Chapter 2 – Sister (R-18)

Max planned the whole night as to what he should do to have sex with his sister. The thought fucking his sister and playing with her already gave him a hard-on. So he thought about it the whole night and decided to start his plans the next day.

After Max woke up in the morning, he had to get ready to go to school. The same boring stuff happened at school. He sees a lot of hot girls at school every time but always thought that a loner like him doesn’t really have any reasons to go up to them.

“Maybe next time I’ll think of something to ‘have fun’ with them.”

*smiles evilly*

When he got home, there was no one in there. That’s how it usually is since his parents are busy in their business that they sleep in the office. They just gave them a weekly allowance for their daily needs, occasionally visiting them a few times a month.

After he changed his clothes, he started to implement his plans. His plan was to somehow use the Sleeping Serum to put his sister in her sleep and after that? There’s no one in the house and he can do whatever he wants.

‘But how would I do that? I need to think of a way to put it in her drink without her being suspicious in any way.’

‘The Sleeping Serum is a small tablet, half of the size of my pinky nail and apparently it melts really fast too. So there should be no problem putting it in her drink right?’

His sister always gets home at almost 7 pm and she usually takes a shower right after. She then goes downstairs to eat.

‘Oh, I know! She usually has a glass of water by her bedside that she drinks before she goes to sleep! But how would I put the Sleeping Serum in there without getting suspicious in any way?’

Just as he expected his sister got home from school. She went up right away probably to take a shower.

‘I’ll just try to find an opportunity as she goes down to eat.’

While he’s eating, Max heard someone going down the stairs. There she is, his sister, hair still wet as she just showered.

She was wearing a pair of buttoned silk pajamas and she’s not wearing any bra! You can see the pointy tips from her top as she goes down the stairs and her breast slightly bouncing as seen on the outline of her pajamas. Her curvy waist and long legs are also easily seen as the pajamas stick to her body.

He is starting to get turned on with his dick starting to stand up! His sister sat down and ate her food while busy using her phone.

‘She doesn’t speak to me at all! There it is. She fills up the glass of water that she brings in her room!’

After he finished eating, he went ahead to wash the plates that he used. While still thinking about how would he put the Sleeping Serum into her glass of water, his sister asked him,

“Hey Max, can you also wash my dishes since you’re doing it anyway?”

“No way! You do your own dishes!”

Maxx hurriedly replied. He pretended to run away from her and went down to his basement halfway to wait.

Max was waiting for the sound of the water from the kitchen, it was then,

*water flowing*

Max ran back up as fast as he can without making any noise and went straight to the table and put the Sleeping Serum into her glass of water while watching the kitchen floor for any movement from the shadows.

Seeing that there is none, he immediately ran back to his basement to wait for the time she sleeps.

At midnight, he slowly walked upstairs to his sister’s room because she usually sleeps a few minutes before midnight. But at this time, there’s a one-hour time limit for the Sleeping Serum to work.

He can’t waste any time and decided to go now. Max arrived outside of his sister’s room and started doing what he planned to do.


*knocks the door*


*knocking the door harder*

Seeing that no one was answering the door, he slowly opened it. He then saw his sister sleeping in her bed, it looked like she didn’t notice anything and just went to sleep as her glass of water is half finished.

Max slowly went close beside her, then slowly move her to see if she’s going to wake up. He grabbed her breasts slowly to check if she’s waking up.

Seeing she isn’t waking up, he played with her breasts with both hands. Feeling her big but firm breasts that are bigger than his hands, he started to feel his dick stand up.

He went to pinch her nipples from her pajamas since she’s not wearing any bra. Her nipples felt incredible as he pinches it with his hands.

‘I want to suck it! No, I’ll do that later.’

He looked at his sister’s body, from her pink lips, her white smooth neck, her perky breasts, to her thin waist and long thighs. He then went and reached for her buttons.

He started undoing his sister’s pajamas. He became clumsy because of excitement and nervousness and couldn’t nicely unfasten it, but he finished unfastening her top after a while.

He slowly opened the front of the pajama with hands shaking and looked at his sister’s body closely.

Before his eyes are his sister’s amazingly big breasts. Looking closely, his sister’s breasts have a perfect shape, it looked firm and doesn’t sag in any way, even when she’s currently lying down. The little bud in the middle also looked like it was tempting you to suck it.

Completely removing her top, he was able to see her everything. He traced his hands against his sister’s smooth white skin that’s free of blemish. He then held her slender waist that doesn’t give off any feeling of fat.

*breathes heavily*

Max lost patience so he held her breasts and kissed her lips. He pinched her nipples with one hand and grab her breasts with the other while sucking her lips and playing with her tongue. He then removed her lower pajamas, leaving her with only her white pair of panties.

Max looked at her whole body that looked hot lying almost naked in front of him. He climbed up her bed and went on top of her. He started kissing her nipples, licking it and sucking it hard. He tried biting it and while thinking how addicting it was!

After a while, he went up and slowly kissed her all over her white neck, feeling good for some reason.

He then started to slide a hand down into her panties and felt her hairless slit. His hard-on was threatening to break out of his shorts. He tried to open her pussy with his fingers to feel her insides but he wasn’t successful. So he went down from on top of her to kneel between her legs.


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