, just like Sakura-chan and Aki-chan’s relation」

Summer season.
I have to shorten my distance from Jin-san steadily.
After talking about various things, I understood Jin-san.
Jin-san is a college student who lives near this convenience store, he’s frequent in this convenience store too.
Jin-san’s parents live in the neighboring prefecture B
And…He plans to return to his parent’s house for a while in the summer.

Somehow or another, I want to deepen my relationship with Jin-san during summer!
But how?

「Jin-nii, can you help me with my summer homework?」
「Summer homework? I don’t mind but do it by yourself properly?」

Before I noticed, Sakura is close to Jin-san!
No way.
Sakura also looks like she likes Jin-san.
At first she said 「Aki-nee might be influenced by a bad guy」but now she looks at Jin-san passionately.
I go together with Sakura before but we shouldn’t’ve been together if I knew this would happen!
I’ll never give up.

「Jin-san! Can you help me with this year’s summer homework too? It’s somewhat too many…」
「Aki-chan too? I’m fine with it but where should we do it?」
「Of course, Jin-nii’s room! It was clean when I came before isn’t it?」

Jin-san’s room!
I haven’t entered it yet!

「Well! But is it fine for women of age to enter a man’s room?」
「It’s fine, it’s fine! Because I told father that I and Aki will study at library! 」

Even I!
If I pull out I won’t be a woman!

「That’s right! Jin-san isn’t a a person who would do anything strange right?」
「Well. That’s true…」

I do actually want you to do something strange.
I want Jin-san to steal my virginity mercilessly

I know that Jin-san also has sexual desire.
I confirmed that when I saw him on looking at the ecchi book from the magazine section.
Our eyes met so he didn’t buy it, but I saw it properly.
Did Jin-san masturbate after that?

When I masturbate recently, I make a delusion of Jin-san violating me.
I told him to stop but he doesn’t, he went violent rather than stopping.
Violating me violently, releasing it inside again and again, then I became pregnant with Jin-san’s childー

I don’t intend to have such a delusion at first though…
At first I had delusion of Jin-san violating me normally3, it got extreme gradually, nowadays it doesn’t change from rape.

If Jin-san found out that I’m masturbating…
It’ll ruin the mood.
No matter what it takes, I have to make sure it won’t be found out.

However…during the summer holiday, we can’t do anything because of Sakura’s interference.
Well, I can’t let Jin-san be together with Sakura, because of her obstruction, I can’t say anything hard about Sakura.

Fall came, Sakura who turned third grade in high school got busy so the contact with Jin-san has decreased.
I had the chance of having a relationship with Jin-san, but it stopped to friends.

I think Jin-san perhaps like me too.
But, we can’t obtain mutual proof so I can’t confess.

Both of us were cowardsー

While that thing is happening, winter passed and spring came again.

What’s going on?4
I was bitten by a strange baby,
It’s somewhat strange.

My head is going blank…

But, I have a feeling that Jin-san will be at the convenience store.

Ah, Jin-san.

He’s also surprised seeing me.

「Aki-chan also turned to a zombie」

Certainly, I do look like a zombie

「You’re really cute…」

Jin-san said that I’m cute.
I’m happy.

「Aki-chan, can you hear me?」

Un, I can hear you.
Jin-san’s face is close.
Am I stinking?

「Aki-chan, can we kiss…?」

Of course it’s fine.

Jin-san is so close to me.
This is my usual dream.
If we kissed, I’d wake up as always.

I don’t want to separate from Jin-san anymore.
Don’t go anywhere.
Let me stay this way without waking up from this dream.

I grasped Jin-san firmly.
Curiously, Jin-san was surprised that I put force.

「Aki-chan is a slut aren’t you? For you to put your tongue in while kissing, just how many men did you play with?」

He misunderstood when I put my tongue in.
You’re wrong, I’m just happy.

…My body can’t move well.
I can’t talk well too, I moved my neck a bit.

「Aah, that was my first kiss aside from my family, I didn’t think that Aki-chan is such a wild lady」

Wrong, that’s not it…I…
I’m not a loose woman…

「However, you must have opened your legs for other men, right? That’s why it’s fine, right?……to violate you.」

Jin-san pushed me down in the register counter.
Could it be…

「Well, I am different from the man I was before, so I won’t be using a condom. I also don’t have the money for that.」

Jin-san who’s aroused stipped off my clothes.
Aah, Jin-san will take my virginity as expected…


Jin-san was glued on my breasts.
I’m glad, Jin-san loves breasts.

「I will make your oppai comfortable in a moment~」

Jin-san massaged my breasts mercilessly and lewdly.
Jin-san’s face is getting even redder.
My body can make a man aroused properly.
Sakura said ‘low grade meat’! but I guess it’s not.

「Aki-chan, are you getting off from your breasts getting fondled? Pervert.」

Please don’t say that I’m a pervert like it’s the usual…
The lewd feelings from my breasts overflows steadily.

「It would be rude to the pussy if I focus entirely on the breasts, wouldn’t it?」

It came!

Jin-san took off my remaining clothes.
I raised my waist secretly to make it easier to take off.

「Aki-chan, you have quite of them grown, you didn’t deal with them?」

Don’t look at those things…
So embarrassing.

Jin-san’s hand is on the place I’ve never let anyone touch.
Aah, he’ll find out.
He’ll find out that I’m a lewd woman who’s wet from having her breast fondled and is on the verge or being raped.

「Aki-chan, I only groped your chest yet you’re soaking wet. You’re surprisingly a lewd highschool girl」

Un, that’s true.
I’m a lewd highschool girl who got wet selfishly when thinking about being violated by Jin-san.
Jin-san took of not just his jeans but also his underpants showed off his manly weapon.

「Look, Since Aki-chan is too erotic this happened to me, you have to take responsibility」

I’ll take it, I’ll take it!
Please let me take it.
Please make me crazy Jin-san with your manly weapon that breaks women!

「Lotion shouldn’t be needed, since it’s already this wet.」

It’s entering…
It doesn’t hurt as much as I thought…
Is it because it’s just the tip that entered?

「It’s tight…… It went in, but only the tip is in, and only that won’t free me from my virginity….」

Aah, Jin-san was a virgin.
He’s going to give me his virginity.
Un, Jin-san, you can throw away your virginity to me, in exchange, I will give my virginity to Jin-san too…!

「Did everything went in at once?」

Jin-san is inside of me…
It reached a place where my fingers can’t!
The back of my stomach, perhaps Jin-san’s penis pushes up my womb…
This is sex.

Gradually, Jin-san’s movements became smooth.

「Uwaa… Amazing! It doesn’t compare with an Onahole….」

Jin-san seems to be feeling good…
Jin-san who desperately shakes his waist looks somewhat cute.

「Superb, Aki-chan. It feels too good.」

I feel good too.
Jin-san, superb.

But, it doesn’t hurt at all…
Did my hymen break from masturbating too much…?
It feels better than what I imagined…

「Aki-chan, I will release it inside, that’s fine, right……」

Ah, Jin-san’s penis got bigger inside of me…
He’s about to reach his limit.

Jin-san sucks my nipples as the pleasure raise up.
I’m about to…

「Aki-chan, I’m cumming!」

Doku, doku…

It’s coming out from the inside!
Amazing! This is amazing!
I came forcefully!
My insides feel warm and good…!

I never had this from masturbating, I didn’t cum by myself, but from the sensation of the other people.
Furthermore, it’s from Jin-san who I love very much.
RIght now, I feel very happy…

「Aki-chan, It’s the most pleasant graduation of male virginity.」

Un, it was also the most pleasant graduation of my virginity.
JIn-san’s penis regrettably went out from my insides.
Hey, wait?

「Aki-chan, you were a virgin?」

I nodded.

「I’m sorry, Aki-chan….」

Uun, I don’t mind it.
But, Jin-san is somewhat depressed…

「Dai-i… Su-u… Ki-i…」

I conveyed that much with my mouth that can’t move well.
Was he able to hear it?

「……Aki-chan, did you like me?」

I nodded multiple times.
I’m glad, it was transmitted properly.
But, Jin-san’s penis got big again…

「Aki-chan, let’s feel good once more….?」

It can’t be helped.

I got violated by Jin-san again.
Thinking about it, my heartbeat doesn’t stop.

Thus, I became Jin-san’s womanー
I might be pregnant with Jin-san’s baby.
…That might be too early I guess.

I’m addicted to having sex with Jin-san.
Though I heard some people acting that they’re feeling good for their boyfriend, it’s impossible for me.
It feels too good that there;s no room for acting.

We’re having sex to feel good, even till now, I cum lightly when the penis is inserted into me, and Jin-san’s big thing comes at least three times.

Then he’ll blow inside as a finisher.
With just a creampie, my womb and my consciousness gets connected, I cum arbitrarily…
Also, it’s intense.

I can’t live without Jin-san’s penis…No, It’s impossible to live anymore.

But, I want Jin-san to feel even better with my body…
I thought of having milk with aphrodisiac effect coming out from my breasts…
Before I noticed, I’m not normal anymore…
But, Jin-san is happy so it’s fine.

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