Chapter 33 – Arrival

Morning, two people were seen having their breakfast downstairs, discussing their plans for the day.

“Do they have any idea that you’re an Awakened?”

While peacefully eating, Max turned to his sister as he needed more information as to how would they go about their plans.

“I don’t think so. I never told anyone at school about me being an Awakened but on the other hand, I was the one who tried to find people that were hiding their Awakened identity.”

“I looked for clues, weird movements, unusual attitudes and other bizarre happenings associated with certain students.”

“From my years of observation, I can give you a rough guess on people that I think are Awakened. Still, though, I have no idea about their skills.”

“Awakened people are generally really protective about revealing their skills because if they have a weak Skill like for example, releasing harmless light with their hands. People like those experience bullying and discrimination.”

“Those strong people, on the other hand, wanted to hide their skills as much as possible so that they can have an edge on their enemies when something bad happened.”

“But be careful about those strong people, they don’t have common skills like super strength or super speed. Top Awakeneds usually have unconventional skills like poison or some unknown special magic.”

Max had already expected that it was like that, strong people having unconventional Skills. He agreed with his sister and ingrained her words in his mind.

“So we should expect that they won’t tell us their skills right?”

“Yes, I think you should add her to your Women Conquered section before trusting her as at this point, we don’t really have any reason to trust them.”

Looking at Max that has an uncomfortable look on his face, Yu’er understood what was on his mind,

“Don’t worry too much about it, we don’t really have much of a choice. It’s either we trust them when they’re trustworthy by the System standards, or we risk being in danger because of some stupid mistake.”

“We should be more cautious for now as we aren’t strong enough to defend ourselves against everyone that would make troubles for us if they know about the System.”

[That’s right! That’s right! Max, you should make full use of the System’s Loyalty Meter, it’s always, always, accurate in judging people!] [Don’t care too much about everything you see, just know your priorities and prioritize them!]

Yu’er happily added while lying down on top of his head. Max then got rid of all useless thoughts in his mind, his eyes were filled with clarity,

“So we should first add Lydia to the Women Conquered section, then after that, it’s not too late to make all of us closer to each other.”

Max never really cared about other people that he doesn’t know. He only cares about those people that are close to him.

The only reason he was having conflicted thoughts was that he was already treating Lydia as his women.

He didn’t notice that the Lust System and the whole Awakened related stuff was slowly changing the mentality he had growing up.

He was changing into something more open-minded, more greedy and a lot smarter than his ignorant self a few days ago.

“What’s our plan then? The usual? I’ll use my Sexual Aura on her. If she started to feel it, you need to get her sister away from us.”

“It’s up to you how will you do it. Is that fine?”

“Yep, you can leave it to me.”

His sister agreed at his simple plan, hoping that nothing goes wrong. They were just starting to piece together their plans and if they failed here, it would set them back for a few crucial days.

*ding dong*

Both of them looked at the door at the same time and looked back nodding to each other.

Max slowly went to the door to open it. There, he was amazed at the beautiful thing he was seeing.

Both sisters were directing their gaze towards him, they looked like twin Goddesses that were made to be enchantingly perfect.

They looked almost identical with one being younger and the other having a more mature sensual charm.

Lydia was looked as beautiful as ever. She wore her usual hoody and a pair of shorts. Her smooth white thighs were so tempting that Max couldn’t stop his eyes from moving down, tracing her legs.

Max immediately moved his gaze to her sister. She was wearing a short white dress that was also showcasing her hot thighs.

Her legs were longer than Lydia’s as she was a few inches taller than her. Her bountiful breasts were peeking out of her dress that Max just had to stare at the deep valley in front of him.

All of that happened in a span of a few seconds. Max didn’t want to ruin her sister’s first impression of him.

Her name is Layla. If Max was to choose one between them, he would definitely go for her as she has a very seductive body that never lost its charm, no matter what she wears.

Max was internally praising the System as he was given the opportunity to have both of them. If it were in the past, he wouldn’t even have the chance to speak with them.

“Uhmm, come in please.”

Even though a lot of changes had happened to him in the past few days, his socially awkward behaviour wouldn’t instantly disappear.

Lydia gave him a lovely smile and walk passed him straight inside. Layla, on the other hand, stopped in front of him, leaning forward and giving him a seductive smile saying,

“So you’re Max? The one who invited my little sister to his house?”

Max’s back was sweating, not knowing where she was going with her question.

“Yes, it looked like she likes swimming very much and we have a big one that wasn’t being used on school days, so I thought that I should invite her.”

“Hmm, is that really all?”

Layla’s lavender eyes shined mysteriously as she looked at him, then continued to walk in. But her thoughts never stopped wondering,

‘He doesn’t look like a person with any bad intentions but why am I feeling that something isn’t right?’

‘Max huh?… I see him at school every time, he suddenly started changing these past few days, did he looked more handsome?’

‘If he wasn’t interested in my little sister, should I tease him? He’s cute. No! What the heck am I thinking?’

‘Or could it be something else?’

Unknown to her, Max unconsciously used his Sexual Aura on her after she tried to interrogate him, slightly affecting her thoughts on him.

Her sharp instinct picked on that something was going to happen but with no reason to suspect anything, she just passed it off as some stupid thought.

Max heaved a sigh of relief, he thought that maybe she caught on to something and was suspecting him.

Even when he almost panicked due to an unexpected situation, his perverted eyes never left her shapely butt while she was walking away.

‘Haaah, she’s so hot!’


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