Chapter 22 – Levels

Morning, Max woke up to get ready for school. After reaching home yesterday, he went straight to bed after a tiring day full of surprises.

Of course, he slept in the same bed as his sister. He also hugged her to sleep just like last time. Yu’er, his sister surprisingly accepted in his advances.

It looked like after the tiring two days ago, she has thought about it and decided to not hold herself back and also try her best to make her brother happy.

Today, they decided to go to school together. But before that, Max recalled that he had not seen the Loyalty Meter and the Total Points earned from having sex with his sister on the shower.

[You earned a total of 1650 Points!
• 50 Points earned for kissing and groping!
• 400×2 Points for fucking her pussy twice!
• 400×2 Points for ejaculating inside her twice!] Little Dou announced still staying on her favourite spot, on his hair.

[You’ve earned a lifetime of 10000 Points! You have to upgrade the System to get to the next level!]

[Max] [Level: 10][10900/10000 Lifetime Points]!
[Points: 2000] …

[Women Conquered]

Yu’er (Sister) Level 1
— Loyalty Meter: 100

“2000 Points? Oh, that’s right! I had 1250 Points before going to the Casino and I’ve only used two Face Masks and one Invisibility Potion from that time until now. 200×2=400 +500 for Invisibility Potion, that would leave me with 350.”

“Adding 1650 Points that I got having sex in the shower, that gives me a total of 2000 Points!”

Max always made sure to check if he has the correct amount of Points as it was too important to him and he didn’t want to lose even just a few Points. Seeing the Points were accurate, Max looked through his Status,


“What is this about Little Dou?! Level 1? She has a level?” Max gasped seeing his sister now had levels, thinking about the implications of it.

“What does this mean? Do I have to raise her like a pet?!!” Max was fuming, he looked at Little Dou, wanting to get an explanation from her, who knows a lot about the System.

Even though he gets Points having sex with his sister, Max did it because he wanted to, not only for the Points.

As seen on what he’s been doing, Max always chose the right people to have sex with, not just some unknown beauty he would see down the street.

Max could even charm rich people easily, getting money, fame and sex but he didn’t do so. Because he was thinking about his future, on who he wants to be with and not how many points they are worth.

Having sex with just any random beauties is also possible but he didn’t want to do it. As he might have a lot of women in the future, that doesn’t mean that he will be reckless, seducing just about anyone.

He planned to have a few women first and get closer to them. After making sure that he has the capability to have more women. At that time, he would see if he likes someone and then try to get them for himself.

Max was a person that prioritizes himself and his women before other people. But that doesn’t mean he’s going to overload himself with women as that’s going to be a big problem for him, not for others.

Seeing his sister branded with a level made him really mad, he couldn’t understand why would she need it.

And for the past few days of being with his sister, he felt like he really wanted to protect her, making her the happiest woman while being by his side.

[Max! Don’t be angry yet! That’s the System’s gift for you!] Little Dou hurriedly said, waving her hands around and tears threatening to break out from her eyes.

“What do you mean?” Max focused his gaze on Little Dou, waiting for her to explain. He wasn’t really angry with her, it was just the feeling of being played that made him raise his voice.

[The Levels are not only about unlocking more items at the Store. It also makes you stronger every level. The only reason you never felt anything was that you haven’t upgraded the system yet!]


[The condition for me to explain this to you was only if you asked. I wanted to tell you this for a long time but I can’t!] Little Dou sadly muttered.

“Levels will make me stronger?” Max asked while his mind seemingly thinking of something else.

[Yes! That is also the reason that your sister now has levels. When women on the Conquered section reaches 100 in their Loyalty Meter, they will unlock levels.]


[The reason was that only people you can fully trust must know about the System. If they are your women doesn’t mean you can fully trust them. There are a lot of people who break up just from a single argument.] Little Dou further explained.

“I’m sorry for raising my voice, Little Dou. Don’t be sad, I understand that you have to follow the System as you’re the System Fairy.”

“Thank you for helping me, let’s continue doing our best from now on!” Max gently patted the Little Dou, not wanting to see her downcast appearance.

[Yes! Don’t worry! I will continue helping you! You can count on me!] A simple pat was all it took for the simple-minded Little Dou to be cheerful.

Seeing her patting her flat chest was really cute, Max thought. Wanting to understand more about the levels, he asked,

“So you mean that every level, my strength is going to get stronger but only after I upgraded the System?”

[Yes, but not just your strength, your physique will also get stronger. There are also other good things but you will only unlock it after upgrading!] Little Dou ambiguously replied.

[Oh! Oh! One more thing! You can now use the Store items for your sister! In the past, you can only use harmful things to others like Sleeping Potion, Aphrodisiac Powder, Memory Wipe.]


[You can’t use items like Invisibility Potion, Wish Card and Face Masks for other people. But now with your sister unlocking the Level Function, it’s now possible!]


[You can even buy her some skills!] Little Dou excitedly added after recalling the information from her memory.

“That’s really good! Still, my sister having 100 on Loyalty Meter was really surprising. As expected of my sister!”

“Looks like a have to change my plans.” Max was lost in thought, thinking that everything that the System was giving him has a reason.

‘Stronger strength and physique every level? Could it be…?’ Instead of getting scared, Max felt excited! Thinking,

‘Hmm, I need to upgrade the System as soon as possible. But I still think that the Status Checker will be very useful. I’ll buy it first as it’s probably cheaper.’

“Oh, by the way, Little Dou, how much points does the System Upgrade cost?”


Current Points: 2000


System Upgrade: Will allow you to level up from level 10 to 11, up to level 20. New Functions will be unlocked. 5000 Points


“That’s not too expensive!” Max commented as he was expecting it to be a lot more expensive than that.

[Of course! That’s just the first System Upgrade after all! Wait till you get to the higher levels, you will have to save up for a long time!] Little Dou immediately turned him down.

“Max! Let’s go! We don’t want to be late!” Yu’er, his sister shouted from the door.


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