Zombie Emperor 19

Chapter 19

I somehow had a wonderful dream.
The three of us were peacefully lying on the bed in the river(川) position1

「Jin-san…did you see it?」

Waking up, Aki-chan looked at me with a tragic face.
It seems Aki-chan knows she’s being seen from the side…

「Un, I saw it」

Her expression is like the world has ended…
Now that the world is filled with zombies, it really is but…

「Aki-chan, I don’t mind if Aki-chan masturbates no matter what」
「It’s wrong! That’s wrong!」

Frenzied Aki-chan is also good
Aki-chan is already in tatters by shame.
Let’s make a follow up.
For some reason, she’s pitiable.

「Aki-chan’s breast isn’t inferior, look」

I gently touched her breast.
Aah…What soft breasts.

「Aki-chan, You see, I’m glad that Aki-chan’s memory flowed」

「Well, I’m surprised that Aki-chan had a desire to be raped」

「You see, I can manipulate zombies at will. That’s why I thought that Aki-chan likes me because I unconsciously ordered you to love me」

Aki-chan might’ve done it by my will.
That thought makes me scared.
…If I hadn’t found that notebook, I would’ve been completely convinced.

「But I understood from that dream that it wasn’t so. Aki-chan, let me tell you once again, I love you」

Aki-chan nodded happily.

「Yes, I love Jin-san too」

I and Aki-chan kissed while I’m fondling her chest.
Aaa, my palm and lips are happy…

As expected, we restrained from sex.
We decided to refrain to make love as Sakura-chan who’s next to us is still sleeping.

「Jin-san, I’m going to prepare breakfast」
「Un, I’ll leave it to you」

Aki-chan went to the kitchen skipping lightly.
Our mood is like of newlyweds.
Even if it’s called breakfast, it’s just instant food.
Although Aki-chan is skilled at cooking, since there’s a lack of ingredients, she can’t utilize it well.
There’s only vegetables, there’s no meat so we can do nothing but stir fried vegies…
But, it’s hopeless to get raw meat and fish soon…
Well, let’s think about that later.
This time Aki-chan prepares instant food.

「I want to finish the bride training so I will capture Jin-san’s stomach」

Even if you hadn’t captured my stomach, my heart is already captured by Aki-chan already.
Though Sakura-chan was sleeping a while ago, she’s not separating from me it seems…
Well, I do love both.
Aki-chan and Sakura-chan.
I don’t have to foolishly think about who I should prioritize.
Both are my brides!
That’s the truth

That said, having the dream of Aki-chan means that Aki-chan is an unique individual and I can use her ability…
Milk coming out from man’s breast?
But in this case it isn’t breast but male chest.
No no.

My copy ability is to copy the zombie virus they hold and trace the movements of the zombies.
When I copied the ability of that red unique individual, I understood it by instinct.
Although no one taught me…It’s strange.

Then, Aki-chan’s ability is aphrodisiac on body fluid.
It’s not breast milk.
Saliva and of course, penis milk.

Aki-chan let it out from her breast due to her desire to make baby with me.
I’m still uncertain whether a zombie can make a child but if it happened as they wished, I’ll never let it.2
Will they accept abortion?

「Jin-san, it’s done, please wake up Sakura」

Mu, it seems she finished preparing.

After eating the instant meal, we went to the B prefecture.,
But, before that.

「Let’s go take Sakura’s clothes, As expected, my clothes are too big for Sakura」

When we found Sakura-chan, she’s wearing the school uniform,
Then, she took off her uniform in my room and wore Aki-chan’s pajama but there’s the problem of underwear so we collected plain clothes in Sakura-chan’s house.

「What’s that voice?」

From the blue transport vehicle, a woman’s panting voice is heard.
Did the colleagues of the neo zombie hunter group came?

「Jin-san! This is…」
「Aki-chan, go with Sakura-chan, I’m going ahead」

In any case, I changed my right hand to a blade.
Well, if it’s the colleagues of them, I’ll cut them off.
I won’t forgive anymore.

I entered the blue transport vehicle ready to fight but…

「O, Oooo, amazing, too deep!」
「Since I’ll lick it, stick it out mroe」

The beauty parent and child that was left on the blue transport vehicle were attacking the police zombie in a sexual meaning.
What’s this?

  1. No it’s not a new entry in the kamasutra
  2. Zombie化しても子供が出来るかどうかはまだ不明だが、お望み通りに出来たら絶対に産ませてやる。