Chapter 39 – Lydia’s Skill

Getting back to their room, Max heard the sounds of water flowing from the bathroom.

‘Huh? She took so long to finish. Maybe she didn’t take a shower right away?’

Since they don’t have to hide anything to themselves, Max went in to join his sister in the shower.

Max peeked his head inside and saw that his sister had just finished showering and on her way to soak in the bathtub.

“So you were successful, did you have fun?”

Yu’er gave him a teasing smile like she knew something that he didn’t know. Max laughed and said,

“It was awesome! She looked cute taking the initiative to do things on her own. It felt so good!”

“Do you know what’s better?”

Yu’er’s teasing expression got more pronounced as she was waiting for Max to ask. They stared at each other for a few seconds before Max asked,

“What is it?”

“You had an audience. Someone had been watching!”

Yu’er couldn’t stop laughing as she said that. Max continued to scrub his body in the shower as he looked puzzled at what his sister just said.

But in a few moments, his face paled, quickly turning towards Yu’er, demanding an answer,

“What?! Who?! Layla? She was there? For how long?”

“The whole time!”

Seeing Max becoming paler every second, Yu’er still laughing so hard tried to console him,

“Don’t worry. It looked like she enjoyed herself too.”

“What do you mean?”

“Layla touched herself while watching both of you. She also came on her fingers.”

Max joined his sister on the bathtub positioning Yu’er on top of him. Max hugged her waist while leaning on his back,

“Really? Did she look angry?”

“No, I don’t think so.”

“Hey, what skill did you get?”

Yu’er got excited remembering that Max would get a skill every time he had sex with Awakeneds.

“Oh yeah, let’s see what we got!”

[You’ve earned a total of 2050 Points!
• 50 Points for kissing and groping
• 200 Points for getting a blowjob
• 200 Points for cumming in her mouth
• 400×2 Points for having sex
• 400×2 Points for ejaculating inside her!]


[Congratulations for completing Mission 3!
Reward: 10000 Points!]




[Level: 20][26800/20000 Lifetime Points]!
[Points: 12900]




– Lust Meter (Passive)
– Child Making Mode (OFF)
– Sexual Aura (Passive)
– Time Stop
– Weakness Reader
– Sex Steal
– |NEW!| Purple Lightning – Total control of the Purple Lightning (The higher your level, the stronger it gets!)


Mission 2: Have sex with a married woman! Reward: 2000 Points (0/1)
Mission 4: Take five women’s virginity! Reward: 12000 Points (2/5)


[Women Conquered]


Yu’er (Sister) Level 4 [3850/4000 Lifetime Points]!
— Loyalty Meter: 100


Current Points: 12900


Magical Voice (Weak Version) – People will be comfortable hearing your voice, slowly making them open up to you. 2000 Points

X-ray Vision – Look inside things, clothes, skin or bones! 5000 Points

Inventory – Storage in the System which you can put things in. Physical contact is required before storing the item. 10000 Points

Status Checker – Check the Status of anyone regardless of their ranks. 5000 Points

Face Mask – You can change your appearance to look like someone else for 1 hour. (one use) 200 Points

Aphrodisiac Powder – Can be put into food or drinks that will make a girl horny for 1 hour. 200 Points

Sleeping Serum – Make a girl fall into a deep sleep for 1 hour after drinking. 100 Points

Memory Wipe – Wipe the past 30 seconds of memories. (one-time use) 300 Points

Invisibility Potion – Turn your body invisible for 10 minutes. 500 Points

Health Potion – Cleans your body of any impurities making you look better and healthier. 200 Points

Memory Potion – Permanently learn everything you see in 1 minute. 300 Points.

Wish Card – Wish for any item, to make it available in the Store. The price will depend on what the item is. 500 Points

[Lottery Spin] 100 Points
[Animal Servant Lottery] 1000 Points

“A-an attack skill!”

Both of them simultaneously shouted. Their bodies were shaking in excitement seeing the explanation of the skill.

“Purple Lightning? There are different types of lightning?” Max called out Little Dou to know more about it.

[I don’t know! In the world of Awakeneds, anything can happen. Someone out there might even have some useless Skill to accelerate the growth of their hair!]


“Lydia is really strong, she has an attack skill. And from what I know, these types of offensive skills are on the top of the Skill list.”

Yu’er was a lot more delighted than Max as she has a lot of knowledge about these things. But that’s not all the reason why she was very happy.

The Purple Lightning, even though she doesn’t know anyone having a Lightning Skill, Yu’er still have seen strong offensive elemental Skills being ranked among the top.

That’s not because of their raw offensive power. Strong offensive elemental Skills are known for their strong potential, it’s almost limitless.

They only need to focus on ranking up as their elemental Skills will be guaranteed to have a huge leap in strength as soon as they ranked up.

Of course, they will also get another skill after ranking up as that’s what normally happens after an Awakened rank up, they will get a new skill.

But the good thing about those people with strong elemental Skills was that they don’t need their second Skill as much as others.

They can get a mediocre support Skill like a weak movement Skill and still be strong, just relying on their main Skill.

That was why they have a very strong potential, they get strong easily by just ranking up and not needing to worry about their second or third Skill being weak.

Awakened groups worldwide value them so much because they’re pretty much guaranteed to be strong in the future, as long as they don’t die that is.

Most Awakeneds that have those type of Skills become a target of assassinations if some people deemed them as ‘future threats’.

“Hey Little Dou, why are there no new skills again?”

Max gave Little Dou a fake look of suspicion. Little Dou, who became nervous seeing his look, tried to explain while fidgeting,

[U..Uhmm, like I told you in the past, you can only have 15 items available on the Store excluding the Lotteries and you will also get a maximum of 15 new items every ten levels!]


[Currently, you already have 12 items and you’re now level 20. Leveling up from level 11 to level 20, that makes it ten levels so you can have a total of 15 new items from the Store!]


[But if the System automatically added that, it might just fill the Store with junk as the new items are always randomized, it can be very useful or just garbage!]


[For that reason, the System decided to wait for your confirmation before adding new items! Cool right?]


Little Dou was having fun in the tub with them. From Max’s perspective, it looked like she was swimming in a pool of soap.

“So do I have to decide now whether I would add the 15 new items? I remember you saying that if I had no space and didn’t add it in the Store, it will disappear forever right?”

[That’s right! It will disappear forever! But you can take your time until you upgrade the System again! You’re level 20 now! You can decide to upgrade the System if you have enough points! But after upgrading, the items will be lost forever!]


[So I suggest taking your time but add all the items while removing all the bad ones one by one before upgrading the System. Who knows, if you’re lucky, getting really useful Skills!]


Little Dou then went back to her business, having fun floating on the water shaped like a starfish, her body covered with bubbles.


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