Chapter 28 – End (R-18)

Max asked Yu’er to face the other way so that he can have access to her ass. Yu’er gave him a hard glare before turning around.

Max swallowed his saliva seeing his sister glaring at him. It was like she was saying that if it hurts, he will be dead.

Max went closer to her, giving her kisses on her shoulder to her neck. He used his hands to play with her sensitive nipples so that she won’t be so nervous.

He gave her neck a lick and sucked it, marking her as his. Max gave her multiple kisses on her face and ending it with a deep kiss on the lips.

While kissing, Max inserted his hard dick on her pussy and started pounding her hard, making her pussy drenched with juices flowing out.

He continued pleasuring her all over her body, wanting her to be relaxed for what he was about to do.

Max thrust faster and faster, amplifying the pleasure that her still sensitive pussy was feeling. After a few moments, he felt her pussy contract, signalling that she reached the peak of pleasure.

Max took this chance to pull out his dick from her pussy and inserted it straight to her other hole. Max got the head of his dick inside her, before feeling that she was really tight.

Yu’er was panting, not having any energy after that mindblowing orgasm when she felt that something big went in her back hole, stretching her from the inside.

“Ahh Max not so fast, you’re so big!”

Max used the strength of his whole legs to push it all inside her. More than halfway in, he thought that it was good enough for their first time.

Max hugged her close, fondling her breast and said,

“I’m inside you, how is it?”

“… You feel bigger inside me but it doesn’t hurt as I expected.”

Yu’er responded while slowly being used to his thing inserted in her back hole. She felt happy knowing that Max now got all her first times.

She felt that it was a big achievement that will secure her spot as his main woman. Not considering that she was his sister and it wouldn’t matter at all as she will always be the closest to Max.

Max kissed her all over while enjoying his sister’s walls constricting his dick. He felt that this was the tightest hole, he had ever experienced.

After cuddling with each other and giving kisses on each other’s face. They thought that they should get to the main event for the night.

Yu’er started moving her ass to feel Max moving inside her. His dick was hitting the walls close to her pussy that she was feeling immense pleasure from it.

Max, feeling Yu’er move, started moving his waist to meet her movements. They kissed each other while hitting their bottom half at the same time.

Flesh colliding with each other started to ring out in the room again. That sound made them more aroused as they moved harder and faster.

Max was holding himself back for quite a while already while making her cum, fucking her pussy before this so he signalled his sister that he was close.

Instead of getting slower, they both simultaneously moved faster, wanting to feel more of each other’s body.

A loud grunt came out from Max as he exploded deep inside her ass. He sucked her neck the same time he let out loads of cum inside her.

After that, only sounds of two people panting were heard in the room. Max was curling on his sister’s body, spooning it from the back.

They stayed that way, savouring each other’s warmth until Max’s dick slowly slid out of Yu’er’s ass. White fluids were also seen continuing to flow out of her hole.

Max came a lot this last time inside her, wanting it to mark the end of their lovemaking session while also feeling great thinking that he was letting it all out inside her ass.

Yu’er was very satisfied this night, doing everything they could possibly do to each other. Max was also calmly thinking about the things they did and thought that they would never forget this night.

While they were basking in each other’s embrace, they left an entire room full of mess. Bed sheets soaked with different fluids, pillows scattered all over the floor and a strong wild scent of sex all over the room.

The entire room was still filled with silence as they were catching their breath until they felt movement on the bed.

They looked at where it was coming from and saw Little Dou sitting on the bed, with her hands dirty with fluids.

“Hey Little Dou, what are you doing?”

This was the first time Max saw Little Dou play with their fluids that he didn’t know what other things to say.

“Hehe nothing, this just tastes really good!”

Licking her hands that was full of fluids that were the mix of their juices. Little Dou was really enjoying eating everything. Her stomach didn’t even get any bigger that it makes you wonder where does it all go.

Yu’er turned red of embarrassment knowing that someone was drinking the fluids that came out of her. She hid in Max’s chest, not wanting to see more of it.

Max was still confused as to why Little Dou was drinking it. Does she like it? When did she even start tasting it?

Not knowing what to do, he chose to change the topic as he didn’t see anything bad happening to Little Dou wanting to drink their fluids.

“Sis, did you like me hitting you from the back?” Max liked to always tease her because he always gets to see her embarrassed expression.

But this time, Yu’er didn’t fall for his trick and answered,

“Not from the back hole. It was not as good as the front!”

Max was stunned hearing his sister’s honest reply, not the slightest bit of embarrassment was shown on her face.

“Then we’ll do more of the usual stuff next time! Do you want to try it at school?”

Max still wasn’t giving up on teasing her as he usually does. He was also fondling her breasts that he was starting to enjoy doing while cuddling with her.

Seeing it not working, he changed the topic once again,

“Haaah, today was really a good day!”

“Yea, if it can always be like this.” Yu’er will never get used to this. Every time they were having sex, she always looks forward to what was going to happen and she doesn’t want any of this to stop any time.

“Don’t worry, we will be together forever, sis! We will always face everything together. Now, I have the Lust System, I will make myself overpowered enough to face everything that blocks us.”

“Oh yeah, we can get stronger together! Now that you have 100 on the Lust Meter on my Women Conquered section, we can ‘help’ each other in many ways!”

Max added as he gave her nipples a pinch as he was really liking to fondle her soft breasts.

“Ahh, not so strong Max!”

Max laughed at her letting out a moan uncontrollably but then heard her say,

“Hey, you probably earned a lot of points now!”

Yu’er became really happy remembering that Max will earn so much points from this session. They enjoyed themselves with so much pleasure and they will also get points from it.

She couldn’t help but think that his Lust System was really convenient.


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