The Unseen Ghost

“Ahhhh… Ahhhn… don’t look, children, don’t look!”

Pan – Pan – Pan – Pan – Pan

“Teehee… I see sensei’s boobies.” A boy pointed, causing the class to break into giggles.

“Ch-children… ahhhnnn… It’s so good. No… close your eyes! Close them!” The redfaced teacher cries out as she clung to her desk.

“Her boobies bounce bounce…” Another kid pointed out.

“Sensei is so loud. Is she in pain?”

“No, kids, your teacher is moaning so much because my dick feels good. One day, you boys too will be able to pleasure a woman like this.” the man behind her chuckles cruelly.

“Do-don’t tell them that! Why are you doing this to me?” The womans demands without looking back as he mouth gapes open and she cries in sexual agony.

“Eh? Didn’t you do this to yourself? Listen to that wet noise when my dick slides into your pussy. Aren’t you the really horny slut? To get so horny in front of your students, who’s the pervert here?”

Pan – Pan – Pan – Pan – Pan

“Please… stop… I can’t take any more. I’m going crazy!” She panted, unable to control the sexual lust on her face, put on display to the entire classroom.

“Haha… I’d like to see that.”

“C-can all boys really do that?” A boy asked, grabbing his crotch before turning to a nearby girl. “B-bend over, I want to try it!”

The girl started bending over and the teacher let out a cry. “N-no students, don’t do what your teacher is doing! It’s very dirty!”

The door opened, and a second later a man stepped in. “I heard some noise complaints and-“

The man stopped dead as he stared at the scene in front of him. In front of a class of twenty ten-year-old kids, their teacher was bent over her desk. Her boobs were popped out the top and the man behind her was savagely molesting them. While that happened, her skirt was raised, baring her butt, and the guy was plowing her pretty aggressively from behind. It was enough that her boobs jiggled against the desk each time he pushed into her.

On top of that, the students were all watching excitedly, and a certain boy was even emulating the grownups, pushing a girl over her desk and bumping her with his pelvis playfully. Of course, he was wearing clothing, and the girl was giggling, but considering where they were getting this kind of play from, it was truly bad.

As if the timing couldn’t be worst, the young female teacher reached her limit. “I-I’m cumming!”

Instantly, her pussy lewdly clamped down on the man’s cock, and juices squirted out of her around his cock. Her eyes rolled up and she showed a particularly lewd and unprofessional face as she came around his cock. He kept thrusting into her even as she came, which only matter her orgasm harder.

“Miss Chambers… what the hell are you doing?” The principal shouted, his eyes full of anger and his mouth open in shock.

“I-I can’t stop…” She cried out.

“Uh… I’m cumming too!” The man behind her declared.

“AH! No, not insi-“


A second later, her womb filled with hot sticky stuff. She let out another cry as her womb was violated by the man. He thrust two more times, each time sending more hot stuff into her. When he finished, she could only cry.

He pulled out of her with a wet scwelching noise and put his dick away casually, as if he wasn’t in a room fully exposed. Exhausted, the girl laid over the teacher’s desk. Cum leaked from her pussy and dripped down to the floor. She laid their heaving with her bare tits pressed to the cold wooden desk, her face flushed red and her mouth agape.

“Miss… Chambers…!”

“I-I-i-I’m so sorry!” She cried out, finally coming to. “I do-don’t know…”

She shook her head, looking somewhat confused. Meanwhile, the man casually zipped up his pants and walked out from behind the desk, giving her butt a little slap as he passed by. She yelped, but otherwise didn’t turn to look at the man, fully accepting his slap and treatment without any recourse.

“Man… that was a good pussy.” The man spoke lewdly, stretching casually.

“This… is obscene!” The principal continued to glare directly at the woman as if the man wasn’t even there.

“I’m so sorry!”

“You’re fired!” He shouted, “And I’m calling the police.”

“Pl-please don’t!” She cried, “It- it was a mistake! An honest mistake!”

“Ridiculous! You don’t do something like that by mistake!”

“Ah, excuse me!” The man who had just been fucking the teacher came up to the principal. “I’m heading on through.”

“Oh, sorry sir,” The principal gave him a smile for just a moment and then stepped aside.

The man walked by and left the room, while the principal continued to scream at the teacher who had sex in front of her students. As to the man involved, he didn’t even consider him for more than a second. That man was like a ghost. That man… was me.

I might have felt bad for the teacher, Miss Chambers was it? I might have felt bad for causing her to lose her job. She’d probably lose her license too. She might even get some jail time. Heck… it’s possible she got pregnant. She’d have a baby, and she’d never know where the baby came from.

That was my gift… that was my curse. I existed… but I didn’t exist. One could say that my presence in this world was basically zero. As I said, I was a ghost. I could interact with people, but I had no lingering presence with them.

My realization of these inherent powers was a long time coming. I probably first realized I had these powers when, in a fit of rage, I had flipped off an instructor in front of the entire class, only for that teacher to barely react. I became aware that I was different. I had taken for granted how little my parents spoke to me. I had taken for granted how often I was forgotten, left behind on field trips, or not picked for sports teams.

However, it was when a girl I liked in high school totally blew me off when I tried to ask her out that I lost it. I literally pushed her down and raped her. It was easier than I would have expected. For those moments that I was penetrating her, those were the only moments she truly saw me for me. I ran away after cumming inside her, leaving her weeping naked on the ground.

Afterward, I waited for someone to come to arrest me. However, no one ever did. In fact, she never mentioned the event to anyone. At first, I had thought she was just being ashamed and avoiding revealing her virginity being taken in such a violent manner. This turned out to only be half true. It wasn’t that she was keeping it a secret, it was that she honestly didn’t know. It wasn’t like she didn’t remember. She remembered being raped. However, the details were lost on her. I could stand right in front of her and she wouldn’t recognize me as her rapist. Despite the trauma of being a rape victim that couldn’t remember her rape, she tried to move on.

It was when she found a new boyfriend that I raped her a second time in front of him. He certainly noticed me then! However, not really, because all of his outrage and anger was on her. She was cheating on him, and just like Miss Chambers, she was clueless on how to defend her actions. She was cautiously aware of having sex, but when it came to how or with who, things quickly grew blurry. He ended up dumping her and she got the reputation as a slut. More guys eager to have sex tried to get with her, but I raped her five more times, each time in front of her newest boyfriends, making her unable to have anyone but me.

The final time, I had pushed her down in the middle of class. I couldn’t help but watch amazed as, shortly after cumming inside her, the teacher grabbed her and dragged her to the principal’s office while she protested doing anything wrong. She was kicked out of the school, and forever had the reputation of a complete slut. I heard once that she ended up getting into drugs and becoming a crack whore. Part of me felt bad, but by that point, I had already grown bitter towards a world that ignored me. I faced no consequences towards banging her in the middle of class. It’s not my fault the world was stupid.

However, the event eventually made me feel bad enough that I hadn’t abused my powers again. I remained a good person for the last two years. I was eighteen now. And for the first time since my high school crush, I had abused my powers and had my way with a woman. When I was younger, sex didn’t feel nearly as gratifying as it did this time. I suddenly found myself liking the feel of pushing her down. The helplessness, the fear, the confusion… I liked seeing the women flustered as they were made to service my cock, unable to resist.

As to Miss Chambers, what did this innocent elementary school teacher do to deserve my ire? She cut me off in traffic. That was it. Her car got in my way on the road to work. What she did wasn’t so bad, but it was just one more person ignoring my presence in the longest streak imaginable. I suddenly snapped. So… I followed her car to her place. I walked behind her all the way into her class. Five minutes after class began, I grabbed her, I pushed her down in front of a class full of kids, and I raped her. I didn’t even have the decency to feel bad anymore.

I was a ghost. Ghosts don’t feel bad. More than bad, I felt exhilarated. I had been treating this like a burden, a curse, for my entire life. I could have been doing whatever I wanted. I could have robbed a bank. I could have walked around the girl’s lockerroom. I could have fucked a celebrity. I could fuck, kill, pleasure, hurt… anyone… anywhere… anytime. My eyes started to shine with an incredibly terrifying light. Burden? This was a gift. I had wasted my entire life trying to be a good person, and it had left me a life of being ignored and forgotten. It was a life of nothing.

Now, I decided that I would make my mark on this world, one so lasting it couldn’t be forgotten. So, what do I do next?