Chapter 111 – For the Mission! (R-18)


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The girls were one by one going out of the water. Most of them exhausted themselves from having too much fun.

Though some chose to stay in the pool for a little longer, Max crept behind Yu’er before she got to swim back to the sides.

“Help me out.”

“Did you plan to do something?”

Yu’er curiously looked at Max, wondering what he wanted her help for.

“A new mission came up! I need to do it in the pool.”

“What? Really? Let me see.”

Hearing that there was a new mission, Yu’er became excited. Those were free Points, and they have been waiting for it to come.

However, when she saw the content of the mission, her face immediately burned red.

Yu’er understood right away what Max needed her help with. They were on the far side of the pool where a shadow covered them.

Looking on the other side, they could see everyone that stayed in the pool having fun, giggling with each other.

Further away, were the girls in their robes, sitting under a shed, having no vision of them.

“Are we going to do this?”

Max whispered near Yu’er’s ears while sliding his hands around her waist. Yu’er could feel his hot member sticking to her.

“Heheh, we would get caught if we become too loud, isn’t that exciting?”

Like a devil whispering in her ears, Yu’er started to feel hot throughout her body.

Looking at Yu’er’s condition, nothing more needs to be said. Max went straight for a kiss.

All of this was for the mission and Points. The only thing they have to do is enjoy themselves.

With no reservations, Yu’er put her arms around Max’s neck and pressed herself against him. She reached up to his hair and pulled him for a deeper kiss.

Max could feel her breast brushing against his chest through her thin swimsuit. He opened her mouth as his tongue slithered against hers.

Feeling aroused since a while ago, Max enjoyed their hot kiss, pushing his tongue into her mouth while sucking hers.

Laughs and chatters reached their ears, giving them the thrill of having sex with the risk of getting caught.

Their kisses were intimate, filled with desire, stimulating their horny bodies. Max bit her lip and sucked on them as he rubbed his lower body to hers.

His hard dick got harder, pressing against her belly. Yu’er moaned into their kiss, feeling Max rubbing on her below.

One of his hands explored her body, tracing her breasts, her thighs, traveling up and down her body.

Max didn’t think it was a good idea to remove their swimwear, only sliding her tops to the side, taking one of her breasts to his mouth.

He softly kissed her nipples, flicking his tongue over them and moved his hand to the middle of her legs where he found the warm, sacred region.

Yu’er stretched out her back, leaning on the side of the pool, parting her legs, accommodating Max between her.

Understanding that they can’t take a long time, Max positioned himself and leaned forward to Yu’er.

“Hey, we have a lot of food here!”

“We’ll go up in a few minutes!”

They could hear conversations of the other girls from where they were, but Max ignored them, taking his dick in his hand and clumsily pushing it against her thigh.

It was just too dark.

Yu’er took hold of his dick and guided him to her addicting soft and warm opening. Feeling his head slipping in, Max didn’t stop and plunged deep into her tight hole.


To avoid giving them an idea, Yu’er covered her mouth with one hand. She moaned while Max groaned in pleasure as her hot, wet flesh surrounded him.

The heat of her pussy felt hotter in the cold water of the pool at night.

Max pushed himself a little deeper, securing his length inside her.

With eyes closed, Yu’er gave out a moan when she felt him hitting her inside. Max closely watched the girls far away from them as he started moving.



“Doing this so close to them is surprisingly amazing.”


Still looking at the girls splashing water while they gracefully swam with lovely smiles on their faces, Max released all his pent up desires on Yu’er.

She slid her legs around the back of his waist then reached around him, pulling Max even deeper.

Shivering in pleasure, Yu’er forced the base of his dick against the lips of her pussy.

Max moved his waist, embracing the pleasure he was feeling. Max pulled back and pushed into her, again and again.

Yu’er kept her mouth covered, moaning on his thrusts while breathing heavily.

Her legs lost their strength, laying on the sides of Max. She grabbed him and stuck her mouth to his, kissing him, still moaning with each thrust.

As they were in the pool, Yu’er wasn’t able to move much. Max had to do all the action.

With each thrust, his dick plunged into her deep and hard. Max had to kiss Yu’er to contain her moans of pleasures.

He pressed his lips to hers as their tongue danced together. Max slowly pulled his dick out until only the tip remained then pumped back in, filling her up again.

Max only moved his hips; their mouths remained connected. Yu’er ran her hands on his hair as they made love to each other.

At times, Max lowered his head to suck her breasts and sensitive nipples, inducing a soft moan from her.

“What do you think? This is weirdly fun right?”

“We have to Ahn! We have to end this. They might be close to getting out of the waters.”

Max nodded and focused on finishing. In one smooth move, Max lifted her hips and penetrated her with his dick.

The thought of the women so close to them, their current situation, and the overwhelming feeling in his body, Max further hardened.

Finally, he felt it. The pleasure he was feeling was getting too much. His body wanted him to release it.

Max leaned on Yu’er, kissing her irresistible lips, intensely pumping his hips underwater.

Despite the water making his movements harder, Max still managed to slam on Yu’er, smacking their flesh together with obscene slapping noises.

His cum came up through his dick, wildly shooting inside her pussy. Loads of cum filled her while they were in the water.

Simultaneously, Yu’er climaxed with him, pressing herself against Max as he released inside her.

Her pussy quivered, and her lips opened in a silent scream. Her whole body started shaking, and as the tension left her body, she finally leaned back in bliss.

They shuddered with unimaginable pleasure running through their bodies.

As he pulled out, white fluids were swept away by the water as it flowed out of Yu’er’s pussy.

Luckily, it was quite dark. None of the girls would see loads of cum swimming with them.

“We’re crazy for doing this.”

Yu’er whispered while panting as they fixed themselves.

“That’s true.”

They could only laugh at their silliness to do this in the pool with other people.

When they finished, they chased each other underwater, deciding to pretend that they were only playing around.

Though with all of the girls having fun themselves, no one would suspect something inconceivable like that had just occurred under everyone’s watch.



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