The Xperiment – Chapter 5

Disclaimer: The following blog is a fictional story created based on pic collections available free across the web. The events as depicted in the narrative are 100% made up, and meant to provide tantalizing context to the pictures provided. A picture may say a thousand words, but without a narrative, they don’t give you a story to tell. This blog is an attempt to create that narrative. 

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Okay, so perhaps one of the greatest questions I ever had was the so-called happy endings. I can’t say I’ve ever gotten one, but every week I hear in the news about some massage parlor being shut down because it was allowing the sex trade. Suffice it to say, I was very curious about what it took to get a woman to put out.

Now, naturally, the massage itself costs a bit of money. Even when I’m not wetting my dick, I’m spending a good $100 just so someone can rub my sore, sore muscles. Frankly, I’ve always loved massages and have both given and received them many times whenever the occasion calls for it. However, other than with a girlfriend, that massage never grew into anything more. I wanted to see what it would take in order to get a masseuse to sleep with me.

I wanted to set a few rules. First off, it had to be a real masseuse. I didn’t want to basically select a call girl who also massages on the side, or worse, a call girl that uses massaging as an excuse in order to avoid any potential criminal accusations. Well, judging by the number of massage parlors that I’ve heard of getting shut down, I’d have to say that using massage as a front is already not a situation that works anyway.

Point being, I didn’t want to go to one of those shady massage parlors, but a legitimately nice one. That’s when I realized something about the massage industry that I didn’t really know before. Very few masseuses actually have a place to massage. What they do instead is make a contract with a massage location, and they basically are a freelance masseuse that just happens to do it at this parlor. It’s kind of like hair stylists at the more expensive hair places. They rent a chair, and it’s up to them if they fill it with enough people that they can make their money back.

As for me, I was looking for one of these freelance masseuses, except I was going to tempt her with some money. Then, she was going to fuck me on the rented equipment. Honestly, I was expecting to get slapped. I mean, asking a woman to put out for money is not something I’m comfortable doing. Even with a stripper, it took having her bring it up first before I could really get on board the whole sex bandwagon.

That said, I looked around and I finally found a person. I wanted someone that included a picture. For whatever reason, I predicted that if you showed your picture, it’s because deep down you’re trying to sell your sexuality. They’re counting on people being attracted to them enough that they’ll want to hire massages from them. I can’t think of too many other reasons why it would make sense to put a picture up on your massaging profile.

Anyway, I found this interesting girl whose picture was quite nice, and I came to the massage parlor. It was a small building that was part of a strip ball. I entered and the place was like dimmed low lighting. There was nowhere there, but I was like five minutes early. Apparently, they just leave the place unlocked when they know that a guess is coming.  Doesn’t seem that smart to me, but low a behold, she showed up right on time.

She asked me how I was doing and gave me some forms to sign. I was paranoid, so I put incorrect information. I didn’t want her to track me down! The room we ended up in had walls but no roofs. I mean, the whole strip mall had roofs, but the room was like  a few feet short of the wall. It gave us privacy, but not sound privacy. Well, as I said, no one else was there, so I figured it’d be fine. I purposefully scheduled at a shitty time because I was hoping that it’d help.

Alright, so I had the girl and I had the room. That’s half of it. The other half was me pulling out a camera. She instantly was very curious why I just snapped a picture of her. I just told her it was a photo journal I had to do for some college course. She had kind of this, “I’m not pleased” way of looking. However, she didn’t say anything about it. I had the distinct feelings she’s more of the go home and vent on the massage web forums about it than actually set rules now. Well, that worked for me, since I was about to break all the rules.

Your complacency is my pornography!

First off, I lied on my back. She said “Oh… your back…” But I shot her a confused look like I didn’t understand the language. Assuming I just wanted my front legs rubbed instead of my back, she got over it and started rubbing. I had the feeling she was one of those people who just didn’t like to get into it with their customers. A sort of, whatever, it’s your hour, kind of girl. Well, it was my hour, and very soon, I was going to enjoy it to my fullest extent!

Not to draw attention to my dick, but you can see I was already getting hard even as she started. 

When I snapped that picture, she actually looked a little miffed. I think she realized I got a shot down her shirt. Oh well, I was already done with this pretense. I was getting really horny. My dick naturally started growing as she tried to rub my chest. I think that’s when she realized that this wasn’t going to be one of those “normal” visits.

“No… no…” She murmured, covering her mouth like she’d never seen a penis before.

“You’re very beautiful. How about you massage that, and I’ll pay you generously.”

“How generously?”

When she said that, I knew I had already scored. However, I still had to play my cool. Mind you, this is not something I could have done four weeks ago. I had managed to grow to this point where I was able to keep my cool. The previous me likely would have just started shooting out numbers and been staring at her tits dumfounded like an idiot. Instead… I remained questioning.

“Well, that depends, let me see what you have to work with.”

Apparently, titties

She actually brought her boobs out the top! Now, she still had a bra on, but damn, that was really an exciting pose. Her boobs actually looked bigger than I originally thought. However, when I reached for them, I saw her jerk away. So, instead, I gestured to my cock and said, “$100”. She nodded and then straddled me. Soon, she had both hands on my cock. She used some oil and was jerking me off. For some reason, I chose that point to remember than oil-based lubricants broke condoms. I guess I’d be having to fuck this girl condom free.

Oh… the two handed approach, classy. 

While she went, I was still just staring at her chest though. Eventually, I said “your boobs look so good, I want to feel them.” Now, my natural assumption here was that she’d bring down her bra, and while she jacked me off, I’d reach out and grab her boobs. I think that’s the natural assumption given we were having sex. However, she still seemed to be hesitant to let me touch her. So, instead, she lifted her bra and did this.

Either she’s an idiot or a genius. 

I can’t say the feeling was out of this world, but it felt so fun and different that I didn’t mind. Plus, she looked so cute with my cock in between her breasts. I think at this point she was getting turned on, because it only took a small push to get her to lie back.

I said. “I’m going to fuck you now.” And she just nodded.

Soon, she was on the massage table and I was taking things away.

And there was no shortage of oil to use as lubricant

I fucked her for a while like this, but this girl was really a total slut in disguise. At first, it was all “no, no…” but soon it was all “yes, yes”. I lied back down on the bed and then she got on top of me. Damn, her pussy really did feel good. She was really tight and really wet. Her pussy felt so good. I nearly busted my balls early, but I managed to resist a bit longer. Once she was on top, I just kept thinking “Don’t cum, don’t cum, don’t cum!”

You try not cumming.

Maybe it was because I used a lot of heated oil. You ever see that demonstration where they put a balloon and then put some oil on it and rub it. Well, that was my penis in her crotch. It felt like it was on fire, but in a somewhat good way. This were really getting heated between the two of us. Suddenly, the dreaded words popped from my lips.

“I’m gonna cum!”

Unfortunately, this girl didn’t take too kindly to cumshots. However, we did flop over again, and she let me jack off on her tits. Over all, that was also a very exciting way to end it. I can’t say I’ve done very many “cum shots” in my life time. Blowing it in a girl’s face is done in almost every porn you watch, but in reality, that’s rarely how I role.

Taking one for the team

However, I find there is something pretty fun about cumming in a girl’s face. I think I might end more adventures like that. Is this perhaps a change in me? I mean, for all intent and purposes, it feels better to cum in a woman. Who wouldn’t want to cum with that soft thing wrapped all around your cock, whether it be her tight pussy, her sweet ass, or her pouty mouth.

If you’d choose to cum, you’d rarely say, “with my dick in my hands, six to seven inches away from a woman.” However, as I’ve started having sex regularly, and have gotten to cum in several women, sex is becoming less and less pure sexual gratification. Simply put, with my sexual needs fulfilled, I don’t aim for the most comfortable cum anymore. Sex becomes less about filling a sexual need, and more about having fun.

Simply put, cumming in her face is fun. Her expression is funny, it’s just a tad demeaning, and it makes you feel powerful as fuck. Here’s a girl just lying there, receiving no sexual satisfaction of her own, but she’ll sit there knowing any second you’re just going to shoot sticky stuff at her. In any other situation, this is considered crazy. Who would sit there waiting to have someone blow sticky fluids all over them?

Maybe it’s just me, but as I no longer remain a sexless man… as I start getting it from semi-hot women fairly steadily, my needs and desires are starting to change. I wonder what that’ll do to me in the end?

All good pussy ends when the pants go back on.

Anyway, I fucked her. It was fun. She quickly got dressed, and then told me to clean up and leave. She didn’t even look at me a second time. I left her the money, exactly “$100”. Well, in the end, I said I’d pay her $100 for the sex. I also owed her $100 for the massage, but she didn’t give me one, did she? So, as far as I was concerned we were even.

Fortunately, she didn’t look closely at the money I handed her, probably too ashamed or flustered to count it. I wonder how she’ll feel when she gets home and realizes she just put out for a normal massage salary? Well, It’s not like I’m going back there. I have new Xperiments to run. Onwards we go!

Technique: Bribe a Masseuse

Ease: 7/10

Cost: $100

Cleanliness:  8/10

XXX Success: Cumshot

Female Beauty: 8/10

Quality of Sex: 7/10

Extras (Anal, BJ, etc…): Handjob only. 

Overall Thoughts: Masseuses are pretty easy, but you won’t always luck out like I did. If you fail, you might get in trouble for sexual harassment, probably. On the plus side, you always get a massage. On the negative side, that harassment thing. In my case, the sex was good. Maybe I have a knack for getting pussy… or maybe pussy is way easier to get than I gave it credit for? Either way, you’re looking at $200 or more unless you want to make enemies. I’m going to try something else. 

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