The Power of Creation – Chapter 29

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“Hmmmf!” Mulan made a noise, turning her head.

“What is wrong with Mulan?” You ask with an eyebrow raised.

After they had finished up welcoming you home, Mulan’s need to compete ends and she starts giving you angry looks while folding her arms and staying away from everyone else.

“She’s been like that ever since we told her mom is pregnant,” Ariel explained.

“Ah, could it be that Mulan wanted to have a baby?” You say absently, but when Mulan’s body goes rigid, you realize that you might have struck the nail on the head.

“D-do not get it wrong, this lowly dragon doesn’t want to ha-ha-have your baby at all! Bu-but she has a responsibility as a dragon to… to… parent in the next generation!”

“Is that so?” You answer nonchalantly.

“Does that mean Ariel can have more little sisters?” As Ariel spoke, your eyes met hers and she takes on a fervent look.

Apparently, her desire to have sisters is strong, and suddenly she has Mulan to the floor and she is stripping off her clothing.

“Hey, stop it! Ugh… this one cannot become with child yet. She is too young. This one must be 500 before she can become pregnant!”

Ariel doesn’t listen, but you wear a worried look on your face. “Um… Mulan, I had assumed you’re an adult dragon at 192 years old… but I have to ask… exactly how old are you?”

Mulan blushes fiercely. “Dragons… err… live many thousands of years, you see… I um… ran away from home two years ago. I’m really only-“

“Ah… don’t want to know.” You hold up your hand. “We won’t make Mulan pregnant just yet.”

“Darn…” Ariel looks disappointed. “If I can’t have a dragon sister, then who are we going to get pregnant next?”

“Ahhh!” There is a scream outside, so the three of us look at each other before walking out the door.

Aurora joins us as we come down the stairs. She has been sitting in the room she calls the baby’s room, crocheting a baby blanket. You have told her you plan to move and find a bigger place in the next day or two, but she merely laughs and says that even so, the baby always needs a room.

The four of you head outside and what you see is a giant wall of flames around a single tree. Grimhilde is there laughing, and there is another girl half way up the tree.

“What’s going on?” You ask.

“Ah! You all had no protection over your home, so I set up barriers last night. I caught this miscreant trying to sneak onto our land!”

Mulan sniffs. “My dragon senses can read everything within five miles of here, she’s been wondering around lost for the last three days. I just didn’t think it was worth mentioning.”

Grimhilde seems disappointed that her abilities were being looked down on by the dragon, but before the girls could come to blows, there is another scream as a flick of flame reaches the woman’s butt.

“Ah! I am not a trespasser, you fiends! I am a holy warrior!”

“Eh? Let her down.” You instruct, and Grimhilde drops the flames.

The flames go out just in time, because the branch the girl is clinging to breaks and she falls head first to the ground with a thud. She makes a loud groaning sound before finally standing up. As soon as her eyes lock on you, she pulls at her scabbard and rips out a sword.

She has long blond hair and breasts that made it a wonder that she’d be able to swing a sword at all. They are H’s, at least, and the special armor that she has on to hold them in barely are able to do the job. Her body is toned and muscular. Besides the insanely massive rack, her body looks to be in prime fighting condition. However, every motion causes her boobs to shake, losing a lot of the effect. Besides that, there was something familiar about her…

“Do I know you…”

“You bastard who kidnapped the Queen and Princess! I have searched the nation looking for you, and now that I have you, I’ll be taking them back to the King!”

That’s right, she’s that Knight you randomly teleported away the day you acquired the Queen.

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