Chapter 109 – House Full of Beauties


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“Max! Yu’er! here!”

As soon as they went out, both of them were called out by Layla. She was standing close to the pool with a group of women, only in their swimsuits.

From the looks of it, they were also planning on swimming. It was a pleasant sight to watch a few of them taking off their shirts.

“You guys are going to swim? We have the same plan then. Let’s go together!”

Yu’er laughingly responded. The pool is massive enough to fit all of them and still has a lot more space, so there will be no problem going together at the same time.

A lot of skimpy suited women now surrounded Max. Most of them brightly called out to him as they came closer, showing off their best smiles.

Some of the girls already in the pool also waved and shouted for him, hurrying him to jump in.

Some were bolder, teasing him by innocently showing a better angle of their bodies, barely covered by their swimsuits.

There were those who went further, initiating skin contact with Max. Since Max had removed his shirt earlier before going to the pool, he was able to feel their glorious assets and silky soft skin.

All of them met Max a while ago when they arrived, including Layla and Lydia. It was quite an interesting experience.

Earlier before.

When the arranged time came closer and closer, the first ones to arrive were obviously, Layla and Lydia.

They were more than half an hour early, just as Max and Yu’er finished their preparations for the night.

Layla was wearing a pair of tight pants that showed off her captivating long legs and bubbly ass.

This time, she only wore a plain white shirt, but it failed to hide the outline of her bountiful breasts.

Lydia wore a jacket and a pair of shorts. Her smooth white legs were the only one that was exposed. Max still gratefully appreciated her with his eyes.

“You guys are here early!”

Yu’er popped out from inside to see who was the one who arrived. Seeing that they were Layla and Lydia, she nicely welcomed them in.

“It’s fine, right? We decided just to change our clothes here.”

A large bag was strapped on each of their shoulders, looking like they were planning on living here, bringing loads of stuff with them.

“Yeah, that’s not a problem at all! We still have a lot of time. You can pick your room upstairs!”

Yu’er guided them upstairs to the third floor, helping them settle their things in their rooms, leaving Max alone outside.

Looking at the sky, it was almost night time. The sun was setting, and in a couple of minutes, it will already be dark.

After going back in, Max also changed to a shirt and a pair of shorts. Naturally, he was planning to go swimming along with all the girls that were going to be there.

It was then when another girl arrived, then another one after her. One by one, all the girls from the swimming team came.

Yu’er was the one welcoming them inside. With all the women all around the place, if Max were not aware that Yu’er, Xue, Layla, and Lydia were here with him, he would have felt out of place in his own home.

The party was starting to get exciting with all the girls around. Layla spent some time introducing Max to each of them for future connections.

Initially, Max was reserved when he started a conversation. But when the final girl was introduced to him, he was a totally different person, spouting compliments right and left with ease.

All of them kindly greeted Max; some even spiritedly engaged a conversation with him. Some teasingly eyed him, and some didn’t get too physical with him, only exchanging words.

Most of those women who only exchanged words were those who have partners. Yesterday, Yu’er briefed him on who is and who isn’t single just for Max to know more about them.

Not including them, Max got to enjoy some hugs from others. Even though those were just hugs, Max was still contented getting to hug their sweet-scented bodies.

From the beginning, the only reason Max was reservedly holding back, hesitant to speak to them was from what he gathered, it will be difficult to converse with beauties like them because they were aloof for most people at school.

What he found out, in the end, was that all of it was untrue. At least in his case, they were surprisingly approachable, too approachable even.

The amount of preparation they did, paid off, seeing the girls enjoy themselves everywhere. On one side, there were a lot of drinks available, fruit juices, including alcoholic ones.

Most of them can drink now, and Max drank along with them when they cheered him to. Since Max was an Awakened, these would not affect him in any way.

All kinds of food were also stretched far on the table, meat for grilling, fruits, and the most popular ones so far, a large selection of desserts.

Different sizes of cakes, cold desserts, and even an entire ice cream machine that they painstakingly prepared were waiting to be used.

Since they have so much money, they never held back buying any desirable things they saw. As a result, a lot more weird things were installed all over the place.

Time slowly passed; it was already dark outside. The night is relatively calm and peaceful, a perfect time to have fun and enjoy themselves.

The house was busy with hot girls everywhere, leisurely taking their time, chatting with their friends.

When Max got to the yard, he had to stop as his eyes surveyed the area in appreciation. It was wonderful! Hot swimsuits filled his vision.

The first thing Max saw when he looked was the number of attractive bodies and enthralling curves everywhere. His boner instantly stood up.

‘This is the best!’

Back to the present.

“I’ll go first!”

Says one of the girls beside Max as she smoothly dived in the pool. When she got up to the surface, she shouted at their direction,

“What are you waiting for? Join us!”

Taking it as a signal, everyone jumped in one after another. Max and Yu’er also followed after them.

Laughs once again filled the area as they started splashing water to each other. Max didn’t join them, staying at the sides as his head was starting to get filled with lewd thoughts.

He was in a pool with half-naked women, and occasional contacts would be unavoidable. His dick was starting to wake up in his shorts.

Excitement! Max was feeling the excitement rising inside him.

Max observed them for a moment, swimming in different directions as he thought of what he wanted to do.

No one was aware of Max in their surroundings as he was swimming deep underwater. The scenery was absolutely more enchanting from below, having to see their whole body for himself, without anyone noticing.

Max treated it as a game that he will have fun doing. After he decided on where to go, Max swam to the middle area where they were most concentrated.



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