Chapter 32 – Sister’s Skill

“Yeah, I have never heard of any Memory Wipe Talisman that can be used against Awakened people. At least the Talismans available online doesn’t work like that.”

“Also, there isn’t a lot of Awakened who craft talisman because not a lot of people have the right Skills to make them.”

Yu’er had seen a lot of things as she had been an Awakened for a few years now. She even had the opportunity to be taught by their parents before they went away about how to use her Skills properly and many other things about the world of Awakened.

But she still had to agree with Little Dou that the Memory Wipe from the Store was really superior.

After seeing the items from the Store earlier this day, two words immediately came into her mind, Money and Power.

Looking at all the items and the possibility of buying anything from the Store as long as you have the necessary points needed, made her mind numb.

She couldn’t process that all of this was real. Now that a few hours have passed, all of this was slowly sinking in her mind.

She was being overloaded with different thoughts thinking about the things they can do while also thinking about what they should prioritize on doing.

That was what she was experiencing a while ago and now she was much calmer and more relaxed.

“Sis, did you really say that you buy talismans online?”

Max was doubtful that his sister really just said that. He was addicted to using his computer for years, it was like his life.

He has tried pretty much everything, earning money online, playing all kinds of computer games, he even tried getting into the deep web.

“It’s doesn’t exist on the internet Max. You need something like this.”

Yu’er took out something that looked like a smartphone. Overall looking at it, it doesn’t look much different than currently released phones.

“This is phone is powered by Magic Stone or Mana Stone, whatever you want to call it. This is the phone used by almost every Awakened all over the world.”

“It has different designs available so people won’t notice anything odd with it. This phone has its own internet that was created by an Awakened many years ago.”

“We use this to communicate and to buy items online. Using this doesn’t require your identity, nor does it track you.”

“It looks complicated but it actually is a pretty simple invention that connects Awakened together. You can imprint your energy into it so that when other Awakened uses it, it will just self destruct.”

Max thought that it was like an ultra-futuristic phone that has a lot of features that never existed in the world. Hearing what his sister said, he was a bit disappointed.

“Now that I think about it, what Skill do you have?”

Max suddenly remembered that they have been talking about many things about Awakened and Skills but he still doesn’t know what Skill does his sister have.

“I have a Healing Skill. Every time I get scratched playing sports, I always heal it with my Skill. It’s very convenient, it doesn’t leave any scars at all! It completely heals every wound you have!”

Yu’er looked proudly at Max because Awakened people that have Healing Skills are an important part of every organization in the whole world.

Each healer is heavily protected, always having a lot of strong Awakened around them wherever they go.



Both of them were startled, suddenly hearing Little Dou shouting at them. They looked at her with a questioning gaze, not comprehending why she did that.

[You’re wrong about your Skill!]


“What do you mean?”

Yu’er was the most confused between the both of them. She has been using her Skill for years, that she was certain that she had a Healing Skill.

She practiced with different people and animals so she never doubted that she had a different Skill. But Little Dou said she was wrong. She doesn’t know what to say.

[Your Skill is Reverse Time, not a Healing Skill. When you got into the Women Conquered section, the System analyzed your every information. That included your Skill!]


[You have the Reverse Time Skill. You were probably just reversing the time on the part where the wound is, that’s why you thought you have a Healing Skill!]


“What?! A-Are you saying the truth? I’ve been wrong all the time?!”

Yu’er looked so shocked, her mouth was wide open, she just couldn’t believe it.

Wanting to convince her, Little Dou proposed,

[How about you try to pull out the arm of that teddy bear! If you have the Healing Skill, then you won’t be able to fix it back!]


[But if you have the Reverse Time Skill, it will just go back to the way it is!]


Yu’er likes all the teddy bears she has, that doesn’t want to tear its arm out, she then had a different idea.

She took one of her clothes on the bed and tear it in half. Seeing Max nod, she put her hand a few inches above it and concentrated to use her skill.

What happened next was what Little Dou had expected, the clothes slowly got back like time was rewinding.

A few seconds later, it looked the same as before it was torn. Little Dou clapped her hands happily, saying,

[Did you see that!? I told you! I told you!] She was jumping around, her face was beaming after proving that all she said was true.

“So you have been wrong all this time? Pfft!” Max was covering his mouth, his body shaking uncontrollably.

Yu’er’s mouth was still wide open, her face was slowly turning into a darker shade of red, being too embarrassed about herself wrongly identifying her Skill for years.

Not wanting to deal with the embarrassment anymore, she gave Max a menacing glare. Max immediately change the subject to save himself from the danger he was feeling.


“By the way, there are a few things that I’ve thought can be helpful for us.”

“We can buy some resistances like fire resistance or something. I don’t know how it works. Should we buy clothes with a specific resistance or what?”

Max looked at Little Dou for answers, to know in what form can they buy it and at the same time, if possible, learn more about the subject. Is it a clothing, a talisman or a skill?

[You can buy it in any way you want, buy an item of clothing with resistance, a Resistance Shield Talisman of a specific element but it’s a consumable one-time use talisman. There are also Passive Resistance Skills, those would be really expensive!]


While listening to Little Dou, Max was starting to feel the exhaustion in having sex for a few hours. His eyes felt heavy, making him want to lie down and just sleep.

He looked at his sister and saw that she was in the same situation as him but a bit worse. As soon as Little Dou finished explaining,

“We’ll continue this tomorrow! Lydia and her sister will be coming, let’s get a good long rest as tomorrow will be full of action!”

They lied together naked, hugging each other as they immediately fell asleep with a smile on each of their faces.


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