The Power of Creation – Chapter 22

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After you finish cumming in the queen, she lies down quietly while holding her pussy, keeping the semen inside of her like she is trying to make sure she is pregnant. However, you are certain the magic works. You even custom-designed the girl who will be born. As it turns out, Aurora’s infertility is actually a secret source of some shame for her. She feels like she is less of a woman because she can no longer conceive.

While your actions are mostly selfish and in the moment, the Queen is elated to be pregnant again, as she is actually a loving mother in her heart. She even went so far as to thank you and kiss you. You are no longer the man having his way with her and her daughter, you are the father of her unborn child. To Aurora, that seems to make the difference.

“In 9-months, you’ll have a baby sister or brother,” Aurora says affectionately to Ariel while they both stroke her stomach.

“Ah, well… about that?” You give a laugh while scratching the back of your head.

Aurora gave a concerned look, and for a second it seems like she might break into tears. She is really taking to her pregnancy fast. Anything that threatened that pregnancy affects her emotions quickly.

“The baby is fine!” you assure her, “But the magic I cast was a little more aggressive than that.”

“Eh, what does that mean for our child, hero-san?” She holds her naked stomach worriedly.

“Well, she’ll definitely be a girl, except that instead of 9 months, it’ll be 9 weeks. For every week, she’ll grow a month until she’s 16.”

“Eh? So, I’ll be in labor in two months?”

“I’ll have a sister my age?” Ariel adds excitedly.

“Ah, yes… in fact, not only will she be your sister, when I thought about how she should look, I wanted her to be absolutely beautiful. The face that came to mind was your face. So, if my magic works right, and I bet it will, she’ll be just as beautiful as you are!”

“Then, the whole family can enjoy you together!” Ariel says excitedly.

Aurora gives you a smile too while rubbing her stomach, completely unperturbed by the suggestion that you should be sleeping with the magical baby you just made. You don’t know how magical babies work in this world. You created her, sure, but she isn’t your daughter, not really. Since she will look like her sister, it means that her genes probably would be closer to her sisters anyway. It shouldn’t be any grosser than if you created her from thin air, at least, that is your justification.

Ariel wraps both you and Aurora in a hug. “You guys are the best! I can’t wait until we have a full family!”

As you hold onto the mother of your child and her daughter, you consider that this might be a strange situation to find yourself in, but ultimately, you decide to just roll with it, because things are just funner that way.

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