Chapter 25 – A Little Help (R-18)

Max watched as his sister slowly walked towards him. His boner was already hurting inside his pants. He didn’t know what was going to happen or what’s she going to do.

Max just sat down his seat and continued watching her sensual body in front of him. After she reached him, Max’s eyes became wide not expecting her to kneel down between his legs.

Little Dou’s mouth was open as she was ignored. She didn’t know what to do. She wanted to hide in the system but for some reason, she wanted to watch them.

Conflicted thoughts invaded her mind. In the end, she decided to just to watch them as no harm will be done and they’re the ones who actually ignored her.

Max saw his sister moved her hands to the sides of his shorts, slowly sliding her hands up his thighs. She then pulled down his shorts and boxers at the same time revealing his hard dick pointing straight at her.

Looking at the monstrous dick at penetrated her multiple times in the past, Yu’er unconsciously licked her lips. She then said,

“Husband, we still have all night, let me help you with your problem!”

Yu’er gently grabbed his dick and slowly slide her hand in an up and down motion, making Max’s dick twitch in pleasure.

“Your hand feels good sis!”

“I’ll make you cum with just my hand!”

Yu’er continued jerking his dick, massaging it with her fingers in different angles. She used her other hand to cup his balls and playing with it.

“Cum for me, Max! Shoot your cum in my mouth.”

Yu’er said with her sensual voice while licking her lips and opening her mouth.

Max was trying to hold himself from cumming feeling her hands softly jerk him off. He was trying to enjoy more of the pleasure by looking at his sister’s hot body and tempting mouth.

Yu’er felt that Max was already close to cumming, so she sped up her movements while massaging his balls at the same time.

She also didn’t forget to open her mouth in front of his dick, having the face that says ‘Cum on my mouth’.

“Ahh, catch everything sis!”

Max, seeing her like that wasn’t able to stop himself anymore and came, letting out loads of cum straight to her mouth. Some of it was off, smearing her face with it.

Yu’er looked at Max while playing with his cum in her mouth. She moved her tongue to taste it and thought that she wouldn’t mind doing that again as it tasted heavenly.

She also thought that she looked like a slut right now but she didn’t mind if it was just for Max. She liked everything about him and being with him makes her feel happy inside.

Yu’er was enjoying herself pleasuring Max at the same time making him earn points. She already wanted to mount him but she also wanted them to slowly enjoy themselves.

Max felt so good cumming all over his sister’s face. After letting out everything, his dick didn’t get soft. He felt that this night, he can go for a long time.

Max looked at his sister, seeing her enjoying herself, he wanted more and said,

“Do you want to lick it?”

Yu’er badly wanted to try it, now that Max asked her to, there’s no way she would decline. Yu’er went down and licked the head of his dick, tasting the delicious cum that was on it.

She then slowly put the head inside her mouth. She felt like it got bigger, she was sucking and licking it while using a hand to pleasuring him more.

Max felt her strokes that were smooth and fast. Those luscious lips of hers felt incredible wrapped around my his dick.

Max felt himself getting close. A few seconds later, Max erupted, firing several ropes of cum into the back of her mouth. She swallowed dutifully, and then looked up at me and smiled.

Her smile made Max fire a few more loads, catching her off guard. Max then remembered something he’s been wanting to try.

“Sis, use your breasts, I want to feel your breasts.”

Max’s dick was still hard, he wanted to try his sister’s big and soft breasts.

“You’re really a pervert!” Yu’er said poutily as she has been servicing him for so long that she really wanted to mount him this second.

Hearing her brother ask for it again, gave her a hard time thinking if she wanted to mount him now or wait a little longer.


Yu’er sighed because she can’t deny the request of his brother. That’s how bad she loves him, wanting to prioritize him first.

Max saw everything, blaming himself of his selfishness and stupidity, promising that this night, he will make his sister feel the best pleasure she will ever feel.

But now he started feeling his sisters breasts sandwiching his dick. She also took it a step further and put it inside her mouth.

Max felt so good feeling her tongue and lips on the head of his dick and her breasts squishing his dick tightly between them.

His dick didn’t lose any of its hardness, wanting to feel more of the pleasure of his sister was giving him. He uncontrollably let out his groan as he felt her hard nipples rubbing against him.


After a few minutes of watching his sister move her breasts up and down his dick, Max warned his sister that he was close as soon as he felt it.

“Ahh, drink it all!”

Max came after feeling his sister sucked his dick deep into her mouth, not wanting to waste any of his cum.

“Ha, ha, ha.”

Max panted after using his energy to let out as much as he can, seeing his sister eagerly sucking and cleaning it with her mouth.


Max stood up and lifted the body of his sister and started running up their bedroom. Max pushed open the door and threw his sister’s body on the bed.

He removed all his clothes and joined her. He started gently grabbing her breast with one hand and sucking the other.

“Ahh, Max!”

His sister’s nipples were sensitive and feeling Max suck it made her feel good but when she felt Max biting it, she couldn’t hold her voice.

Max enjoyed the taste of his sister’s breast sucking her white flesh marking her with hickeys all over her breasts.

Max removed her clothes bit by bit wanting to start the main event. He thought about what he was going to do to her sister tonight and said while smiling lustfully,

“Sister, this brother of yours will make you faint from pleasure!”


Max dived in to eat his meal, earning a shriek from his sister. Still, her eyes were full of expectations and excitement!


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