Chapter 21 – Decision

Max cautiously moved with his back facing an open road not wanting them to surround him. His eyes twitched looking closely at them not knowing what they came here for.

Various thoughts were circulating in his mind. What does Little Dou mean? Are they those people that he doesn’t know of? Since when were they following him? Who are these people and what do they need?

Even when under the glares of the Fire Snake Gang members, Max didn’t lose his focus. Maybe it came from his gaming abilities that even when pressured he will pull himself through or it’s just his survival instinct.

Max put his hands on the Invisibility Potion he bought. Planning to make a run for it, if he sees the chance.

Realising that he was completely outnumbered and unprepared, not expecting this to happen, he decided right away to escape first and then figure this out later.

When he got the Lust System, Max unknowingly experienced changes in his attitude, he might not have noticed it but his classmates at school have been talking about it.

Fifth High, the school he was going to was one of the top schools in the city. The school not only have one of the biggest land areas, has a high rank on the best high school to go to, they are also known for their biggest online forum.

The forum is big enough that most happenings at school were being talked about in there all day long. The First Year Class B’s forum has been talking about him ever since he got the system.

[Did you guys see Max? Something about him changed, I just can’t put my finger on it!]


[Yeah! He has an aura of confidence on him! Compared to his frowning face and depressed figure, he looked like a different person!]


[I didn’t notice it, but has he always been that handsome? Does he have a girlfriend?]


[and his butt looked bigger!]


The whole forum was going wild day after day, seeing him getting in a better and better condition.

Max would’ve noticed it if he stopped looking out the window every time and pay attention to his classmates. There were also other students who seemed to understand something else.

Max and the Fire Snake Gang leader was having a stare off. Max was still slowly moving back, holding on to his Invisibility Potion.

“Hehe, we got this entire place surrounded. Mister let’s have a nice chat. We’re showing our sincerity here.” Their leader, Bro Bei said, staying at a distance away.

“Who are you and what do you want?”

Max replied while asking Little Dou to check for a spot that doesn’t have any people.

“I’m the Fire Snake Gang leader and they are my followers. We just need your help in earning money, your ‘skill’ seemed to be useful right?” The leader was smiling widely, trying to see his reaction.

“What if I say I don’t?” Max didn’t flinch as he was clueless.

“Then we will help you remember. Catch him!” Shouted Bro Bei, the smile was wiped off his face and changed with a ferocious expression.

Max turned around and ran with all his might, clutching the Invisibility Potion in his hands while removing the lid.

He turned on a corner that was void with people. The road was then enclosed by more than a hundred people.

But at that time, Max had already turned invisible. Hiding beside the dumpster, crouching while not making any noises.

After a while, the leader, Bro Bei slowly walked in the middle of his followers that were making way for him.

The thin and skinny follower ran beside him and said,

“Bro Bei, we didn’t see him! We got him surrounded and everyone saw that he went here but we can’t find him!”

“Continue finding him, turn everything around, he won’t be able to hide for long.” Bro Bei ordered all his followers with confidence, treating Max like a bird trapped in a cage.

A few moments later, the thin follower returned with a face full of nervousness on what’s going to happen to him soon and said,

“Bro Bei, he’s really done. We looked everywhere, he’s not here anymore.”

“What?! Are you an idiot! There’s no way he will disappear if he really went here!” Their leader, Bro Bei bellowed, staring angrily at the thin follower that was being showered by saliva spraying everywhere, blaming him of their uselessness.

Bro Bei looked at the follower in front of him that seemed to be hesitating about something and commanded, staring daggers at him,

“What are you thinking about?! Tell me!”

Stutteringly, the thin follower slowly said while looking grim,

“Bro Bei, you think it’s possible that h..he has more skills?”

After hearing that, Bro Bei’s expression darkened. He seemed lost in thought, looking down contemplating about something.

“Let’s go back.” Bro Bei calmly said after a while.

“But Bro Bei, we might have already offended the senior.” The thin follower walking behind him added while also having a grim expression.

“Doesn’t matter. If he has more than one, he still won’t deliberately offend us with just him alone. After all, we have our own backing too.” Bro Bei slowly replied, his eyes looking somewhere, unknown what he was thinking.

Max heard everything they said. But escaping was his priority so using his remaining time being invisible, he went to a small alley near the station.

After removing his Face Mask and changing his clothes, he went out as the invisibility expired.

Sitting on the train, Max feeling horrible of not knowing anything, voiced out his thoughts,

“Little Dou, they looked really scared when talking about skills. Is it really that serious?”

[They probably just don’t know a lot about them. But if they know, they would probably not even dare to offend anyone, including you as they think you have more skills!] Little Dou vaguely explained and added to cheer him up,

[Don’t worry too much, you just started. You also have something that they don’t!]


[Remember my words! The Wish Card will be one of your greatest weapons as long as you know what to ask!]


Max felt Little Dou that was sitting on his hair, was trying to make him feel better but he also took her words seriously. ‘Wish Card huh?’

“Can you help me think of the best things I need right now?” Max asked her, hoping to gain every advantage he can get.

[No, I can’t. Think of it like this, I know a lot of things about the system. If I tell you just one of them, that would make the levels useless, as you can just wish for those things!]


[Just know that your knowledge is severely limiting you. You need to use your imagination. Think of the things you need, not what you want!] Little Dou puffed her flat chests and lectured.

“Let’s think about this. I need the ‘Inventory’ for convenience and to hide things safely. Next would be the Status Checker. No, I think I should get the Status Checker first.”

“Then I can start using it to everyone at school tomorrow! What else do I need?”

“No need to think about it now, I’ll just save as many points as I can in case I’ve thought of something and it’s good to have some points saved for an emergency too.”

“Oh yeah! By the way, I should also think of how I should deal with the Fire Snake Gang. Don’t think of me as a coward just because I escaped. Even though I don’t believe in the saying that ten years is not too late for revenge, a few days of planning is definitely the right thing I should do.”

“I’m not a saint. I’m not going out of my way to bully the weak either. But it doesn’t mean I will not fight back when provoked. One day, I will have to decide on my path. I’ll make that decision now.”

“Fire Snake Gang, just wait for me to play with you all!” A playful cold glint flashed his eyes.

[Wait, Max! Actually, you might not need to do that. It’s useless as they are just ignorant. If you want to get them back, go find their backer!] Little Dou gave her advice, not wanting Max to waste his time on chess pieces.


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