The Power of Creation – Chapter 26

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“You… you violated me and you didn’t even know I was the master of this realm?” The girl snaps.

You pull your dick out of her finally, while she glares daggers at you. She seems more upset that you you didn’t know her identity than the fact that you raped her. She seriously needs to get her priorities right.

“Hey, I’m sorry I assumed, but he was sitting on the throne and you called him father.”

“You filthy human… I thought I had been outsmarted by some genius who discovered my weakness, but to know it was just some idiot who stumbled in here by accident makes my skin crawl.”

“Hey, I can still kill your father, you know? So, you’re still doing whatever I say.”

The Demon King sniffs, “I understand, but you’ve already taken my virginity, violated me, and left your filthy seed deep inside. I still feel it inside me. There isn’t anything else you can do to me.”

You let out a laugh. “You think that was it? That’s nothing. Get on your knees, I’m going to put my dick in your mouth.”

You have the urge to shut her up, and you figure she’ll stop talking once she has something to keep her mouth busy. She doesn’t seem to resist much at all at this point. She gets down on her knees and immediately starts sucking your balls while her hand strokes your cock, still wet from her pussy.

“What is your game?” The Demon King’s father demands as you stand there, receiving a hummer from his daughter. “You’ve already humiliated us, what do you want?”

“Me? I just want peace.”

“Peace! That’s rich coming from some kid like you!”

“Hey, I didn’t kill you, did I… and while I could, even now, kill you both and take this castle, I’m endorsing love not war.”

“Mmmffffmmm fffmmm mmmffff…” that was the Demon King’s unintelligible words as your cock slides into the back of her throat.

“I’m sorry, couldn’t hear you, you’ve got something in your mouth.”

She goes to pull her mouth out, but you grab the back of her head, and slam your dick into the back of her throat, she coughs and gags, finally getting the message while staring up at you with hate-filled eyes.

“You think we’ll make peace with you, when you treat us so?” The father snaps.

“Well, it’s not like you really have a choice, but while we’re on the subject, why are you guys attacking the humans anyway. You down there, suck harder.”

The Demon King’s champion grimaces. “We have no particular hatred for humans or life like some human seem to think. It’s more about resources. Our land is hot and barren. Demons need to eat nearly five times the intake of food, and our country simply can’t produce it. Years ago, we used to just trade with the humans, but they broke the trade agreement a decade ago, and now our people starve.”

“Why would they do that?” You ask.

“Our main production comes from mines. Gems and gold. The humans managed to open up their own gold and gem mines, cheaper since they use beastman slave labor.”

“So, how is your problem their problem?”

“Our people starve all so they can save a few gold coins!” The King says angrily.

“Alright, alright… give me a second, I’m cumming.” You shake your head, blowing your load suddenly in the Demon King’s mouth.

She makes a gross face and then spits to the side, a gob of white goop landing on the floor as she wipes her mouth. “Ack… I hate the taste of semen.

Ah, well, that won’t do at all.

In Color

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