Chapter 14 – Reflection

Max jumped up in surprise. He turned his head to where the sound came from.

“You… You!”

Max saw the white poodle sitting on his bed. Not seeing anyone else in there, he immediately concluded that it was the poodle that talked.

“I’m hungry! Can you get me some food now?”

Max then remembered the Dog Language Skill that he bought. But Max was still surprised seeing a dog talking because no sane person would imagine that one day they would have a speaking dog.

Leaning his backside on the table, staring intently at the poodle, Max tried to utter a few words, trying to incite a response,

“You. Can you understand me?”

The poodle looked back at him with an innocent expression, stood up shaking its tail and barked,

“Yes, I can, woof!”

“Max, I’m hungry, get me some food woof!”

Not knowing what to do, Max tried to think of something and hesitantly suggested,

“How about some frozen meat? That’s the only thing we have other than vegetables. I’ll thaw it for you to eat?”

“What? No, I don’t want to! I want to eat dog food! The best kind!”

“But we don’t really have any, how about..?


Few minutes of arguing, the white poodle finally relented and they settled with a boiled chicken.

The poodle looked really sad forcing itself to eat the chicken. Even though it looked miserable, it still didn’t hide its adorable and striking coat.

This particular poodle is called a Miniature Poodle. Miniature Poodles are known for excel in advanced obedience competitions, where skills like jumping and retrieving objects are required.

They also excel in agility competition, where they dash through over and under obstacles with their legs strength that is spectacular to watch.

The Miniature Poodle is one of the smartest and most trainable of all dog breeds. Its furry head and its entire body were coated with snow-white curly hair coats that look stunning in bright light.

Getting back to his basement from school, Max, feeling tired, slumped down his bed.

Realising the time last night, Max immediately went to sleep after feeding the poodle.

“Woof! Max, you’re back!”

The poodle jumped up the bed and started licking Max all over his face with its tail wagging wildly.

Max got up and started stroking the poodle’s head making the latter push its body closer against him. The poodle then jumped straight into his arms, closed its eyes and lied on his chest.

Looking at the adorable poodle, Max didn’t know what to do when he thought about something,

“By the way, are you a male or a female?”

Trying to know, Max grabbed its tail planning to see for himself. The poodle jumped out of his arms bellowing,

“Don’t do that! I’m a male!”

Looking at the poodle, Max thought it was a female. He was startled to find out that it was a male. The poodle might be a male, but looking at its whole appearance, it appeared feminine.

“We should get you a name! What do you like to be called?”

“It’s your job to decide that!” The poodle grumpily responded.

Max suddenly thought of a good name to call this feminine male poodle.

“Let’s call you Mango.”

“Uhh, it’s alright.”

Mango nonchalantly replied but his swinging tail says otherwise.

Max went back to lie down his bed and thought of everything that happened since he got the Lust System.

From putting his sister to sleep and having sex with her to everything he planned to have sex with Lydia.

There’s also Tilly from the train and Aqua, the idol. He felt that he has overdone himself for the last few days.

“Little Duo, what do you think? Should I have taken it slowly?”

Little Duo suddenly appeared on top of his bed, after which she started flying with her little wings then cheerfully replied,

[Yes, you should! Everything could have easily gone wrong if you weren’t that lucky! With Lydia and Tilly, what if they didn’t like you even for a little bit? Then you would have failed while leaving a mess and a lot of problems! But it doesn’t matter anymore because you succeeded in the end!]


[Still, I think that taking it slowly but surely would’ve been a better idea! Maybe try to plan a bit more for what you’re going to do for the future!]


Having heard what Little Dou said, Max started to seriously think about the future.

“What do I want to do in the future?”

Max called in Little Dou and Mango for a meeting. After getting together on the bed, Max started talking,

“Since we’re a group let’s think about all this together. What do you think we should do?”

Little Dou was sitting on the bed with her hands on her chin looking like she was seriously thinking, wanting to help Max think of an answer to his problem.

Mango was just acting like himself looking everywhere while also sometimes trying to think of an answer. Mango’s eyes suddenly glowed with a shimmer of light.

“We should earn some money! If we have money, we can do anything! You can also buy me so many expensive brands of dog food!”

[That’s right! We should try earning some money first! You should also try to get out of this dark basement, Max!]


Little Dou happily agreed, clapping her hands. She started flying around Max feeling delighted that they’ve thought of something. She landed on his shoulder and seemingly remembering another issue and said,

[Also Max, try to control the number of women you have! The Points you will get for taking the virginities of women is more like a trap, a double-edged sword!]


[You will indeed get a lot of Points from it but there will be a day where you will have too many women and you will find it hard to manage them with them being all over the place.]


[There is a reason that you haven’t gotten any women on the Women Conquered section of your Status Menu!]


Hearing both of their thoughts made Max enlightened. He learned things that he would probably not be able to notice before.

He contemplated what both of them said and started reflecting,

“I really have been a bit too impulsive. So what we need to do now was to find a way to earn some money, maybe we should try to move a little closer to the busy streets of the city.”

“Currently, we are in the residential area near the school, if we want to move we will have to find someplace near the house of Lydia.”

“Their house is near the edge of the busy streets. I’d like to get a place there maybe the top floor of a condominium!”

[Max, you’re getting carried away! Focus!] Little Dou reminded while pulling his hair.

Max got himself back and realised that he was overthinking things again. He always thought about why he overthinks things since this isn’t the first time this happened.

Max concluded that this was because he is always overconfident thinking everything will go his way so he always plans for the future that he hasn’t yet to achieve.

He also felt that with the Lust System with him, he would be able to easily do anything he wants, that’s why he enjoyed himself for the past few days.

Thinking back, he thought that he would try doing things slowly while trying to make his relationship with his women closer.

Also not forgetting that he should focus on putting each of them on the Women Conquered list! That way, maybe he can have a few more helpers in his conquest!

Max spread open his hand to let Little Dou land on it, he then rubbed her head thanking her for reminding him.

Little Dou felt really good being stroked on the head as shown on the elated expression all over her face.

While stroking the head of Little Dou, enjoying her cute expression, Mango tapped Max on his leg saying,

“Let’s do it slowly and earn money first! We’ll think about what we do next in the future!”

“The next problem would be how would we earn money?” asked Max after nodding to what Mango said.

[Oh! I know! You should go to those casino’s that you’ve been looking at when you went to the other city!]


[You have a lot of skills, maybe you can use them in there!] Little Dou proposed while sitting on Max’s hands swinging her legs.

“That could be possible! But I’m a student, they would probably not let me in!”

After thinking about it some more, Max thought of an idea!

“Maybe I can just use a Face Mask and change my appearance into a non-existing person! That way no one will definitely doubt me and there will also be no future potential problem of copying people’s face!”

[That’s great! That’s great!] Little Dou cheered.

“One more thing, we currently don’t have enough points as a backup in case something bad happens since we’re only left with 100 Points!”

[Find someone you’re close with and earn some points!] Little Dou reminded while still sitting on Max’s hand swinging her legs!

“Huh? Find someone close to me? Who is it? Who am I close to…?”

Max slowly looked up to the ceiling from his bed with his eyes shining in understanding.


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