Chapter 15 – Sister

Max slowly ate his food, waiting for his sister to join him. After a long conversation with Little Bao and Mango, they decided that they have to first add his sister on their side.

They agreed that if Max’s sister is on their side, a lot of things will be easier to achieve. Like buying a house or other things that might require an adult to do so.

So their priority was to focus on his sister to get her on the Women Conquered section and slowly make her trusted enough to help them with their everyday tasks.

Max needed to have enough points before trying to earn money. That’s why he was doing this. But he isn’t just going to have sex with his sister because he needed points, he also needed to fix his bad relationship with his sister.

Before long, his sister went down her room to eat with him in the dining room. She looked as beautiful as usual.

Zhang Yu’er, his sister, had a sculpted figure which looked mesmerizing. Her waist was narrow and she had a flushed complexion especially her rosy cheeks.

Her crescent eyebrows inclined slightly as she walks down. She was wearing the usual pink buttoned silk pajamas that highlight her long red hair, pinkish skin and bright blue eyes.

Max was displeased that he was one of the few people that were given an English name. Their parents seeing other people give their children English names tried imitating them, giving him the name Max.

It was a pretty decent name, not very unusual. But back when he was still in elementary school, he always gets picked on for having a weird name.

Max even invented a couple of names that he wanted to be called but as time passed by, he gradually accepted it.

Just as planned, Max used his Sexual Aura on his sister while doing what he normally does, acting like nothing unusual was happening.

After having a comfortable shower, Yu’er went down to eat as what she usually does. While carefully going down the stairs, she saw Max looking at her,

‘Huh? What happened to him? Has he always looked like that?’

Yu’er thought, seeing the changes that happened on Max. She stared at Max, completely checking out his face. She admired how white and smooth his skin was.

She then realised that she’s been staring too much and went straight to sit in the dining room. Still, that didn’t stop her thoughts,

‘Did he do something to his face? Plastic Surgery? No, that’s impossible. I just saw him yesterday morning before he went to school!’

‘But he looks amazing. His skin is even better than mine. What skin care product does he use? Should I ask him?’

‘He completely looks like a different person with his new look! He might even get a girlfriend with just his face’

‘Now that I think about it, all the skin on every part of his body looked better, not just his face. He looks really handsome, I want to touch him. Wait… No, that’s wrong!’

Yu’er was really confused about her conflicting thoughts. She didn’t know that Max’s Sexual Aura was slowly affecting her.

Finished cleaning after eating his food, Max went to the living room planning to induce his sister to watch a movie with him.

Their living room was designed in a simple manner with a long cream-coloured sofa surrounding a brown wooden low table situated on top of a floor mat.

While doing that, Max still continued to concentrate his Sexual Aura to his sister. He set-up the television to start watching the movie.

Max specifically picked a Romance-Thriller Movie from his collection for this moment. After everything was ready, he only needed to invite his sister to watch it with him.

Yu’er can’t stop thinking about his brother. She remembered what happened to them in the past and thought maybe it’s time to make things clear with Max so that they can restore their past good relationship with each other.

She was also feeling hot in her body when thinking about Max. She doesn’t understand what she was feeling. She just felt that it was weird, not having any idea what it was.

It was then she heard,

“Sis, do you want to watch a movie with me?”

Yu’er was startled after someone interrupted her thoughts. After it registered in her mind, she couldn’t help but feel happy inside. Her brother, Max asked him to watch a movie.

After countless times she bullied him in the past, he still finds it in himself to ask her even when he might have hated her before.

Max noticing his sister going back up in a dazed state, panicked and hurriedly asked her out loud.

“Sure! It’s still quite early anyway.”

Max cheered in his mind, applauding his decision to ask his sister. He then heard,

“Sorry for everything, Max.”

He heard his sister apologize. Max already forgot what happened in the past after he had sex with her a while back.

Still, he wasn’t expecting her to actually say sorry in front of him. Max just planned to conquer his sister, raise her loyalty level to be able to start trusting her again.

Max didn’t know what to say. He just sat there with opened mouth not knowing what to do. After a while, forcing himself back, he calmly responded,

“It’s fine. I already forgot about it.”

“I’m really sorry, I just wanted to help you change but it didn’t work!”

“Huh? What do you mean?”

“I completely understand what you were doing in there. Most teenagers do the same thing. I only blackmailed you because I wanted you to get a hold of yourself.”

“What? Why?”

Max was really confused as he doesn’t understand why his sister did that, making him feel bad a lot of times.

“You were a loner without any confidence. I wanted to make you change your attitude so that you will be more confident and maybe find a few friends.”

Now he understood where she was coming from. He didn’t think his sister was just trying to help him change. Max felt warm in his heart now that he knew that his sister wasn’t really bullying him.

“You also know that when I was asking for things from you like money and some other stuff, it was not really something serious.”

“Oh yeah. Now that I think about it that was really the case.”

Max nodded while replying remembering that everything that his sister asked from him was just some small stuff. If she was really blackmailing him, it could have been a lot worse than that.

“I understand now! Let’s not think about it anymore and just watch the movie.”

Max looked at his sister as she sat a few feet away from him. He felt happier that he thought he would be knowing that he had a kind sister.

He felt that he should really add her to the Woman Conquered section and enjoy the benefits together while at the same time helping each other.

Max looked forward to the future, feeling excited about what will be going to happen.

They then started watching.

At the middle of watching the movie, Yu’er started feeling her pussy being more sensitive. She felt like wanting to touch herself then and there.

She held herself back, not wanting to ruin their time watching the movie together. After a while, she started grinding her hips together in arousal.

She looked at Max focusing on watching the movie and couldn’t help but thought that he was really was a bit too handsome.

‘I want to lie on his shoulders!’

She looked at Max’s wide comfortable shoulders wanting to just lay beside him with her head on his shoulders.

Some time of holding herself back has passed, her thoughts went wilder and wilder thinking about,

‘I want to sit beside him and hug him. Would he get annoyed at me if I asked to sit beside him?’

Not watching the movie anymore, Yu’er only focused her eyes on Max, wanting to get closer to him.

Not being able to hold herself back anymore, she hesitantly asked,

“Max, it’s so cold here, can I sit beside you?”

Max has been sneakily looking at his sister’s moves. Knowing that she was already feeling it and was just holding herself back.

He thought that his sister was so obvious, she thinks that she was holding herself back but her legs were moving too much to not notice it. Her eyes were also blatantly looking straight at him.

Max held himself from laughing at his sister’s bad act of hiding her feelings.

“Yeah, you can sit here!”

Max said while patting the available space beside him.

Feeling his sister skin rubbing against his arm beside him, Max almost wanted to just hug her and do everything he wants.

But he held himself back reminding himself that he just have to wait a little bit more and he will have his sister permanently. He doesn’t have to hide everything to himself anymore.

Thinking about that, Max waited a bit more.

After a certain amount of time, Max felt his sister pull his shirt and heard her say,

“Max! Max, I…”

That was the last thing Max heard before his sister pounced on him and started kissing him.

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