Chapter 107 – Undercurrents


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Meanwhile, high up where no one can see, above the continents, a dark figure soundlessly zipped by.

The unusually dark night perfectly acted as a cover while the figure flashed through every direction like lightning zooming past the sky.

Upon closer look, the figure had the shape of a large bird. If people below were to see this, they would change the way they see the world, overturning their beliefs about the world.

An entity as big as this should never have existed. It was unheard of. The sheer size of the bird was gigantic.

While flying unpredictably past the sky, its wingspan reached tens of meters wide. Its agile maneuvers looked domineering as if it was the king of the sky.

From the mysterious force covering it, effectively blurring its whole form, only the shape and size of it can be seen, preventing others from having a clearer view of it.

After a few moments, shooting past a considerable distance of space, the monstrous bird stopped, hoving on one spot, looking down at the clueless world below.

It was then when its eyes glowed, emitting a sharp blood-red light, intimidating everyone that was to stare at it.

The colossal bird showed signs of intelligence, scrutinizingly viewing the land below with its pair of menacing eyes.

Deeply hidden within its eyes was a condescending and contemptuous stare, evidently looking down at everything like they were trash.

As it swept through the expanse below, it could see shining white lights randomly scattered in different places all over the world.

The white lights were too scarce that some parts of the lands didn’t have the shining lights on them.

After a few moments, it flew straight up and only stopped when it reached a certain level. From its movements, the enormous bird seemed to come with a plan.

When its eyes glowed once more, specks of the same shining light scattered throughout the land, appeared and flew out from its feet.

The white lights flowed and flowed, scattering away to every area of the world. Watching the lights all over the land multiply by many folds, the bird stopped releasing more.

As it watched over with lights from below reflecting on its blood-red eyes, the gigantic bird looked to be contented with its actions, not wasting any time, it flew away, shooting up in an instant, disappearing in a blink of an eye.

The last two days were quite ordinary. Nothing special happened around them, giving them some time to refresh their minds, having more clarity in their thoughts.

Max and Yu’er only spend their days going to school, having lunch with Layla and Lydia, and preparing for the coming party at their house.

They stopped by the store a few times to buy all the necessary things they needed. Looking at their sparkling clean house that seemed to enthusiastically welcome people, Max and Yu’er felt pleased.

The girls of the swimming team will be the ones who will be attending with Layla and Lydia.

Max wasn’t very familiar with most of them since he didn’t have any time to pay them some attention.

However, one thing Max was sure of, from what he can vaguely recall, was most of them were beauties though he can’t remember their names.

This was surely going to be fun for all of them. Max treated this as a form of relaxation for the mental burden of too many events happening at once.

There had been a lot going on lately, and Max wanted to take some time off to review all his doings, considering that he now also had the Shadow Thieves as another identity.

Max considered how he would proceed with it and what he could do to take advantage of his secret identity. Should he act like a thief that doesn’t have a face? Or should he act under the eyes of others?

While they were doing their final set of preparations, an hour before the girls arrive, Yu’er suddenly raised a question,

“Do you have any plans for tonight?”

Yu’er knew that there were a lot of things Max could do at the party. After all, there were going to be a lot of women in here later.

With his Sexual Aura, other skills, or any other items Max had with him, he could effortlessly get one if not all of them for himself, depending on his purpose.

Although, she was also aware that he had some reservations about people that aren’t Awakeneds.

Max would much prefer taking Awakened women that those who don’t have any idea about what they are.

The last thing Max would want to do was to use their valuable Points to turn an ordinary person into an Awakened in his Women Conquered Section.

They needed every single Point they have. That was why Max would rather not make his move on them.

There is always the possibility of Max playing with women once then forgetting about them. But Max decided not to do that, not because he feels sympathy for them or he is a good person.

Only that the thought of those women going to other men would give him an annoying feeling on his chest as if they were stealing what’s his.

Ultimately, it is up to him to decide on what he wanted to do, and Max doesn’t want to deal with all of it, so he chose to remove that thought altogether.

At this moment, those where the least of his priorities. Max had been with a lot of women already, he could only focus on adding them to the Women Conquered Section first, and then he can maybe think of adding more.

There was also the probability of Max meeting someone too tempting to ignore. Maybe a woman with a unique and distinguished status? Or a powerful skill user.

If Max were to come across that exact situation, then there might be a chance that Max would make a move on them.

“Would you have sex with those women?”

“Some of them have boyfriends, you know. Don’t you want to do it once with them?”

Yu’er teasingly smiled, knowing that her words would have an effect on Max.

Max felt a wave of arousal after hearing Yu’er’s words. His dick stood up as he gulped, imagining it in his head.

Having sex with those women would be so hot. Unfortunately, Max made up his mind, deciding against any plans of doing it, not wanting to share women with their boyfriends.

Though if he does plan on stealing them for himself, Max will not hesitate to do it.

“No, I won’t.”

Max wasn’t going to lie, he was quite tempted to do it but the thought of them going back to their partners put him off.

No matter how he thought about it, Max was just disgusted by the idea. Max hates sharing his women in any way, so he held himself back from the temptation, consoling himself that there were his sister and Lydia for this night.

And if he wanted more, there was his newly found slave, Xue. When Max saw her real appearance, there was no doubt that she was stunning.

Since she was Max’s slave, she will surely have her spot in the Women Conquered Section eventually. It’s only a matter of time.



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