Chapter 36 – Making His Move

“Also, only women should be invited to come! We can’t manage having guys in here, it will be chaotic and we won’t be able to handle it.”

Yu’er added as she thought about potential problems of inviting guys on the party. After all, most if not all girls that will come over might be the one they were looking for and they can’t have them get taken by some random guy.

Layla nodded at Yu’er’s words, agreeing about what she said but then looked at Max, giving him a cheeky grin that looked bewitching,

“Won’t Max be the luckiest guy that night? Who knows what would happen~”

“Huh? Why?”

Max tilted his head in confusion but suddenly understood what she was implying,

“What? I don’t think I know any of your friends so nothing can really happen.”

Max had a straight face, acting like he wasn’t bothered by it at all. But he was cheering in mind,

‘Good thinking sis!’

Layla never expected that all the words she said as a joke will most likely turn out to be true.

“But you both don’t need to wait for the next weekend, you can come to our house anytime. We have a lot of spare room in case you want to stay over as it’s only us in the house!”

Yu’er sincerely invited them to come over, she felt that these two sisters were really nice. She was judging them based on how good their relationships were before they became Max’s women.

She also felt that all of them will be a lot closer when they can trust each other with their own secrets. For that reason, she wanted Max to add them to his Women Conquered section sooner.

Max looked at the time and saw that the sun was almost setting, he was getting impatient as all their expectations had never happened.

They originally planned to have fun for about an hour or two then find him a time to be alone with Lydia but that didn’t work as they forgot to carry out their plan at some point.

Now Max can only make things up as they go along except that he can’t seem to find any opportunity to be alone with her.

But he wasn’t the only one who has a lot of things on his mind. Lydia has been observing Max for quite some time now.

She was in the same year with him as long as she can remember. As a normal student, she knows a lot of things about her schoolmates, that includes Max.

Even though unintentional, years of being in the same school as Max gave her a basic understanding of how he is, same with any of their schoolmates.

Hanging out with both siblings and knowing a lot more about Max today, made her think that this was a completely different Max that she knew at school.

She preferred this version of Max than how he was at school. Lydia thought that if Max were like this at school, a lot of girls would probably swoon over him.

She had a random thought on whether she would also be like them. Then she recalled about all that happened between them and the pleasure she felt that she can never replicate when she tried with her fingers.

Lydia blushed randomly that anyone that turned her way would notice it. Luckily, her sister never did that as she was preoccupied with her own situation.

Max couldn’t help but use his Sexual Aura on Layla as she was just so alluring when she was holding it back.

[Layla: 80]


[Lydia: 70]


He was enjoying seeing her move about on her seat. But Yu’er had some other plans,

“How about we try the jacuzzi?”

Yu’er looked at Max for a split second, hoping that he knows what she was planning. Max understood right away before his sister even gave him a glance.

“Let’s go!”

Layla hurriedly stood up, she was very horny that she wanted to soak in warm water to relieve the tension she was feeling, all of them followed behind her.

Their jacuzzi was located inside a glass room, full of windows that can be opened to give people a relaxing nature ambience.

The room was quite spacious, having a few chairs to put their stuff on, a small sauna room for four to five people and lastly, a massage bed that hasn’t been used.


All of them sighed in satisfaction, as they soaked in the water that has a perfect temperature, leaning on their backs.

Layla felt relieved as she wasn’t feeling as horny as before, but it was all Max’s doing, concentrating his Sexual Aura back to Lydia.

He realized that this was the last chance he would get so he decided to go all out on raising her Lust Meter.

[Lydia: 60]


Soaking in for a few minutes, Yu’er gave an excuse to go out so that maybe Layla would go out after her, leaving Max and Lydia alone.

“Wait, Yu’er! I’m going with you.”

“Lydia, I’ll go first. I’ll call you when I’m showering. Don’t stay long in there, go out after a few minutes. You can go back to the room if you’re done or stay here and wait!”

Lydia nodded with only her head peeking out of the water. She looked like a little girl being lectured by her parents.

[Lydia: 75]


Her Lust Meter was increasing rapidly as they were having physical contact sitting next to each other. Max planned all this so that it will be easier if he were to make a move on her.

Max saw that she was already slightly grinding her legs together but decided to wait for a little longer so he initiated a conversation.

“I heard that you broke up with Dex?”

“Mnh, I did.”

Lydia nodded her head while looking down. Max continued to further speak with her,

“Was it because of what happened?”

“No, it wasn’t that.”

“It was just my sister asking me to experience being in a relationship and he was the only one who asked me out, so I accepted. But I realized it was pointless so I broke up with him.”

“So do you have any plans on having another relationship?”

“… If I really liked someone then maybe but I won’t accept just about anyone if it’s not going to be serious.”

Lydia was telling him things that she will never say in normal circumstances but currently, she just felt that she can say anything if it was just Max.

That was because of her Lust Meter almost reaching 100. Her body was telling her that she should jump on Max right now.

Her body was also tempting her to experience the greatest pleasure she had in her life again this time but her mind was denying everything.

Still, that never stopped her from feeling good being so close to Max, removing all the restraint she had for him when she had a clear mind.

Max noticed her condition and took the chance to ask for a few more things while occasionally rubbing against her.

“A lot of people at school said that your sister has a secret boyfriend was that true?”

“No, there are a lot of rumors about Layla at school but all of them were just things that other people made up to destroy her reputation.”

“Oh, don’t worry about those people, they’re just jealous of her beauty. They are just wasting their time on useless things.”

Max moved closer to her, rubbing their shoulders as he was speaking. Lydia didn’t seem to be bothered by it.

“My sister is the nicest person in the world. She is very overprotective and took care of me for a few years now. She likes teasing other people but never goes too far and stops when it’s enough.”

At this point, sounds of heavy breathing can be heard, their shoulders and their thighs were rubbing against each other as they move but none of them were saying anything.

Max turned towards Lydia and saw that she was laying her eyes on him. He looked at her lips, feeling her breathing on him and moved in to touch her face at the same time kissing her.


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