The Power of Creation – Chapter 24

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“Who dares trespass in my domain!” An intimidating looking creature sat on the throne.

He has massive horns on his head, is covered in rough, thick red skin, and he is like ten feet tall. He’d be seriously scary if you aren’t completely trusting in your ability to make up any spell to make things go your way. You have already created a barrier which surrounded the throne and its connecting rooms so that you guys won’t be obnoxiously interrupted by annoying generals and all of that crap.

Although, you instantly understand why Aurora is not interested in raising her child here. The lava along the side moats, the massive black and red columns, this is a place that definitely needs a decorator.

“Me?” You finally answer after examining the room, “You can just call me the hero. I’m here to make sure that you leave humanity alone.”

“You dare threaten the great me!” He shouts, “I will destroy you!”

“Ah, papa, what is going on? I wasn’t able to leave out the hallway-” A girl suddenly takes a few steps into the room before stopping.

“Ah, my cute daughter, let daddy handle this!”

You look over at the girl. She has black hair, is wearing a long black dress, and has bright violet eyes. She is completely unlike her father, having a beautiful form, looking to be in her late teens with D-sized breasts and a fantastic figure. The only thing demonic appearing is two small horns that popped out on the top of her head.

Before you can admire her more, the Demon Lord leaps from his chair, coming at you with a massive sword of fire. You don’t have much time to react, so you create a magic that will block that sword in its tracks. His sword strikes an invisible barrier a few inches from your skin, and he is forced to jump back. Ah, that was too scary.

You immediately create another magic that prevents him from using magic. His magical sword immediately disappears and he makes a noise of surprise. You then craft a final piece of magic. The ground suddenly rises around and engulfs him. In less than five seconds, the Demon Lord has been completely subdued, trapped in two feet of rock with only his head pointing out.

You bring up your sword, walking up to the Demon Lord. “Ah, well, now to just strike you down.”

You move to swing the sword and cut off his head, but a sudden shout stops you. The girl runs across the room and leaps against the rock, stopping you from making the blow without hurting her.

“No! Please, don’t hurt papa!”

“It’s okay honey, escape while I hold him off!” The Demon Lord roars.

Of course, that is just silly. He isn’t holding you off or anything. The girl doesn’t let go, stubbornly clinging to the rock with her eyes closed, even though you have already stopped swinging and put your sword away.

“Please, hero, please don’t do anything to my father. I-I’ll do anything if you don’t kill him!”

Anything, she says?

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