Chapter 29 – System Upgrade!

“Let’s check your points now!”

Yu’er was planning to wait for the next day to check Max’s points because they were too exhausted to move but she really can’t put it out of her mind.

She roughly calculated that he probably earned enough points to reach his needed 5000 Points to upgrade the system.

Max, seeing that Yu’er was really excited, became excited too. He was looking forward to what skill he would get.

“Okay, let’s see it now. Little Dou, how much did we earn?”

[You earned a total of 3850 Points!
• 50 Points earned for kissing and groping
• 100 Points for a handjob
• 200 Points for a blowjob
• 200 Points for using her breasts on you
• 200×3 Points for cumming in her mouth three times
• 400 Points for anal sex
• 300 Points for cumming inside her ass
• 400×3 Points for fucking her pussy thrice
• 400×2 Points for ejaculating inside her twice!] Little Dou answered while still playing on the bed.

[Max] [Level: 10][14750/10000 Lifetime Points]!

[Points: 5850]

[Women Conquered]

Yu’er (Sister) Level 4 [3850/4000 Lifetime Points]!

— Loyalty Meter: 100

“My sister has a Lifetime Points too? How does that work?”

[The Lifetime Points for your sister is only for the points earned having sex with her. If you have sex with other women, those points will not go to her, only to you!]


[If that woman you’re having sex with is also on the Women Conquered section, that woman will get the points with you!]


[The points you and the woman in the Conquered Section earns will not be split in half to share between the both of you!]


[If both of you had a session and earned 1000 points, each of your Lifetime Points will be increased by 1000 points!]


[So the only way Yu’er will earn points is when you do something together that can get you points!] Little Dou easily explained, still focusing on her favourite stuff.

“Hey Little Dou, stop that! That’s dirty!” Yu’er couldn’t take it anymore seeing her still playing on their fluids.

[But nothing on the system said that this is dirty!] Little Dou was pouting after Max moved her on top of a pillow.

“It’s other people’s fluid so it’s dirty!” Yu’er was teaching her to not do it again next time, but Little Dou has some other plans.

[How about you give it to me directly, would that be clean?] Tilting her head, Little Dou tried to reason with her.

Max felt really awkward, not knowing how to stop Little Dou from doing that again. He tried to reason with her, asking,

“Little Dou, is there some advantage you will get if you drink that stuff?”

[The system only said that drinking it is good, not saying anything about the advantage but I feel really good every time I taste it!]


Max was wondering if it was going to help her in some way as Little Dou was the System Fairy, maybe she will get something out of it?

Max then realise that it doesn’t matter anyway as it doesn’t seem to be harmful to her. The only downside about it was that it was embarrassing for his sister.

While thinking about that, he suddenly remembered something,

“Little Dou, how did my sister see you? No one was supposed to see you, we tested it multiple times in the past with different people but it all pointed out that no one will see you or feel you in any way.”

[Oh, it’s because she has 100 in her Loyalty Meter, that’s why she can see me. If you are able to trust someone with everything when they reach 100 in their Loyalty Meter, then at that time, they can see me!] Little Dou replied after magically cleaning herself from any fluids that stained her body and clothes.

“Hey, you both, stop with these talks! Upgrade the system now!”

Yu’er got impatient seeing them talk about random stuff when they’re supposed to be excited in upgrading the system with her. She thought,

‘Am I the only one who is very excited with Max upgrading the system? They should be hurrying in upgrading the system right? Right?’

“Yes yes, Little Dou upgrade the system now! I want to have a strong skill, a cool one too. It should make me look badass, maybe a sword skill? Learning magic would be great too.”

Max was getting carried away by the system upgrade that he was already imagining his bright future being surrounded by beautiful women and being adored by everyone.

But someone straight away burst his bubbles saying,

[That’s impossible Max! You have the Lust System, you will only get sex-related skills! Learning magic or sword skills that you were dreaming about can only happen if you use a Wish Card yourself!]


[Everything that the system will give you, will be in some way or form related to sex!] Little Dou gave Max some bad news.

Max immediately looked like someone who lost everything, despair can be seen surrounding him, murmuring,

“It’s over. I’m going to be useless forever.”

“Max get yourself together! It’s not as bad as you think! You can still use the Wish Card for literally anything you wanted. The only problem you’re facing is not having enough points to buy them!”

Yu’er despite hearing what Little Dou said, remained logical and instantly realised that it really doesn’t matter as Max has the Wish Card.

That’s the only thing he needed and a huge amount of points. Max after hearing what Yu’er said, instantly regained his confidence saying,

“You’re right! I have the Wish Card! Worst-case scenario, I will just need a huge amount of points and I would still be able to get everything we need! Haha sis, I really love you!”

Max hugged his sister, not caring that she was naked. Yu’er also hugged him back, she didn’t realise that both of them were still naked.

The only thing in her mind was that she would always make Max happy and always support him in every way possible because seeing Max happy makes her happy too.

“Little Dou, upgrade the system now!”

Max got himself back and confidently asked Little Dou to upgrade the system. He didn’t know that being confident in himself, his belief in his sister and the Wish Card made his mind a lot clearer.

[System Upgrading…]


[Adding New Components…]


[Level Maximum… Level 20…]


[System Upgraded!]


“Wha-What’s this?”

Max suddenly felt strength filled his body, he can feel that every inch of his body is in his control, his eyes got a lot clearer that he can see things with more details.

His other senses also got better. He felt like a superhuman.

“Max focus on yourself! It’s normal to feel that way, just focus on the improvements. Try to learn to control your strength and other senses!”

“Primarily the coordination of your senses. Accept every change you can feel so that you can maximize the advantages you can get!”

Yu’er hurriedly guided Max, offering her suggestions. She experienced the same thing in the past that she knows what he should do.

After a while, Max started to get the hang of it. He stood up and punched the air feeling that he can do things with extreme precision now. He felt that he can do anything.

“Max don’t be overconfident! You are just a Rank 1 awakened like me. There are still people out there that are a lot stronger than both of us combined!”


Max took a deep breath, getting back his focus,

“You’re right sis! This is just the start! One day, we will dominate everyone beneath our feet!”

Max clenched his fist while looking upwards, earning a laugh from his sister as he looked really silly.

“Hmph, you’re just jealous of my awesomeness.” Max turned his head away, seeing his sister laughing at him.

“So, what skill did you get?” Yu’er straight up asked what she has been curious about.

“Uhmm let’s see…”


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