Chapter 103 – Second Woman Conquered!


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“Little Dou show me everything! Status and Store! Let’s see all the changes!”

Max’s eyes were shining in anticipation. He couldn’t wait to see the familiar black screen appear before him.

He should have a lot of Points earned now that he had gone to the Dream Realm and had sex with Yu’er the next night, then with Lydia on the movies.

Although they used some of there Points for a Wish Card and the Slave Contract, they should still be left with a good amount of Points.

There was also one Face Mask and two Invisibility Potion that Max bought from before. Adding up all the Points they spent would surely take a good chunk out of their Points, but all the items that they’ve got were worth more than the Points they’ve used.

Xue also became their slave in the process, though not what they had expected, they still got a Shapeshifting Awakened beauty as an extra.

Finally, it showed up! A black screen appeared before them. Max and Yu’er immediately looked at their stats.



[Level: 20][36350/20000 Lifetime Points]!
[Points: 2850]!

– Lust Meter (Passive)
– Child Making Mode (OFF)
– Dream Awareness Skill (OFF)
– Sexual Aura (Passive)
– Status Checker
– Time Stop
– Weakness Reader
– Sex Steal
– Purple Lightning
– Reverse Time
– Inventory

Mission 1: Have sex with a married woman! Reward: 2000 Points (0/1)
Mission 2: Take five women’s virginity! Reward: 12000 Points (2/5)


[Women Conquered]

Yu’er (Sister) Level 10 [9950/10000 Lifetime Points]!
— Loyalty Meter: 100
Lydia Level 1 [0/1000 Lifetime Points]!
— Loyalty Meter: 99


Current Points: 2850


Magical Voice (Weak Version) – People will be comfortable hearing your voice, slowly making them open up to you. 2000 Points

X-ray Vision – Look inside things, clothes, skin, or bones! 5000 Points

Rank 1 System Upgrade: Will allow you to level up from level 20 to 21, up to the maximum limit of level 30. 50000 Points

Magical Space: Personal space that allows both objects and living things inside. Comes with one hidden gate. 50000 Points


Face Mask – You can change your appearance to look like someone else for 1 hour. (one use) 200 Points

Aphrodisiac Powder – Can be put into food or drinks that will make a girl horny for 1 hour. 200 Points

Sleeping Serum – Make a girl fall into a deep sleep for 1 hour after drinking. 100 Points

Memory Wipe – Wipe the past 30 seconds of memories. (one-time use) 300 Points

Invisibility Potion – Turn your body invisible for 10 minutes. 500 Points

Health Potion – Cleans your body of any impurities, making you look better and healthier. 200 Points

Memory Potion – Permanently learn everything you see in 1 minute. 300 Points.

Healing Potion – Heals any wounds sustained. 1000 Points

Wish Card – Wish for any item, to make it available in the Store. The price will depend on what the item is. 500 Points

<Slot 14>

<Slot 15>

[Lottery Spin] 100 Points
[Animal Servant Lottery] 1000 Points

Pending Free Items: 12

“Why are my Points so low? Did I miss something? Isn’t it supposed to be more than 5000?”

Max always checked his Points to have an idea about whether he had enough points to do some crazy schemes like infiltrating the hotel of the Xiao Hotel Group and stealing all their money.

However, his current Points were just too low from his estimates. Max took a second to rethink whether he forgot something expensive that used up most of his Points.

“I didn’t do use my Points for anything? Something’s wrong here.”

Yu’er was just as clueless. She was confused about what was happening, not saying a word as she tried to think of a possible explanation.

“Little Dou show me how much Points I earned for the Dream Realm.”

In the end, Max decided to check it one by one, starting after he got the Dream Awareness Skill, before getting to the Dream Realm and his pleasurable moment with the lady in a black dress.

[No Points!]



Max looked at Little Dou like she said something unbelievable. It took a moment before Max was able to construct a sentence.

“I get it now. So I don’t earn Points in the Dream Realm?”

After thinking about it more deeply, about the Dream Realm, and why could he possibly not earn Points, Max recalled that it was a dream in the end. His body was sleeping, lying on the bed, doing nothing while he was doing the work on his dream.

[Yes! That’s right]


Max didn’t want to hear it, but regrettably, that was the case. He was quite disappointed, having thought about using the Dream Realm to earn a lot of Points in one day.

“Is there no way for me to earn Points in the Dream Realm?”

Not wanting to give up on his wish, Max asked Little Dou one last question. Yu’er also wanted to know about it.

They have plans of going to the Dream Realm, but most of it had something to do with earning Points. It will all be useless when all they can do is enjoy the scenery.

[There is!]


Little Dou became the focus of two pairs of hopeful eyes. Her big eyes shined in a mischievous light, and her lips curled into a bright smile as it ended into a lighthearted laugh.

[Hehehe! That’s for you to find out! I can’t say it! But if it’s the right time, you will know!]


“Tch. I expected that’s what’s going to happen.”

Despite not getting an answer from Little Dou, Max and Yu’er were still pleased by the positive response. And what Little Dou said about if it’s the right time then they will know, they were not sure what that meant, but Little Dou never lied.

Whatever that was, someday they will know about it. Right now, Max and Yu’er focused on one spot. Lydia in the Women Conquered Section.


The high number broke Max’s expectations. As Lydia was closer to her big sister than him and Yu’er, Max completely understood why it was like this.

It was already pretty good for Max. However, no matter trusting Lydia would be, now that she had a 99 in her Loyalty Meter, Max still had to push it a point more to 100.

Reaching 100 is the moment when they could fully trust her. Yu’er automatically reached 100 in her Loyalty Meter, so Max was left scratching his head on what to do to push it one point further.

Yu’er didn’t know what they can do about this, so Max had to once again turn to Little Dou who was inspecting the new Awakened with her face full of curiosity, for answers.

[Try anything to make her trust you more! There’s something that’s holding her back to fully reaching 100!]


[Maybe her big sister? Have sex with her too!]


Little Dou’s smile can’t be wiped off her face as her lively voice filled the room. She has no idea how to make Lydia reach 100. It’s different for everyone, after all. She was only guessing.

Xue only silently listened from the side, readying herself in case Max needed her help. She currently doesn’t know a lot about Max and Yu’er’s plans, but next time she will be helpful enough that they will also rely on her! Xue promised it to herself.

The image of the bewitching Layla filled Max’s mind. His dick twitched as Layla’s image slowly faded, seeing Yu’er beside him.

Her robe wasn’t able to fully cover her smooth white skin. Max traced Yu’er with his eyes, from her face to her lips, down to her neck.

When Yu’er saw Max’s eyes, she knew what was about to happen as she stared back with her intoxicating blue eyes, which further aroused the lust demon inside Max.

Max pulled Yu’er by her hand, up to their room, not after instructing Xue to rest in his previous place, forgetting about Little Dou who was now following them, inviting herself inside.



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