The Power of Creation – Chapter 25

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“Ah, then strip.” You smile mischievously.

“Huh?” She gives a confused look.

“You bastard!” the Demonlord roars. “Don’t you touch my daughter.”

“I said if you don’t want me to kill this monster, take off all of your clothing.”

Her face explodes with a blush at your declaration, but she barely hesitates for a second before she starts untying the back of her dress.

“No, you cannot do this. This will forever tarnish the reputation of the Demon Lord!”

“I must!” She declares, “I have no choice.”

Her face was fairly expressionless other than the blush of embarrassment on her cheeks, and you couldn’t gleam anything from it as her dress fell to the floor, leaving her in black panties and a bra. The sight of this cute demon girl getting naked for you immediately causes your dick to expand. The tail with a spade on the end was the best, and you wanted to touch it immediately.

“Now the underwear!” You demand.

“You Fu-“

“Father, enough! I’ll do what he says!” She cries, and her father finally shuts his mouth while giving you hateful glares.

The bra pops off, and two giant melons bounce out of their restraints. A moment later, she is pulling down her underwear, a black patch of pubic hair and her untouched womanhood become exposed to your sight. How did you know she was a virgin? Well, that was a rather simple spell you had just developed out of curiosity.

“Now, bend over right here. That’s right, show me your ass. Now reach back, one hand on each cheek, pull them open, give me a nice view.

Her cheeks are blushing, but she doesn’t resist as she bends over and spreads herself open for you. You get a nice look at her pussy and asshole between the nicely shaped cheeks of her ass. The Demon Lord is seething in his rock prison, but he otherwise is powerless to do anything about this.

“What, next, ah!”

She became impatient waiting for you to give her your next orders, but you had already closed the distance and pulled you dick out, pushing it up against her womanhood. It’d have already slid into her, if it’s size wasn’t so large and her pussy so tight that it only served to push her forward, her hands had to touch the ground to keep her whole body from tumbling to the floor.

“That thing is as big as mine in this demon form! You can’t stick it in my daughter in her humanoid form, you’ll tear her apart!”

There seemed to be another doubter in the group, but you didn’t have the patience to explain it after already going through this three times. Instead, you just grab her butt roughly and then penetrate the Demonlord’s daughter.

“Ahhhh… it’s so big!” the girl cries out.

You don’t feel like going easy on the enemy as you had done with the human women, so you tear your dick into her with hard thrusts, breaking apart her virginity with your dick, and not quitting until your balls are pressed against her.

“Ow, ahhh, no, I can’t, it hurts, ow, it hurts!”

You don’t quit, slamming your dick into her hard to the point that your balls are making a tapping sound every time they slapped against her. You also slap her ass ever few strokes until it is red. You came here to make an example out of the demon lord. Because the opportunity arose, that example was being made on her daughter, but things still held true.

Your dick is red from the breaking of her hymen, and soon you can’t hold it anymore, so you cum deep inside her without offering any alternative.

“Ah, no, don’t cum in me! You can’t…”

It was already too late though as gunky gobs of cum shot into her broken cunt.

You turned to the Demonlord and gave him a dark look. “How does it feel to watch me violate the daughter of the Demonlord.”

The Demonlord gave a confused look. “What are you… do you think I’m the Demonlord?”

You finish cumming inside his daughter while squeezing her ass cheeks, and then give him a questioning look, “Huh? You’re not?”

The Demon let out a roaring laugh. “I’m only father and champion to the real Demonlord.”

“Fath- ah…” You look down at the woman bent over in front of you, she was looking back at you with hateful eyes.

You just creampied the Demonlord!

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