Chapter 30 – New Skill

Max was speechless from seeing the skill he got. His mouth was wide open, not believing that this was real.

“Hey Max, what is it? Let me see!”

Yu’er was getting annoyed, seeing Max just froze up not saying anything. She badly wanted to know if he got a good one or not so she went beside Max to look at his Status page.

The same with Max, she also froze up, not believing that this was real because this was completely out of their expectations.



[Level: 15][14750/15000 Lifetime Points]!
[Points: 850]




– Lust Meter (Passive)
– Child Making Mode (OFF)
– Sexual Aura (Passive)
– Time Stop
– Weakness Reader
– |NEW!| Sex Steal – Steal all the skills of any women you have sex with! *Their skills will remain with them but you will have the same skills for yourself*


Mission 1: Not Available
Mission 2: Have sex with a married woman! Reward: 2000 Points (0/1)
Mission 3: Have sex with five women within a week! Reward: 10000 Points (4/5)!
Mission 4: Take five women’s virginity! Reward: 12000 Points (2/5)


[Women Conquered]


Yu’er (Sister) Level 4 [3850/4000 Lifetime Points]!

— Loyalty Meter: 100

“Wh-What! is this a dream?!”

Max was ecstatic, you can see his eyes filled with excitement but at the same time not fully believing it as it was too good to be true.

His body was also shaking as he couldn’t contain his excitement. He then heard,

[Yes, this is very much real! The System’s goal was for you to reach the top! This skill will help you in your first step to the new world of awakened!]


[But remember, you are just starting. Having a lot of skills doesn’t mean you are strong. Every small breakthrough you reach, your body will get stronger the same with your skills!]


[So a Rank 1 Water Magic will definitely lose to a Rank 2 Fire Magic. Just know that the higher rank you have, the stronger you will be!]


[That doesn’t mean you will be undefeated by anyone below your rank. Like you for example, if you get strong skills from other women, you might win against someone stronger than you because you just have a lot of skills!]


Little Dou clearly explained, giving Max a good understanding of his skill and what ranks are for.

“Not just that, currently you are a Rank 1 Early Phase awakened. No, you are a Rank 1 Middle Phase?”

Yu’er wanted to teach Max some of her knowledge but ended up doubting herself. Little Dou then butt in to explain,

[Rank 1 would be him being level 11-20. The early phase would be level 11-13, middle phase would be level 14-16. The late phase is level 17-19 and the peak phase is level 20!]


[That would make the both of you a Rank 1 Middle Phase awakened!]


“So that’s how it is. Still, my skill is just too strong!”

“That’s great we can do a lot of things with this skill, Max! We need to plan for the things we need to do!”

Yu’er was also very excited thinking about the use of this great skill. Since she has no problems with Max having other women, she can’t think of any disadvantage in having a lot of skills.

Even if the skill he got was useless, there’s no limit to how much skills he can get so it doesn’t really matter!

“Yeah, this is really good. What do you think we should do first?”

“Oh, by the way, you didn’t tell me where our parents are, where are they?”

Max recalled that his sister didn’t answer his question earlier but he really wanted to know so he asked her again.

“Our parents reached Rank 3 a month ago, they said that they can see something far away that we can’t. They used a small ship to the middle of the ocean.

“I haven’t heard of them since, but before that, they told me that they can see a big island. They are probably still alright, they’re not weak.”

“Don’t worry, you have a strong skill now. We can just get to Rank 3 and look for them ourselves!”

“But before that, we need to suck everything that we can get on this place, get a lot of skills, get rich, travel the world to find treasures and get more stronger skills!”

Yu’er recounted what she knew then proceeded to give her suggestion, envisioning their plans for the future.

Max seriously thought about what his sister just said, he sighed in relief knowing that their parents were not in danger but also surprised that they were a Rank 3 awakened.

“So the only question left is what should we do now?”

“I know a few people who are an awakened at school, maybe you can conquer them. The two of them are Lydia and her sister!”


Max got up the bed in shock, he never imagined that Lydia was an awakened. He thought about the things he planned to get her, his face paled thinking how easily it could’ve gone wrong.

[Haha! I told you, Max! The things you did in the past was really reckless! You almost doomed yourself because of your ignorance!]


Little Dou stuck her tongue out and made fun of Max because she felt that it was funny, seeing his face pale in fright.

“What am I going to do now? They are going here tomorrow!”

Maxa looked at his sister, asking her on what he should do. He doesn’t know if Lydia would be furious at him if she knew what he did.

If possible, Max doesn’t want to make her angry at him in any way as he still plans to make her his woman.

“Well, if you really did exactly what you told me, then she won’t really get angry because what she knows was that she also wanted it.”

“But we should try to get them to the Woman Conquered section because they will be a strong ally if they’re on our side.”

Yu’er told Max her thoughts on the subject but Max’s focus was on something else.

“What did you just say? Them? Both of them?”

“Why not? You already got Lydia, adding her sister isn’t really that unthinkable.” Yu’er halfheartedly replied. She was thinking that if Max got both of them their group would be a lot stronger.

She already knew that Max really wanted to have Lydia from how far he went just to get her at school, so she never thought too much about it.

On the other hand, adding her sister was her idea. Since her big sister was hotter was called a better version of Lydia, it would not be a big problem for Max to just get both of them.

“But that’s a lot! I already have a lot of women for now, what if I can’t handle it?”

Max still hasn’t accepted it. He was thinking about the number of women he already has. Well, he hasn’t conquered them yet but he already considered them as his women.

“If you think about it, you don’t really have anyone yet! We can just take this slowly, starting with the sisters.”

“Haaah, fine!”

In the end, Max agreed to what his sister suggested. He already thought about getting her sister in the past, but he put it out of his mind as he had a lot of things to think about.

But what his sister said really made sense so he just agreed. It’s not like she was ugly, in fact, she was really beautiful and skilled so there’s no reason for him to turn it down.

Seeing that Max already accepted, Yu’er moved on to the next subject,

“Now then, we should think of some skills or items to prioritize buying at the Store!”


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