World of Women V2 Chapter 32

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“Ahem… can you please stop calling me Master?” I asked, a wry expression on my face.

Mako shrugged helplessly, “I’m not sure that I can. As soon as this contract took hold, suddenly, I could feel your power over me. I feel completely naked in front of you as if I can’t hide a thing from you. Before, you were my student, but now you’re my everything. I feel like I must be subservient to you, but rather than frightened or scared, I feel happy to be your slave. Is that weird?”

“This contract actually sounds pretty scary,” I admitted.

“It is taboo for a reason,” Mako explained with a wry smile.

“Ahem… in that case, let’s see if it works now.”

“V-very well…” Mako slowly lifted up her hands while she unbuttoned her blouse and slide it off her olive-skinned shoulders.

Meanwhile, I was pulling out a magical rune. When I turned up, my eyes landed on Mako sitting before me without a shirt on. Her hands shook, but she avoided covering herself. She still wore her bra, but my eyes still found themselves delightfully fascinated by the shape of her cleavage and the dark nipples that just barely showed through the thin, white fabric.

“O-oh… I meant…” I lifted up the piece of paper.

Mako’s eyes landed on the rune, and she realized I was talking about testing our magic rather than having sex. Immediately, her face turned red and she covered her front with her shirt.

“Ah! R-right…” her voice stuttered as she looked genuinely flustered.

“It’s just that it’d be easier to test…”

“Right, right… I understand pregnancies take time and if we found our magic was fixed by the bond then we could have a greater hope that everything was fixed.” She spoke in a rush, trying to hide her own embarrassment.

“Right…” I responded, forcing a grin on my face.

I put the paper down while Mako remained quiet, her face still glowing slightly pink. However, as soon as I thought about what came next, I started to worry. This wasn’t the kind of thing where two people inserted magic together. If I started to send in my magic and it didn’t work, wouldn’t that mean I’d have an overdraft? That meant the whole thing was going to explode! I really wasn’t looking forward to that happening!

“Um… Mako, just a thought. What will happen when I put magic into this?” I asked nervously.

“Ah! I forgot to explain that!” Mako raised a hand, holding her shirt over her exposed body with the other. “Basically, the only way to tell is for you to put magic into an invocation and see what happens. If the invocation fails, you will start to overdraft. I can feel this surge of power. At that point, I can interrupt your invocation by channeling my chakra into you.”

“Completing the circuit…” I mumbled to myself. “So, it can even me used in this way?”

Mako cocked her head to the side, “I’m not sure what you mean by circuit?”

I smiled wryly. My one month of classes naturally hadn’t explained every piece of magical invocation. Whatever they understood as the source of chakra, it was clear to me that this source was not known as a circuit. That was merely how I interpreted it based on my own observations. I had already noticed that Mako and my chakra seemed to merge, making our incomplete circuits complete. It seemed like the same thing could be done without the glue of a Lilith contract. That said, what was the point of completing a circuit if you sealed the means of transferring the chakra to a magical rune?

The point was apparently a sort of interruption ability. You could block someone else’s magical power essentially but forcing your own chakra against theirs. This should work whether you were aseeded or seeded. The difference between the aseeded and the seeded wasn’t the existence of these faucets, but that seeded had a regulation valve while it was broke in the aseeded. Simply turning on the faucet caused all of the power to leak out of an aseeded. Thus, when someone opened their faucet, another person could push theirs in front of it, interrupting the flow of energy and sabotaging the invocation.

Mind you, this was what I cobbled together from a month of magic classes, the books I read, and ultimately my own assumptions. Whatever the naming scheme was for faucets or interference or any of that was unknown to me, and I didn’t want to bog Mako down too much with these kinds of questions.

“That sounds like a very powerful weapon. I’m surprised magic is used as a weapon at all.” I voiced one of the questions that was humming around in my mind.

“It’s not really how it works.” Mako shrugged. “Actually, this is something that can only be done by those of the opposite sex.”

“Huh? Seriously?” Well, so much for my theory.

Mako nodded. “Only men can block women, and vice versa. This isn’t that well known. As I said, I did a lot of research on this, especially after that woman sent me the Lilith contract. In normal life, men and women rarely interact at all, let alone with magic on the line.”

I nodded, still feeling excited by what I learned. Next time that bitch tried to lightning me in the back, I could resist! Well, it probably still involved very fast reflexes and I’d rather not be in a situation where I was being shot with lightning bolts. I grew even more depressed when I realized that this would have done nothing to help me with Ben. I wondered why this kind of thing only worked between men and women, but I decided I had wasted enough time pondering things that weren’t really important right now.

“Then, I’ll begin, please take care of me.” I nodded.

It was still a little scary like one of those trust exorcises where you had to fall backwards off a ledge. You needed to trust that the people behind you would catch you. Here, I was about to possibly cause an explosion, and only Mako could prevent it. Perhaps this was the true reason that all of the other girls took off earlier. No one wanted to be near two aseeded when we started trying to conjure spells.

I closed my eyes and started pouring power into the rune. I felt the magic sliding in. As to what spell this should technically cast? It was a simple spell that created light. Most indoor environments had many constant variables, thus there were runes that could be purchased and used situationally. Of course, complex lighting Runes also existed, including external power sources and an algorithm that could detect changes in the environment and automatically adjust the rune structure. This was how most technologies in this world existed, such as cars and airships. However, the difference between those runes and this light rune was like the difference between a DIY potato light and an lcd screen.

For this simple light rune, I grew more excited as my power started to fill it up. This could really wo- a moment later the flow started to grow heavier and heavier. I gave a curse as I felt the sheet in my hands grow hot. A second later, I felt my flow get interrupted. Mako kissed my lips, and when she did so, her power and my power became one. The flow into the rune was severed. As Mako pulled her lips away, I gave a sigh of relief.

“The kiss… wasn’t necessary… it just felt easier when I did it.” Mako admitted, blushing.

I nodded, dumbly, closing my faucets and ending the flow of energy between the two of us. After a moment, I looked back down at the rune, which was exactly the same as it had been a moment before.

“It didn’t do anything.” I sighed.

Mako nodded but didn’t look too perturbed. “I honestly did not think that it would. If fixing magic was something so easy, it would have been discovered before now.”

“Perhaps… you try now?”

Mako smiled and nodded, sitting down in front of the rune. I told her to go, but I realized that I had never really gone out of my way to feel magic. Would I be able to tell if there was an overdraft? What if I couldn’t complete the circuit and block her path? These were all questions I should have asked before she started pouring energy into the rune. However, I wanted to give off a brave and confidant façade after we just received such a failure, and thus did something stupid and dangerous.

Mako was already conjuring though, and it was too late for me to back out now. Surprisingly, I found it incredibly easy to feel her magic. Perhaps this had to do with the slave bond. Knowing her body intimately, I knew exactly what she was feeling. Even lacking experience in detecting magic, I could feel it moving out of her body. I thought I recognized the points the chakra was coming out from a picture I had seen in a magic textbook of chakra points. A moment later, I also felt the magic spilling out quickly.

I immediately shut them down, stemming the flow with my own magic. Her eyes were closed and her forehead was twitching. She looked cute, so I leaned forward and kissed her lips. Her eyes widened as my lips gave hers a surprised attack. With the bond, this wasn’t necessary at all, but I took the advantage anyway. I pulled away just as the magic once again stabilized. Mako gave a smile in a pleased manner, not seeming upset about her failure.

“Sorry, it looks like our magic isn’t fixed.”

“Perhaps we just need to keep practicing.”

“More practice?”

“I wouldn’t mind if every magic practice had ended with kissing you…” She purred.

I gently pushed a loose strand of her blonde hair back over her ear. “If that’s the case, let’s forget the magic right now and just focus on the kissing.”

“Mm… I’d like that.” Mako slowly lowered her arm, dropping her blouse.

I leaned forward and gently kissed her lips, savoring the taste of this beautiful woman in front of me. My worry from earlier seemed to fade once things started moving forward. When my hands touched her naked skin, I didn’t hesitate to enjoy her body fully.

“Mmm…” She moaned against my lips, enjoying the feel of her first true kiss with a man.

She stood up and the pair of us moved to the bed, our kiss refusing to separate as we continued to feel each other’s bodies. Mako seemed to exceptionally curious, her hands wondering up and down my body as if favoring the feel of a man next to her. Her bra came off, as did my shirt. We continued to kiss, our kisses growing more fervent and aggressive with each go. The rest of our clothing was tossed to the floor.

Our bodies pressed again each other. She felt warm, like the noonday sun, her soft breasts pushing against my chest. Her lips began to tremble under my attacks, her body growing more and more out of control. My tongue began to explore her mouth, tasting her delicious lips and tongue. I grew bolder and bolder, becoming entranced with her taste. On top of that, I could feel her own excitement growing. In essence, I could feel the effect I was having on her. I could kiss her exactly how she wanted to be kissed.

I grinned as a thought occurred to me. I also could do other things exactly how she wanted it! Not able to help myself any longer, I finally pulled myself away from her lips. She lets out gasping breaths as she looked up at me lovingly. I smiled back, and then my head started to dip down. Inexperienced, Mako could only frown as I lowered by body down until my head was between her legs. Her brown pussy was quite perfect, with little sign of the lost virginity that she experienced. Well, Ben probably had a small dick. Why else would he feel the name to rape women? To me, she was absolutely beautiful, her pussy like a flower.

Her long legs were on either side of my head, and I gently spread them as I dived down into her wet cunt. She had a sweet and clean taste, and I enjoyed the feeling of my tongue pushing against her clitoris. I used the wide end of my tongue and spread it over her clit, licking it lightly. Her body shivered, and so did mine as I felt the fireworks shooting through her. Saying I felt her wasn’t quite right. It wasn’t like I experienced her feelings. It was more like an awareness of what she felt. I couldn’t feel her pain or anything like that. I simply knew, for example, when I licked her, she felt this, and when I licked there, she felt that.

Pleasure seemed to spread from her no matter where I licked, but I quickly identified the spots that she enjoyed the most. After teasing her labia and each of the parts of her cunt exposed externally, I dived my tongue inside. Mako let out a gasp, but didn’t reach down and grab my head. Rather, she held herself, closing her eyes, completely giving herself to me. She worked to keep her legs spread out as I had left them, only doing what I wanted her to do.

The one she did do is clench her pussy tightly around my tongue as I penetrated her. The feeling of her muscles contracting against my tongue felt amazing. It almost was like she was trying to deny me entry, forcing me to push my way in her. My bond told me this excited her even more, So I allowed it. I buried myself into her womanhood, my tongue darting and out of her aggressively. She quickly grew lewdly wet, and her sweet nectar flowed freely from her pussy. As I buried myself between her legs, my face became drenched in her liquids. Meanwhile, I excitedly explored the depths of her pussy.

Her pussy was my plaything, and I experimented with it freely, feeling all the various feelings that my tongue elicited pleasure. I felt what made her uncomfortable, and what made her go crazy, and I slowly leaned more and more on the later. Her moans and gasps delighted my ears by growing more and more strained. Although Mako moaned, she didn’t really speak at all. As an inexperienced woman, she wasn’t comfortable with talking dirty. Rather, her way seemed to be more the way of complete submission, allowing me to play with her body, only accepting the pleasure that I was willing to deliver her.

As I ran out of breath, I finally pulled my tongue out of her. One of my fingers pushed inside her, followed quickly by another. Once again, she clenched her pussy forcing me to push my fingers inside her roughly. She gasped, but I knew from the bond it was all excitement and pleasure on her end. I started to play with her clit using my tongue, meanwhile, I pushed two fingers in and out of her roughly, penetrating her in a steady rhythm while steadily pleasing her clit with my tongue.

My tongue and fingers adjusted themselves to the information being fed back to me, and I more confidently delivered more and more pleasure to her. Her wonderful butt ground back into the mattress as she came magnificently, but even as I found all the pleasure centers of her brain exploding, I continued to send more. My fingers and tongue moved faster and faster, forcing her orgasm to continue last. I excitedly attacked her most sensitive parts, repeatedly triggering them again and again. I was amazed as she continued to cum, last ten, twenty, thirty seconds.

“I- c-can’t… ahhhn… It’s too much… aaahn,” Mako convulsed over and over again.

Although I had slept with women before, I had never seen a woman act as wildly as Mako was right now. I truly felt like the Master she called me because I had complete mastery over her body. I was learning things not simply about Mako, but about women in general. First among these new concepts was that I could make her orgasm for nearly a minute straight. I could feel Mako’s brain exploding, her body wracked with level, and her body steadily falling apart from pleasure.

Mako shoved my head away finally. “No more!”

She let out a cry as she closed her legs. My hand was still in her, and her entire body shook as she held my hand tightly between her legs. I could feel her pussy spasming, gushes of liquid coming out. Meanwhile, her eyes were rolled up in her head as she shook violently. I realized I had pushed things a bit too far. Perhaps a virgin girl like Mako couldn’t handle this level of pleasure. Maybe a woman like my mother would truly be able to lose her mind to my machinations. I’d have to take some of the techniques I was learning here over to my Mom when she came out. I think mom would be pleasantly surprised.

When Mako finally stopped orgasming, she looked up at me, her normally half-closed eyes totally looking exhausted now. “Master, please… I want you inside me. Make me pregnant.”

When she used the word Master, my sadistic side came to the surface. “Spread open your legs!”

I commanded her in a no-nonsense tone. Her face flushed, but she opened her legs to me. Her thighs were completely wet now, and there were wet stains all over the bed. There was a waft of lewd smells as her pussy was exposed to me. I leaned down, my head returning to her pussy. She involuntarily closed her eyes but showed no resistance. I blew a warm breath, causing her entire body to shutter. With a chuckle, I jumped back up, pressing my dick up against Mako.

Mako gasped, but I didn’t give her time to anticipate. Instead, I pushed myself directly into her. I’d have known if I had pushed things too far. It was exactly because I was so in tune with her body that I knew I could push myself into her. In fact, she had reached the limit of being teased and desperately needed my dick. How could I not provide it for her?

Thus, I shoved myself inside her. She familiarly clenched her pussy, forcing me to use force to fill her up. It seemed like her tendency to clench was instinctual. As she gasped, the feeling of being filled for the first time, I pushed forward, further driving her crazy. I put her arms up over her head and held them. I was so horny now that my cock was throbbing with sexual desire within her pussy.

Desire started to overtake my expressions and an intense lust overwhelmed me as I started to desire this woman of mine. Her pussy was tight, but I had made it very wet, and my cock slide in and out of her with ease. She opens her legs as wide as she can, fully welcoming my dick. She wanted my dick as much as I wanted to give it to her.

I was pounding her so hard that my balls were slapping against her pussy. Bonding made things a completely different experience. I didn’t need to worry about accidently doing something she didn’t like or hurting her. With each gasp, I went more feral, my knowledge of her body guiding me into punishing her body with my cock without fear of making a single movement that made her uncomfortable. Everything I did drove her crazy, and her writhing moaning body drove me crazy.

The constant feedback propelled me as a man possessed. When I felt how each thrust affected her body, I became enamored with continuing to do it. Unlike normally, where I was never sure how good a woman was feeling, I was constantly motivated to drive her more and more to her heights. No matter how tired my hips ached, as I felt her climaxes grow, I never stopped or slowed until I drove her past the brink.

Her moans were exceptionally loud. Even though she didn’t talk, she certainly had some lungs on her. I was so caught up in the act to realize it, but everyone else in the mansion could certainly hear. Madison wore her headphones to ignore the sound, but her face was completely red the entire time. Rose checked on the babies but found them to be actually quite happy and dozing. Perhaps it was because of the amount of sex Rose and Morgan had with Clyburn while pregnant, but the slapping sounds and the crying moans seemed to lead them to a peaceful lull. Rose had a wry look on her face as she went to the shower room to use a showerhead. If only the effect of these noises made her tired rather than horny…

Mako’s moans and shrieks were only silences when I kissed her, but even as I kissed her she moaned into my mouth, only muffling the sounds. Eventually, I realized I had reached long passed my limit. I had grown so obsessed with pushing Mako to her limits, I had surpassed my own entirely. I was almost surprised when my cock erupted with semen. When Mako finally felt it, she cried out in pleasure.

“Yes! Your cum! I feel it!” She let out a final howl as her pussy clenched orgasmically, milking my cock for all it was worth.

She took every ounce of semen she could into her womb, craving every last drop in the hope that this would mean she got pregnant. I finally collapsed on top her, my body panting. I realized I was completely drenched in sweat, so much that I was even dripping on Mako. She was just as sweaty and showed no disgust at all as my sweaty body collapsed on her. Rather, she brought my head and pushed it against her slick boobs. Her sweat was sweet and salty, her boobs gave off and intoxicating sent that left me euphoric as my heated body finally calmed down.

The pair of us panted in each other’s arm deep into the night. Finally, I let my soft cock flop out of her pussy. I looked up at her and kissed her affectionately on the lips.

“If I knew sex was this amazing… I would have sooner.” Mako chuckled causing me to frown.

“It’s only amazing because it’s me!” I shot back proudly.

“Mm… Master is the only man for me.” She nodded.

“What are you going to do now?” I asked, suddenly growing a bit nervous.

We had signed the contract, and we had sex. Those goals were finished. However, what did that mean for the future of Mako and me? I really didn’t know.

“I’m still a teacher for the rest of the year,” Mako explained. “But I will be quitting after the end of this year. Then… if it’s okay, I’d like to move back in with you. If I’m pregnant, I’ll focus on my baby. If I’m not, then, I will focus on getting pregnant.”

“You just want to be a mother?” I asked, somewhat wryly.

Mako shook her head. “No… but I became a teacher for convenience. I have no strong desire to continue to work that way.”

“So, what do you want to do?”

“Hmm… I noticed that you currently do not have a head maid.”

“Hah? You want to clean?”

“I can clean… and cook.” Mako spoke shyly. “As your slave, I’ll be anything you want me to be.”

“Oh, well, my former head maid Veris quit a few years ago. It’s a long story, but right now she’s focused on helping her daughter. We kids were old enough that it wasn’t a big deal needing a new one. However, with my family getting larger, it probably wouldn’t be a bad idea to expand the working staff.”

“Then, I will do that.” Mako gave a grin.

“You just want to have a reason to keep calling me Master in public, don’t you?” I asked wryly.

Mako chuckled, “Oops, it looks like you caught me.”

“Mm…” I kissed her forehead. “And now that I caught you, you’re mine and I won’t let you go.”

“I love you, master.”

“I love you too.”

Both of us reluctantly started getting dressed again. Just one more week, and I would need to start my trial. As far as being able to check, it took about a week to confirm whether a woman was pregnant. In this world, the sex of the baby could be determined significantly faster than in my old world. It had to do with priorities. Whether the baby was a male or female was like winning the lottery, so naturally, they had magical techniques that could determine the sex of the baby. That still took about a month though. Either way, what was done was done. Before the trial was over, I would know if I was a father again.

“Hey, Clyburn?” Mako suddenly asked.

“Mm?” I called back while sitting on the foot of the bed and putting on my socks.

“Have you seen where my panties went?”

“Huh? That’s weird, I guess they went missing. Perhaps Rose can lend you one of hers?” I forced out a chuckle.

Mako frowned, but otherwise accepted what I said. Her bond told me that she wasn’t suspicious in the slightest. As I patted my back pocket with a certain piece of delicate cloth in it, I found that this Lilith contract was pretty darn nice. If only I could use it on every woman… the idea of contracts certainly fascinated me, not the least of which because I could actually use them. I reasserted my desire to study magic, whether I was aseeded or not!

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