Chapter 18 – Earning Money

After Max got out of his school, he went straight to the train station and boarded a cabin spot, not wasting any time.

Seeing that he got the entire cabin for himself as there were no one who got in before the train started moving, he called out Little Dou and Mango.

“There’s no one in here, I will change my clothes now.”

[Wait! Don’t! Only change your clothes after you change your appearance. You only have one hour for the Face Mask so you should use it near the casino and change your clothes at the same time!] Little Dou suggested.

“Oh, you’re right! Little Dou, you are really smart!” Max patted her head and praised.

[Hehehe!] Little Dou cutely looked down feeling shy while Mango didn’t join the conversation and just looked outside the window watching the scenery of meadows and fertile farmlands.

Max then just waited for the train to reach its destination. When he thought about using Time Stop to gamble added with a Face Mask, he felt it was really a good decision!

An hour of a fairly smooth ride, they finally arrived in Zhonghai City! He just came here a few days ago, but it still looked as beautiful as ever and couldn’t stop himself from admiring the city.

Max walked straight to the casino and made a quick stop at a dark alley to change his clothes and appearance into an ordinary person that people would easily forget.

Standing outside the Royal Grand Casino, the biggest and the most popular casino in Zhonghai City, Max admired the exquisite design of the whole place.

The Royal Grand Casino was designed extravagantly that it was even featured on the multiple platforms saying that they had paid a lot of money to give their casino the best environment compared to any of their competitors, giving it an expensive look and a luxury feeling looking at it.

The Royal Grand is also said to have the highest quality of customer service in the entire city.

As gambling is one of the fastest ways to earn money, many people try their luck by playing for even a little bit.

Many millionaires were made here but there are also a lot of people who became broke, losing all the money that they’ve brought in.

Also, people making a fuss outside the establishment were a common occurrence the Casino was dealing with. The Casino was even forced to hire more heavily armed security guards for the entrance to prevent it from happening again.

The most important thing here is that the Casino earns so much money every day that even if Max earned a few million, no one would care, only thinking of him as being lucky.

As there were a lot of people who rarely play but still made it rich only playing for a small amount of time.

The Casino even gives free hotel rooms to those who are playing with a lot of money, they also give out free hotel rooms every month to invite more people back to return playing, making the casino earn even more money.


Max took a deep breath and walked to the casino. Inside, he saw bright lights, slot machines, people happily playing and so many games that he didn’t know and never even heard of.

He exchanged his money to casino chips, each worth a few thousand RMB. He took a gamble by exchanging all his savings.

‘Worst case scenario, I’ll just use my skills to earn money somewhere else but I should not fail. No, I can’t fail!’

Just as planned he walked around the casino going to the places where there were many people playing and observed them closely.

Watching people earn hundreds of thousands worth of chips and seeing the painful and disappointed expression of the others who just lost their money made him really nervous, his hands slightly shaking unsure if it was the nervousness or just the cold temperature.

But he also felt excitement at the same time, thinking of himself as being the one to win. The thought of his system skills guaranteeing him winning calmed his nervousness down.

The table he was currently looking at was a game of baccarat. He thought that it would be the safest game to win money as he only has two chances of Time Stops for the day.

The game of baccarat is played on a table and can be played by multiple players at the same time. It has only three main bets, player, banker and a tie. All face cards and 10s have no value.

Cards with a number less than 10 are counted at face value and Aces are worth 1. Only single digit values are valid. Any count that reaches double-digit drops the left digit so 17 will be counted as 7 and 12 will be counted as 2.

The players bet either on Banker, Player or Tie. Both Player and Banker winnings pay even money of 1:1, meaning if you bet 1000 RMB, you will win 1000 RMB.

A Tie bet pays 8:1, eight times the bet. The goal in baccarat is to reach a point total of 9 with your total value or be the closest.

The dealer gives two cards to both the Player hand and the Banker hand; first giving to the Player and then the Banker.

After calculating the value of both the cards for each Player and Banker, the one with the closest value to 9 will win. If the player has a total value of 8 and the banker has 6, the player will win.

Some people will bet on Player and some people will bet on Banker. In this case, the people who bet on Player will have their bet doubled and the people who bet on Banker will lose the money they bet.

But that’s not the one that Max was targeting. He was looking at getting the Tie. If he used the Time Stop correctly, he should be able to change the Banker cards before they are turned over.

The time has come and Max bet all his money on the Tie. Seeing what he did, the dealer and the players were surprised. The spectators even gave him looks of pity thinking that he doesn’t know how to play the game.

Max ignored everyone as he understands that he really looked crazy betting on Tie. As soon as all of them finished betting, the dealer started putting down cards.

Max clenched his fist in nervousness while looking closely at the cards. The player cards have a 7 and an Ace, giving it a total value of 8.

Before the dealer turned the banker’s cards. Max stopped the time. Having a lot of time, he went to the dealer’s side, took a 5 and a 3 numbered card and exchanged it with the card on the table.

Making sure he was in the same place, time started flowing again. Looking at the dealer turn the cards, Max was overflowing with nervousness, his fingers slightly shaking.

Seeing that the card’s value was the same as the player’s cards value, he smiled uncontrollably while hearing the sounds of gasps around him.

Max got his chips deposited into his account after the dealer asked him about it. The casino, not really caring about the small amount of money, easily processed the transaction.

As there is no way to cheat on baccarat, everyone only thought that he was lucky. There are even people that are a lot luckier than him in the past. They would never have guessed that he has a Time Stop skill.

Using another Face Mask, Max went to another Casino establishment that isn’t as popular but still big enough and gambled the same way, using up his last Time Stop for the day.

More than two hours have passed and he earned more 20 million RMB. Sitting inside a train cabin going back home, Max felt really good thinking about all the money he earned in only a few hours.


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