Chapter 26 – Helping Back (R-18)

Max was on his knees preparing to give Yu’er, the best night she will have. Yu’er was at the edge of the bed with her legs wide open after Max slipped off her cute white panties with a bear print in the middle.

Max thought that she was really cute, having such childish underwear. Seeing the pink folds behind it gave him an inexplicable feeling inside.

Max went in to take a closer look, separating it with his fingers to see her small hole that was soaking wet. Max smiled, licked his lips and leaned forward.

This will be the first time Yu’er will experience being licked on her pussy. She was nervous that maybe she won’t be feeling the pleasure since this was going to be her first time.

She felt Max exhale a hot breath on it and gasped at how good it felt. Yu’er then felt his warm and wet tongue slowly lick the sides of her pussy.

‘This feels good!’


Max used his tongue to play with her sensitive outer lips, not dipping it inside her but hard enough that the pressure of his tongue made his sister want to pull his head closer.

He was teasing her, wanting to hear her moan while not forgetting to enjoy himself, tasting her sweet juices that were oozing out of her hole.

Seeing her clit protruding out of her folds, Max gave it a strong lick and started playing with it.


Yu’er moaned as his tongue was playing with her pussy, not forgetting to add pressure on her sensitive spot. She thought this was many times better than how she imagined she would be feeling.

Hearing her moan every time he was licking her protruding clit, Max went on to suck it with his lips while he flicking it with the tip of his tongue, continuing to find pleasure from her cries.

Yu’er looked down and pleaded with her eyes for him to make her come. Max smiled, keeping eye contact with her and plunged his tongue inside her pussy filled with juices then slid his tongue out to flick at her clit.

Yu’er felt that she was on the edge of a big one, making her squirm. Her legs tingled and twitched as Max was teasing her, each tiny flick of his pointed tongue sent a blissful jolt of ecstasy inside her that gradually made her closer and closer to her peak.

“Please Max, please make me come.”

Yu’er’s voice was hoarse from gasping.

Max stopped his skilful tonguing, he had been giving her and replaced his mouth with one of his fingers. He slid it inside her and felt that she clenched her pussy around it.

He curled it upward and found her erogenous spot making Yu’er gasp. She threw her head back and moaned, Max lowered his mouth again, blowing warm breaths against her sensitive clit.

At first, Max was pushing in one finger to massage that spot, then he added another. Yu’er’s mind was drifting away as his fingers gave her immense pleasure that she had never known.

Her body quivered, arching her back feeling the palm of his hand push against her clit. Yu’er spread her legs wider to invite him in completely, opening herself to whatever new pleasure he wanted to give her.

She was experiencing torture having conflicting thoughts, stuck between wanting the pleasure to last longer and wanting to feel her body reach the peak to release the pleasure that was building up inside her.

Max didn’t give her any choice as he placed his mouth on her clit and suckled on it while simultaneously rubbing her soft spot harder inside with his finger.

Yu’er lost control as she felt wave after wave of pure bliss pulse up her legs through her whole body. Mindlessly thrusting her pussy up against his mouth, maximizing the pleasure she was feeling with Max sucking on her clit.

The sensual music of her orgasm filled the entire room, Max stopped what he was doing to bask in the alluring voice of his sister.

Yu’er’s legs were splayed wide with her body knowing that she badly wanted to have his hard dick buried inside her now.

Max looked up and their eyes met, he could feel his lips form a smile in satisfaction. He lifted his head with his lips, wet with her sweet juices.

On that exact time, Yu’er smiled back with her flushed face that looked so lovely. At this point, Max had the urge to just jump on her.

Max’s eyes were filled with lust, his hard dick was rubbing against her pussy, stimulating both of them. Max was feeling a stronger arousal as he felt his dick slide between her sensitive lips.

He felt the head of his dick push easily at the entrance of her pussy, he wanted to thrust into her pussy fiercely then and there. Instead, he pulled back and slid his hardness back up to her clit.

Yu’er was aching to have him inside, she has been wanting this for so long and couldn’t tolerate his teasing anymore, she urged,

“Max put it in now, I can’t take it anymore!”

She really wanted him to push that wonderful hard dick inside her. Their breathing started to match together, and Max also couldn’t wait for any longer, feeling her wet pussy lips on the head of his dick.

“I’m going to pierce you with my dick, sis!”

Max slid the tip of his dick inside her. They both gasped as Max held his dick there for a moment. Yu’er contracted her pussy to pull him further inside, and Max threw his head back at the sensation.

Inch by inch, Max slowly pushed his dick inside her, and each time he felt his sister squeezing her pussy around him. His dick felt wonderful as it was surrounded by warm and tight walls.

But Max wanted his entire length to all be inside her. Max rolled her to the side and rested her leg on his shoulder, and he plunged his dick all the way in.


Yu’er moaned loudly. Max held it there and pushed hard against her to make sure he was all the way inside before he pulled back.

Max thrust deep inside a second time, and then a third, continuing to thrust in a rhythmic motion. His thumb found her clit and circled it as he fucked her with his long, hard dick.

His fingers rolled her nipples and Yu’er felt herself climbing another peak of pleasure, but this time they were going to have it together with each other.

Max pulled out of her and turned her on her stomach. Max reached forward and grabbed her ass, massaging it with his hands.

Suddenly, Max pulled her back towards him and he plunged his dick hard inside her. Yu’er went up on her fours and pushed her ass back against him, feeling his hips slap rhythmically against her ass.

He grabbed her shoulders and pulled her back against him with every thrust. Max’s dick was even harder now, and Yu’er was drenched with arousal.

Max pushed her hips down against the table and plunged his dick deep inside her. His pace quickened with his dick pulsing against her insides.

Yu’er turned and looked at him with pure unrestrained lust.

“Let it out inside me, let’s cum together!”

A groan came from deep inside him and he felt his dick begin to spasm. Max let out spurt after spurt of his cum filling her, pushing her over the edge.

“Max! Ahhhnnnn”

Yu’er screamed with bliss as her world went white with pleasure. They both gasped and moaned against each other.

Max leaned forward and wrapped his arms around her as he kissed her neck and pulled her close in a warm hug, whispering,

“That was the best but we’re not done yet!”


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