Chapter 19 – Fun with Sister (R-18)

While Max was happy earning a lot of money at the casino, he didn’t know that there were already people eyeing him, waiting for him to come back.

Zhonghai City, Red Rose Club, one of the many clubs under the Fire Snake Gang.

The Red Rose Club was currently hosting more than a hundred people making the room lively with their cheers and the music. Five women can be seen sensually dancing on the stage. Every move they make, people would whistle and shout for more.

There are also people wearing masks, not wanting people to recognise their faces. The club was running illegally, drugs, prostitutes, drunk people fighting can easily be seen everywhere.

This club was one of the so-called underground clubs of the city. The only reason that they can continue run it was because of the Fire Snake Gang backing it.

The local police just aren’t enough to clean them all up as their connections even reached as far as inside the police ranks and as high as the city officials.

Sometimes they even have secret dealings with them, helping each other, chasing for benefits while publicly treating each other as if they don’t exist.

But they also won’t try to push it too much as there are also people in the city that they can’t afford to offend and making the people unite rallying against them is the last thing they would want to see.

Two people can be seen walking down the stairs at the back of the bar counter.

“Did you see that guy a while ago winning in one bet?” asked the bald guy. He has a buffed body wearing a black tank top showing his firm muscles and solid chest as big as his head. But the most discernable thing with him was the red snake tattoo running from his chest to his arms.

“Oh the kid that got lucky, Bro Bei? He looks like an idiot, it’s probably his first time playing and got lucky.” says the tall thin man that seems to be his follower, walking behind him.

He has an earing on one ear and tattoos all over his body. He was wearing a fairly clean shirt but if people looked at him, they would think that he looked like a homeless person that wore a new shirt.

He also has the same red snake tattoo on his arm. The tattoo looked to be the proof of being a member of the Fire Snake Gang.

“Ahh, you really never learn. After following me for so long, you should already know what I was thinking.” Bro Bei muttered disappointingly.

“What? You are thinking that he cheated? That’s impossible! If anyone can cheat on a game of baccarat, many people would have done it and casinos would have done something about it already.” His follower hurriedly exclaimed.

After reaching downstairs, Bro Bei went in the farthest room and sat down on the sofa. The room was full of beautiful maids everywhere, in uniforms with short skirts that were showing off their long white legs.

The only negative quality that they have was their dead eyes. They looked like moving dolls, one could only imagine what they have gone through.

“I know that but I’ve seen many people my whole life and his movements, they were so fake, it’s like he was expecting it.” Bro Bei explained after drinking a glass of wine.

“But Bro Bei, you already think he cheated just because of that?” The thin follower doubtfully asked, comfortably sitting in front of him.

“It’s just intuition or maybe a guess but people like us don’t need reasons. Tell everyone to keep an eye out for him. If you see him next time in the city, let’s invite him over to chat.” Bro Bei commanded while leaning his back, smiling widely with his eyes filled with viciousness.

Max was humming while walking home after arriving back to the city. Still thinking about how easy it was earning 20 million RMB in two hours.

‘No matter how I think about it, this was just too easy. Should I do this again tomorrow? I can’t be too greedy but one last time wouldn’t be too much right?’

‘Having too much money might also bring trouble to me because I won’t be able to explain where the money came from.’

‘I should think of saving points for the inventory, that will be useful for most of the things I do. Maybe I should also make a side business but thinking about it hastily would just be a bad idea.’

By this time, his sister should have got home already. After arriving at their house, Max got changed and went back up to wait for his sister.

Thinking about his hot sister that already accepted to be with him, Max couldn’t help but make his thought wander about his joyful future.

While smiling uncontrollably, Max thought of a bold idea!

He went up to her sister’s room and slowly got in walking straight to where she was bathing. Not wanting to waste any time, he stripped himself naked and walked in her bathroom.

Looking through the bathroom glass that was foggy, hiding most of his sister’s naked body was making him more excited.

His sister doesn’t have any idea as she cleans herself only to be dirtied again. Feeling someone hugging her from behind she shrieked,


“It’s me, sis! Let’s take a shower together! The last time we did this was when we’re kids. Let’s relive that memory again today.”

His sister hearing her brother’s voice and feeling the same thing pointing at her back turned the colour of her face redder than her hair.

Seeing his sister’s embarrassed expression, Max thought that his sister looked really cute as it isn’t common to see her like this.

He kissed her shoulder from the back and grabbed her breasts, rubbing it with his hands.

“W.. we can’t! Not here right now.”

Max stared closely at his sister and noticed some looks of lust from her eyes. It was then he knew that his sister was just trying to hide it so he made his move.

Max pushed her to the glass wall, spread open her butt cheeks and penetrated her from behind. He moved his waist as fast as possible while still being careful of sliding down on the slippery wet floor.

He thought that the pleasure he was feeling right now was arguably better than last night.

“Ahnn Ahn Ahnn!”

His sister started to moan as he thrust in from her back. Grabbing her breast and sucking her neck, he fiercely moved his waist hitting her ass hard enough to make slapping noises rang out.

“Max! Max! Max! Ahn!”

Max felt energized hearing his sister moan his name so he started giving her more pleasure by moving his waist faster.

“Ahhn Max! Max! Ahhn…”

Soon, the moans in the shower started to become louder and louder that it can be heard downstairs. Fortunately, there’s no one else on the house and the neighbours are far enough not to hear the moans that might be interpreted as something else.

Only after more than an hour did the noises stopped.


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