Chapter 110 – Pool and Mission (R-18)


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It was currently dark out. The only lighting they had were the ones in the pool and a few lights around the yard.

Deep below the waters, Max swam under them like a predator circling its prey. Making use of his abilities, he also used his Sexual Aura on one target he was looking at.

It was one of the girls he was eyeing quite a bit now.

Her brown hair and black swimsuit looked hot on her body — a large pair of breasts, slim thighs and juicy rear that was highlighted by her tight bikini.

Since he didn’t want to go all the way, Max will have to enjoy a few touches here and there.

Most of them were chasing each other in every direction. The girl that he was targeting was being chased by others, having fun playing in the water.

Max used the strength of his Awakened body and shot himself out near her, initiating their first contact. He was able to hit her ass with his palms and rub against other girl’s bodies.

With the number of girls chasing her, she had no way of knowing that it was Max who did it. After that, Max went up to the surface to take a breath of air.

That was surprisingly fun! While on his way up, he didn’t forget to accidentally reach out his hands like a real pervert.

None of the girls were aware of this happening at all. Max was like in his playground, swimming around hitting the soft flesh of the women everywhere.



A pulling sound along with a pair of shoes stepping on the ground reverberated in the dark, silent building.

Bound by a rope at his hands and feet with a cloth on his mouth, a man wearing an office uniform was being pulled, sliding across the ground.

From his roughed up face and bloodied lips, it was evident what just went on before this.

The man’s eyes were almost dead, filled with hopelessness, only remnants of tears were left.

He showed no signs of fighting back, knowing it will be futile.

Pulling him, a man with a slight smile on his face, slowly bringing him inside a room.

“Another one, I got another one.”

“Was this the fifth one? Or the eight one?”

It was then the man on the ground struggled, aware that it might be his only chance of escape.

“That’s useless. Just accept it. This is your fate.”

Muffled noises came out from the man as he aggressively moved his body, but all of it was pointless.

“Yes, that’s right. Struggle. This makes it better.”

“Seeing those fear and despair on all your faces before you die is always pleasing to the eyes.”

The man let out a burst of wicked laughter as he watched the guy suffer, hatefully staring at him.

“Don’t look at me like that. The weak will always be bullied by the strong. That’s how life is.”

“In here, I’m the strong, and you’re the weak. What can you do?”

Getting the nearby chair, the man’s eyes shined as he saw the guy’s eyes lose any hope of survival and turn into despair.

The blood flowing out on his stomach didn’t help, painting the floor red.

Max thoroughly enjoyed playing in the pool with all the women. Taking a break from using his perverted hands, sometimes he joined them to play.

The women giggled when Max caught them in his arms, sensing no malicious intent coming out of him.

With that thought in mind, Max was able to take more advantages, from slightly grabbing, rubbing, and touching, no one was bothered by it.

“Max, here!”

“No, here!”

“Max, let’s race!”

Due to his Awakened body, Max was able to keep up with all of them. He used his strength to swim faster, earning cheers and compliments from the spectators.

Successfully blending in their groups, a lot more girls came up to talk with him.

“You seemed to be having a good time, huh?”

Yu’er came up from behind, surprising Max by suddenly popping out the water.

“I am! I can’t do anything but this, so I’m just enjoying it.”

Realizing that it was only Yu’er, he honestly answered; his lips curled in excitement.

“Yeah, I saw it.”

“Was it obvious?”

“If I watch you underwater continuously for a few minutes, then yes it’s obvious.”

“That’s fine then! I don’t think anyone would do that.”

While they spoke, they swam together to the sides, slightly away from the group.

“You were having fun too. They were even inviting you to join the swimming team.”

Max added, using his strong legs to keep himself afloat.

“Max! Yu’er! They are starting!”

One girl shouted, notifying them that they should go back.

“Are you going?”

Yu’er nodded at Max. Since they have the same plan, both of them hurried back for another round of fun.

“Let’s go!”

Max had to split ways with Yu’er. They were on different teams. The girls know too many games they could play, it was unending.

Having the girls busy themselves, losing track of time, Max went along with them. The longer they play, the better it was for him.

“Hey, don’t let her get away!”

“She’s there!”

“There’s another one here!”

“I got you!”

All of them were laughing and shouting while Max was getting more and more benefits.

Arousal was rising within him as the contacts were getting frequent. With pink thoughts filled his mind, the temptation was getting stronger.

“Hey, Max!”

Max turned to see Layla coming closer to him. Her face was bright as her eyes focused on him.

“Did you lose already?”

“Yeah. Why are you here? Are you done?”

“Just taking a short break.”

Layla being in front of him, made his condition more uncontrollable. Max’s dick was standing tall and hard, pushing his boxers away, wanting to get out.

Max was getting lost in her charm. If this were to go on, he might not be able to stop himself.

Just as they started talking, a new mission surfaced.


Mission 3: Have sex in the pool!

Give in to your desire and have sex in the pool with at least one person still swimming in it. 2000 Points.

‘Why now!’

[Hehehe! It’s the System!]


Little Dou suddenly appeared on his shoulder. Max had to clear his mind to think about this for a second.

‘Have sex in the pool while there’s still at least one person swimming? The mission didn’t say who should I have sex with.’

‘I was going to anyways. Though not on the pool.’

“This night was great. The girls were having fun. I haven’t seen them being this happy for so long.”

“I’m surprised you haven’t made a move on one of them yet.”

Layla playfully added. Not forgetting to tease him, Layla went closer to him with their chest almost touching. Before Max was able to respond, Layla swam off, not after leaving some words,

“They are calling for me. I’ll go back now. We can talk later when we get out of the pool!”

“That was close. This mission just saved me, distracting me for a couple of seconds.”

“I still have to complete this. Now how do I go about it?”



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