Chapter 31 – Discussion

“I was thinking of buying a Status Checker so that our life will be a lot easier. We can then look at everyone’s levels and skills.”

“With that, we don’t need to be scared about not knowing who the people around us is, because we would know right away if we checked them. It’s convenient right?”

Max tone was getting higher and higher while voicing out his thoughts like he was getting prouder and prouder every second believing that he was a genius for thinking about it.

Yu’er and Little Dou were holding off their laughter seeing how stupid Max looked. Taking a deep breath, Yu’er said,

“Hmm, that’s a good idea! That’s one, what else?”

“Huh? Isn’t that enough? We probably don’t even have enough points to buy the Status Checker!”

Max asked, not understanding why his sister was thinking so much ahead than what they needed.

“Yeah, but we would probably be able to get it in like a week, or maybe even earlier. So we need to think about what things we will need this month.”

“Also it’s better to get an idea about what things would be really good for us. Like what you said, a Status Checker. That’s a really great idea but we need more.”

Yu’er explained, wanting Max to understand the advantage of planning early or even just having the idea, instead of being clueless, not knowing what to do.

“Ohh I see! So what else? I was also thinking of buying the Inventory from the Store! What do you think?”

Max nodded in understanding, thinking that his sister has a point. If they know what they need now, the only thing they would worry about was how to earn enough points to buy the items.

“Inventory? Why? That’s useless.”

Yu’er didn’t think that it was something they needed because she thought of a better idea after hearing what Max said, she then proposed,

“If possible we can just get something like a Magical Space that can store objects and living things at the same time.”

“That’s an excellent idea! You’re really smart sis!”

“No, there are just other people who have space attributed skills so I thought of us having a better version of that.” His sister replied honestly, not wanting Max to continue looking at her with shining eyes.

“Maybe we can make it a secret base and since it’s your skill, you’re the only one that can decide who can get in.”

“That’s right! I was thinking of buying a separate space for living things but I didn’t think about combining them together.”

Max genuinely never thought about it, that’s probably because of his knowledge of skills isn’t as good as his sister’s.

After all, he just started knowing about awakened people a few hours ago. Now that they’ve decided about the main things they need, Max checked how much points it costs.

“Little Dou, how much points do we need for the Status Checker?”

[You need to buy a Wish Card to know how much it costs! Do you want to buy one now?]


“Buy it.”


Current Points: 350


Wish Card – Wish for any item, to make it available in the Store. The price will depend on what the item is. 500 Points

Status Checker – Check the Status of anyone regardless of their ranks. 5000 Points

[Lottery Spin] 100 Points
[Animal Servant Lottery] 1000 Points

“5000 points? That’s acceptable I guess.”

Max felt relieved that it’s not too expensive because if it was, that would delay their plans for quite a while.

“That’s a good thing, Max! We can get it in a few days! We just need to plan for tomorrow when Lydia and her sister get here!”

After seeing how much points they needed to buy the Status Checker, Yu’er concluded that it’s not that hard to buy it as they would only need a few days.

So she went to the next problem they need to think about, Lydia and her sister. She wasn’t that close to them but she had a few conversations with Lydia’s big sister.

“Do you know what skills they have?”

Max looked at his sister, hoping that she knows. But all he got was his sister shaking her head saying,

“Nevermind, that doesn’t matter. You can just seduce both of them one by one and get their skills, that’s the only way.”

“You also have to add them on the Women Conquered section as they would be good allies to have.”

“I heard Lydia broke up with Dex a few days ago, it’s probably because of what you did that she decided to break up with him.”

“Well, they don’t look like lovers though. Maybe Lydia was just trying to see how it was being in a relationship.”

“Seriously? I didn’t even know that. I wasn’t paying attention to anything at school, that’s probably why. That will make it easier then.”

“But I still need to have sex with her twice to get her to the Women Conquered section.”

Both of them don’t know what to would do. Max then recalled something he saw a while ago,

“Oh, I will get 10000 Points if I get to have sex with Lydia! I only need to have sex one last time to complete Mission 3!”

“That would mean that we can buy the Status Checker as early as tomorrow!”

Yu’er eyes brightened, with multiple ideas coming in her mind, continuing,

“Then we will have a lot of extra points! Let’s save it up for the Magical Space while at the same time trying to find more awakened people at school.”

“… Now that I think about it, we don’t really need to find an awakened and conquer them. You can just make them!”

Max was confusingly looking at his sister, not comprehending what she was saying.

“You have a System, you can just ‘raise’ them yourself!”

“Sis, you are really evil.”

Max was speechless on what his sister was implying. But what she said wasn’t wrong. He really does have the ability to make his own awakened!

“Yeah I can, but my having sex with women and getting their skills will save us a lot of points. Let’s consider doing both then.”

“We’ll think about this later. I have some questions about this whole awakened people stuff.”

Max signalled Little Dou and his sister to listen to what his going to say. He wanted answers as he has a lot of questions in his mind.

“First, when did this whole awakened thing start?”

“I don’t know. Our parents said that when they were still kids, it just happened. They said it became quite chaotic back then, people having random powers appearing everywhere but all information was now suppressed.”

“We have this Memory Wipe Talisman that we can buy online, we can use it on ordinary people to make them forget what they saw or heard.”

“Is that the same as my Memory Wipe from the Store?” Max was curious whether the one from the Store was the same as what they can buy outside.

[Of course not! You can’t compare the System items from what these people are creating! Your Memory Wipe is superior, it can be used on anyone! Awakened or not!]


Little Dou interjected, letting Max know that he can’t compare the System to other people. She has the pride as the System Fairy so she doesn’t want anyone comparing the System to some nameless people.


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