The Power of Creation – Chapter 30

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With a sword pointed at you, her stomach suddenly makes a growl that everyone could hear. A blush forms on the Knight’s cheeks, but she doesn’t react to the noise. However, upon closer inspection, you can see that she has various smears of mud on her face. Her clothing is dirty, there are twigs in her hair, and she smells a little.

“Ah… have you been lost in this forest since I teleported you away four days ago?”

“That is…” The Knight’s face blushes even more. “I tracked you down with my advanced abilities as the Lord’s Protector! Now, hand them over!”

“Well, the King doesn’t want them back, though?” You shrug. “I guess I can just return you to the castle and wipe your memory.”

You bring out your hands, but it is surprisingly the Queen who grabs them to stop you. “Wait, hero, this might be a blessing in disguise!”

“Hm? What do you have in mind?”

“Well, I must be honest with hero, despite their size, my breasts never produced milk very well. I want the very best for our daughter, and as a Queen, it is common to have a Wet Nurse to take care of the baby.”

“But, don’t you usually need to be pregnant to be able to make milk?” You ask.

“Exactly!” the Queen winks at you.

Ah, well, that’s actually not all that bad. You actually would love to spend some time with the Knight girl once she cleans herself up, but she seems troublesome so you previously rejected the desire.

“What are you talking about!” The Knight shouts, “Pay attention! I want the Queen back!”

“Ah, well, it turns out I need to get you pregnant.” You say.

“Pr-pr-pr-pr-pregnant?” The girl suddenly goes cross-eyed, backing up two steps. “I’ll never let a man defile me!”

“It’s the Queen’s order though?

“L-l-lies! I am here to protect the Queen!”

“Ah, excuse me, um… I’m sorry, what was your name again?” The Queen starts.

“Knight Merida, my queen.”

“Ah, well, if you’re going to protect me, wouldn’t the best place to do so is by my side. I’ve found myself pregnant, so wouldn’t it be best if you served as my Wet Nurse?”

“Ah, that is true… but… to become pregnant, that is…” The girl lowers her head, clearly being pushed into a corner by the Queen.

It was a bit mean, but you could already see yourself playing with those natural H breasts, which are as large as watermelons.


Another loud noise comes out from her stomach.

“You… by chance, have you not eaten in the last week? You ask.

“Errrr…” she made a growl.

“Well, I haven’t eaten anything good since I’ve been to this world. So why don’t we go in the house, make something tasty, and then decide things over a meal?”

“Ah… she passed out.” Ariel says as Merida hits the ground.

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