Chapter 104 – Yu’er (R-18)


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As they got in their bathroom, Max didn’t waste any time and went ahead to take off all his clothes. They would take a shower afterward, so Max figured why not do it in there.

When Max turned around, he was in for a beautiful scene. Yu’er was slowly sliding her robe down her shoulders. She was clearly teasing Max.

Yu’er only shows this side of her when she’s alone with Max. Seeing Max staring lasciviously at her, almost gobbling her up with his eyes, Yu’er slid her robe off entirely, showing off her curvy body.

“You like it?”

Even though Max had already seen her breasts, he was transfixed by the way her pink nipples pointed to the ceiling, surrounded by their smooth, plump flesh.

Only after a few seconds did Max remove his gaze. His dick was standing tall as he slowly made his way to the shower. Yu’er followed along, hearing the sounds of water flowing.

When Yu’er got in, Max kissed her passionately. He had been waiting for this. It became their daily routine at night. Some days might be skipped over, but it’s only on certain occasions.

Yu’er responded by putting her arms around Max’s neck while slithering her body into his. The feeling of her youthful breasts against Max’s chest and his hard-on being pressed between their bodies gave him an indescribable pleasure.

When their kiss ended, Yu’er pulled back as she pulled Max under the shower. After sharing another passionate kiss, Max took the soap and began washing Yu’er’s body using his hands.

Max started on her neck and took his time working his way on her arms and back before moving to her chest.

Yu’er closed her eyes as she enjoyed Max caressing her body. Her breasts felt so incredible that Max took his time, focusing on her soft orbs.

Little Dou watched them with great interest. She could never get over watching them do this. With no shame, Little Dou stayed quiet with her eyes solely focusing on them.

Perhaps it was because Little Dou was the Fairy of the Lust System that she enjoyed watching these things.

Little Dou, could have played elsewhere. Instead, she got the bathroom with them only to ogle at them with shining eyes.

This shows how she valued watching them doing it. For her, it was one of the best entertainment she could have, just after candies.

When Max started to move down on Yu’er’s body, Yu’er stepped closer. Max spent a minute washing her upper body before moving his hands lower.

When Max got on her pussy, Yu’er lowered one of her hands, pressing his hand on her moist lips. Max, knowing what to do, rubbed around her clit while sliding his fingers between her tight folds.

Yu’er moved with her hand with Max as they stimulated her clit and pink lips. Yu’er indulged in the feeling with her hips moving along with Max’s hand.



“I’m close!”


Her hips began thrusting against Max’s hand, meeting his movements. Max enjoyed every bit of her moans as they got louder and more frequent.

Yu’er’s body was leaning against him, losing strength on her legs. Finally, her head flew back, and Max gave her pussy one last touch.


Max could feel every tremor Yu’er’s body makes as her pussy convulse on his hand soaked with fluids that dripped out of her.

“Haah haah”

When Yu’er calmed down from her mindblowing orgasm, she turned around and put her arms around Max’s neck, giving him a long deep kiss.

Without a doubt, Max gave Yu’er an overwhelming experience with his hand.

“That was too good! Haa haa haa.”

Max answered with a joyous chuckle. He also had fun doing it. It was so hot watching his sister moan and cum on his hands like that.

As he had already started it, Max continued washing every part of Yu’er’s body, occasionally taking some time on specific spots.

After Yu’er rinsed, it was now Max’s turn to be washed. They changed positions as Yu’er began bathing Max.

Finishing his upper body, Yu’er bent down and washed his legs. Finally, she moved up and came face to face with Max’s waiting member.

Reaching on to it, Yu’er used one soapy hand on his twitching dick and another on his balls. Yu’er then started stroking Max’s hard dick.

Her hand gripped his shaft and began to stroke him up and down while skillfully massaging his balls.

As expected, Max felt fantastic. As if made for him, Yu’er’s flexible fingers pleasured every part of his dick and balls.

Max was looking at Yu’er stroking him while on her knees as she gave the head of his penis a little kiss.

Yu’er gripped his dick even tighter and stroked with even more vigor. Her eyes were glued to his member as she continued her hands. The more Yu’er stroked, the harder Max seemed to become, and the closer he was to cumming.

Her wet hands made it better, smoothly sliding up and down his dick. Max stared as Yu’er’s perfect face and naked body while her soft hands rubbed him and teased his balls.


That did it for Max. His knees grew wobbly as he leaned back on the glass wall. Yu’er must have sensed it when she began tempting Max with her alluring voice,

“Shoot out all your cum. Think of shooting it inside me.”

Max imagined letting it out in her womb, just like Yu’er said. Max clenched his lower muscle to hold his impending orgasm, wanting to feel more of her strokes.

But all of his control gave out when Yu’er targeted his sensitive head while simultaneously pleasuring his balls.

Yu’er’s hands were too good, knowing what to do to pressure the right spot, effectively breaking Max’s willpower.

When Max grunted and started cumming, Yu’er kept stroking his dick as he spurted out fluids. Max doesn’t know how she knew, but as his orgasm began to subside, Yu’er loosened her grip a little, still kept stroking Max until she had milked the last drop of cum from his dick.

Yu’er took some of his cum that got onto her breasts to her mouth. She then took more of it, seemingly liking the taste of it.

Max was still hard. Something like this was not going to be enough for him, and they still have a lot of time tonight to indulge in themselves.

They intoxicatedly looked at each other’s eyes in the vast and bright shower room, deeply panting, looking forward to the next one.



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