Chapter 13 – Thoughts

[The Miniature Poodle came from the System, it will follow everything you ask it to do. It’s natural that it will have some intelligence!]


Max understood what Little Dou was saying. The poodle will follow his every command so it needs to have the intelligence to do so.

If he instructed the poodle to find his sister, the poodle will not be able to find her if it doesn’t know who his sister was. Even if the poodle might know the scent of his sister, it would not be able to recognise her with her name.

Max thought about something,

“Little Dou, what’s the point of its intelligence if I can’t talk to it. Can the poodle even understand my words?”

[Yes, it can! The poodle can understand every word you say as the System knows that you both need to have at least the base connection with each other!] [If you want to understand the words of the poodle, I suggest that you buy the Dog Language Skill from the Store!] Little Dou then suggested.

“What? Is there such a thing in the Store? Oh!”

An item suddenly came up in his mind, Max realised that he has to buy the Wish Card to make the language available.

“But can I just get a Universal Language Skill from the Store?”

[I don’t think you should, you won’t be able to afford it with your current Points!] Little Dou happily answered.

When Little Duo woke up, the only thing she knew was that she was the Lust Fairy that guides the user of the System. After meeting Max, she didn’t know what to expect from him.

Max looked like a lazy guy that barely takes care of himself. Even though his appearance doesn’t look bad, most of his qualities are undesirable.

Whether it is his quiet attitude, his eyes that look like a pervert or his bored expression wherever he goes.

Little Dou was worried that she was binded to a useless host. She was afraid that Max might not even come close to the best things the System has in store for him.

Days after days passed by, Little Dou’s expectations on Max have always been surpassed.

‘My host is pretty good at this! Maybe I should start helping him to use the System to its full potential. Wait! Would he even follow my advice?’

Success after success, level up after level up, Max continued to surprise her showing his witts in every situation he was put into. Max also didn’t ignore her bits of advice and always listened to her explanation.

‘Yes, I have a good host! I should also do my best to help him on his journey!’

Little Dou continued helping him by seriously explaining new things and suggesting what he should buy. Until a while ago that Max gave her a name.

‘I have a name! Max gave me a name! Dou Dou! He said he will call me Little Dou! I also have a nickname! Hehehe!’

Little Dou was really happy that she finally got a name. From her memory, she is only going to be named when her host started trusting and relying on her.

Her name would then be her new identity. Now, she isn’t just some System Fairy anymore, her name will be Little Dou!

Little Dou couldn’t help but be elated knowing that Max noticed her hard efforts of helping him. She then cheered happily while raising her fist,

‘Let’s continue working hard from now on!’

“I only have 1000 Points left, if I buy the Wish Card, would my remaining Points be enough to buy the Dog Language Skill?”

[The Dog Language Skill is sure to be cheap. If you think about it, you will see that it isn’t that useful because it’s only limited to dogs!] Little Dou responded.

“What about the Universal Language Skill?

[The Universal Language Skill will definitely be very expensive! There are too many languages out there in the world and the entire universe!]


[If you managed to buy it not only can you understand everyone, you can also understand dialects and animals. But you probably won’t be able to buy it until you reach a really high level!] Little Dou further explained.

“What do you mean to reach a really high level? Is there something that’s going to happen when I reach a high level?”

[Nothing! When you reach a high level, items will get expensive that you would have to save up Points for a long time to actually buy them! That’s all!] [Uhmm, There is more information but I can’t tell you because of your low level.] Little Dou muttered.

“It’s fine Little Dou, it’s not your fault. Let’s do this then! Buy a Wish Card and use it to make the Dog Language Skill available!”

[Store] Current Points: 500


Dog Language Skill – Automatically translates your words to be understood by dogs and the other way around. 200 Points


“It’s so cheap! Little Dou, buy it!”

[Now you only have 300 Points left! I think you should also buy a Health Potion with your remaining Points!] [It will make you look better overall, it will also make you healthier, cleaning the insides of every part of your body!] Little Dou suggested.

“Then, I’ll buy the Health Potion too”

Max saw that there is a small bottle of red liquid in his hands. He looked at it closely and saw it that looked just like dyed water.

[Wait! I forgot to say that after drinking it, you will feel pain in your body! Only drink it if you’re ready!] Litte Dou reminded.

“Okay, I think I should be able to bear with it.”

After inspecting it for a while, he opened the lid of the small bottle and drank it.


Max suddenly fell on the floor, his body barely able to move from the pain he was feeling. He felt that the muscles of his body were being forcefully stretched out.

But what he didn’t know was that it was just starting.


Max cried out loud with his body writhing on its own. Max didn’t think this was going to happen, he just drank the Health Potion and he felt a burning sensation all over his body.

He thought he can withstand the pain, he didn’t expect that it will give him too much pain, so much more than what he can bear.

For the next few minutes, Max experienced the worst pain he felt his entire life. He started feeling his muscles stretch out on their own, then he felt an intense sharp pain in his organs and lastly, he felt his skin drying up, tearing away from his body.

Max only remembered seeing black fluid oozing out his body before he fainted from too much pain.

Unknown time has passed, Max woke up. He felt really refreshed like he was in a paradise, soft green grass, clear blue skies, birds chirping and sounds of water flowing.

The only thing that’s stopping him from enjoying the blissful feeling was the sticky fluid on his skin, his wet clothes that were closely sticking on his body and the foul smelling air around him.

Max recalled the situation that he was in before. He looked at his surroundings and saw the mess he created.

Tables and chairs turned over, his computer that fell on the floor. The floor that was littered with a foul-smelling black liquid.

Max ran straight to his bathroom and quickly removed his clothes. He didn’t forget to put his clothes inside a trash bag, not planning to use it again.

He went to the shower and skillfully scrubbed the dirt on his skin.

“It’s so hard to scrub it off, it dried on my skin!” Max mumbled annoyingly.

One hour of scrubbing and cleaning his body, Max finally finished. He looked at the mirror and was surprised seeing all the changes.

Max’s short wavy red hair turned even redder that it looked almost crimsoned colour. It also has a shiny texture that would make people think it has undergone some sort of treatment.

His blue eyes got clearer and brighter. The biggest change of all was his skin. It looked smoother and healthier than most women’s skin. His skin also felt soft like a baby and looked overall whiter compared to his dry pale skin from the past.

Max’s face changed from a bit better than average to a model’s. All the scars, bumps, spots and even his dark circles have disappeared! He might even beat other women’s face without having any makeup.

He was starting to think that all the pain he went through was worth it. Of course, he won’t needlessly try to do it again.

Going back to his bedroom, he felt a shiver down his spine looking at all the foul-smelling black liquid that made his entire room stinky.

“Ughh, how would I even start to clean this.”

And so, Max spent the next few hours cleaning his stained sheets, scrubbing the floor and trying to get rid of the smell in his room.

After throwing all the trash that he accumulated cleaning his entire room, he sat on his bed planning to speak with Little Dou.

Shortly thereafter, he heard someone beside him,

“Max, I’m hungry!”


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