Chapter 37 – Passionate Night (R-18)

Max gave Lydia a deep kiss, sucking her soft pink lips while slowly using his tongue to sneak in her mouth.

Lydia has been aroused for quite some time now. At first, when they were playing in the pool, she felt that her pussy was getting sensitive but it never bothered her as it wasn’t too intense.

Enjoying themselves the whole time, she even forgot about it. But when they went to soak in the jacuzzi, chatting with each other and some physical contact with Max, she started feeling it again.

This time it was stronger, her body wanted to rub against Max. Lydia’s mind was thinking back about all that happened between them and how good it felt.

For some reason, she remembered all of it vividly in her mind and that further heightened the arousal she was feeling.

Lydia’s mind was becoming muddled with lust but she never noticed it. All she knew was that she wanted Max, she wanted him to hold her again. She wanted to experience it again.

She looked at him, hoping that he would make a move on her as her body needed him so bad. Her eyes were full of passion as she looked at him, seemingly begging him to make his move.

When Max abruptly kissed her, her body shivered in excitement. It only took a few seconds before she melted in his arms, kissing him back like what her body was telling her.

Max held her face as he enjoyed her tongue coiling around his. He hugged her closer to him as they touched each other’s body with their hands.

Immersing in themselves for a considerable time, they started to feel the effects of staying in the water for so long.

Max took Lydia out of the water by carrying her in his arms. Even while moving out, they never stopped kissing.

Max laid Lydia on top of the massage bed so that they can continue their business. The air in the area they were making out on was cool and fresh.

All the windows were open that it made the condition of the whole room more earthly and natural compared to the hot air on the jacuzzi.

Seeing all the greens outside surrounding the glass room and breathing the humid fresh air gave them the perception that they were outdoor with nature.

Max unfastened Lydia’s white bikini as he wanted to directly caress her abundant breasts. The massage bed had a relatively low height that he easily got on top of it.

After removing everything that was covering her, Max went down by kissing her all over her body. He went straight to kiss the surroundings of her pussy lips.

Lydia was lying on the bed, feeling the kisses that Max was giving her. All she can think of was how good it felt and that she wanted more.

She moved her lower body so she can feel Max directly kiss her opening but it never happened, no matter how she moved, Max moved along with her.

Max got lost on her hot body that he forgot what he was planning to do so he moved to give her hole a lick while sucking it at the same time.


Lydia moaned after a strong pleasure exploded from her sensitive folds as she felt Max continuously sucking her.

It wasn’t long until she felt a strong pleasure on her entire lower body as fluids flow out of her tunnel straight to Max’s mouth.

Max licked her pussy clean of all the delicious juices that were flowing out of her. He looked up to her, finding her sweaty look enchanting.

Max was only wearing a pair of shorts the whole time that he easily removed it to free his erect dick. This time, he wanted to try letting Lydia suck him off.

He sat on the bed near her head and opened his legs to give Lydia easier access. He turned directly to her that was still panting from the intense orgasm that she experienced.

“Your turn now.”

Even though Lydia was laying down exhausted, she never left her focus on Max. Her body wasn’t contented with just his tongue, she wanted more.

Hearing what Max said, she thought that it was fair that she would help him too. The only problem was that she doesn’t know how.

Max knew that she never tried this before and that she has no idea how this works. He advised her saying,

“You can touch it with your hands, lick it and suck it like how you suck a lollipop but don’t forget to not use your teeth.”

Lydia moved closer to his dick as she looked at it. This was her first time looking at it closely. She wondered how did this thing fit inside her.

It was too big that she would have been scared if she hadn’t experienced the pleasure it gave. Looking at it made her pussy more soaked, releasing more fluids, desiring it to be inside her.

Her hands looked small as she tried jerking it up and down, hearing other people at school saying that they should do it that way.

Occasionally, when they were on the showers, some girls would share their sexual experience with their friends, not leaving out any details.

Their school has a lot of swimming teams, each team differs in skill levels. Lydia and Layla were in Team A, most of the best swimmers were on that team.

But it has their numbers were limited so they can only add the best of the best and the others would go to the second team, Team B.

Most swimmers on Team A were seniors as they have better skills and experience. Lydia was the only first year that was able to join that team as she had been on the swimming team for years.

Most first years were on Team C and D’s but that doesn’t hinder their relationships in any way. Having the same facilities, swimmers from different teams have days when they take a shower at the same time.

That was when the girls gossip and tell each other about their experiences. Lydia had been through that so many times that she had learned some things that she shouldn’t have.

Lydia went closer, giving him a little lick. Max twitched feeling her tongue playing with his sensitive head that was oozing with precum.

He felt her warm tongue sliding all over his shaft. Max was having the time of his life, feeling Lydia’s lips on his dick and her hands jerking his dick that was wet from her licks.

He was feeling the immense pleasure that his eyes were closing and low groans were coming out of his throat.

“Ahh, drink it all!”

Max’s dick twitched violently in Lydia’s mouth as he exploded directly inside her. Lydia never stopping sucking his dick as he was letting out cum in her mouth.

She slowly swallowed everything after making sure there wasn’t any left coming out of him. But Max wasn’t done yet and immediately went to the main event.

Lydia also moved along with him as her pussy couldn’t wait any longer. She laid down as Max positioned himself between her legs.

They looked at each other’s eyes as Max pushed his dick completely inside her. Both of them let out moans, feeling the familiar pleasure they had been waiting for.

Max moved his waist, enjoying every sensation he was feeling with her tight walls around his dick. Max sucked her breast as he pounded her from below.

Cries of delight were added to the sounds of crickets chirping in the vicinity of their room. It was already dark outside when they finished.

“Mnnh! Mnhh!”

Max was intensely pounding Lydia as they were passionately kissing, hugging their bodies against each other.

Both of them understood each with their eyes that they were close. Max pistoned deeper and faster while Lydia pulled Max in with her legs around his waist.

Loud moans sounded out as both of them came at the same time. Max was pumping out loads of cum inside her. Her tight walls were vigorously twitching, sucking everything that he has.

They continued to stay in their position, catching their breaths and basking in each other’s company.

What they didn’t know was that someone has been secretly watching them from outside the whole time.


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