Chapter 40 – Status Checker

Max nodded at what Little Dou just said. He thought that it made sense. He can just take his time to add the new items one by one if he really won’t need the free slot on the Store.

“Max! We have so many Points now!”

“Right, we can now get the Status Checker!”

“Little Dou, get us the Status Checker.”

[Do you mean to get two Status Checkers, one for each of you?]

“Huh? Oh right! It’s possible to buy skills for my sister too.”

“I don’t think we should. You can just buy one for yourself. We’re tight on Points right now.”

His sister remained logical. She doesn’t think that it will be a good idea to have two of the same skills at the same time.

If they had a lot of extra Points, then they can probably buy all the Skills for each of them but that’s not even close to happening.

They don’t even know how much a Magical Space would cost as they haven’t added it to the Store yet.

“Mmh okay, Little Dou, buy one Status Checker for me.”

Max nodded understanding what his sister was thinking. But he etched it in his mind that once they get rich with Points, he would buy his sister all the Skills that would help her even in the smallest way.

It’s not because Yu’er is his sister that Max had that thought. It’s because Max determined that his sister should also have the capabilities to do things on her own.

What if a problem occurred and they aren’t in the same place. Max made sure to remember that his women should have all the Skills to fight for themselves even when he’s not with them.

That was the reason why he wanted to buy his sister all the Skills if he gets enough Points, especially Skills like the Status Checker that can be useful in every situation.

If there are also Resistance Skills or Life Saving Skills, he would not hesitate to buy it for each of them even if it will be expensive.

Time is on their side, getting strong in the future is already guaranteed. The only problem that concerns them will be when some people try to kill them and they aren’t strong enough to protect themselves.

[Store] Current Points: 7900

Status Checker – Check the Status of anyone regardless of their ranks. 5000 Points


[You have 7900 Points remaining! You can just look at your target and think of checking their Status then it will show up!]

[Dou Dou (Little Dou)] [System Fairy] [???] __________________________


Yu’er got spooked at the sudden shout that came from Max. She looked confusingly at him, wanting to know why he did that.

“Why can’t I see Little Dou’s stats?”

Yu’er also can’t think of a reason as to why it was like that. It clearly says in the description that you can see their Status regardless of their ranks.

[The description is true but it doesn’t mean someone won’t counter it. If you really think about it, if you put a Rank 1 Fire Skill into the brain of a Rank 3 Awakened, you can definitely kill him!] [But the problem is, you can’t put it in there as no one in their right mind would allow that!] [This is the same! If you use it on some brainless fool, even if they’re rank 3 you can see all their Stats!] [But if they’re intelligent, they will find some way to counter that! Think about it, there might already be someone that has some type of Identifying Skill out there!]

“Then why am I not seeing yours? What Skill do you have?”

[I don’t have any Skill for that! The System is the one protecting me. It’s the same as why other people can’t see me!]

Max felt bad knowing that his Status Checker isn’t as invincible as he expected. Seeing that Max was misunderstanding something, Little Dou added further,

[Don’t worry, it should work at least ninety percent of the time! Most people that have a Skill that can counter them are either Awakeneds with high ranks or they’re not a high ranking Awakened but coincidentally just have the perfect Skill to counter it, which is very rare!] [I’m not sure about items that can counter it though! The Store has it but I’m not sure if someone had already made something like that in this world!]

“Well publicly, there’s no such thing. But I can’t say the same for private organizations that are spread out all over the world.”

“Most groups like that usually have some sort of trump cards for themselves, also they might have their own research facilities that no one knows where it is located and what’s happening inside it.”

Yu’er told them all she knew about the subject. She also expressed her opinion about what she thinks the organizations throughout the world are up to.

“Speaking of which, Lydia invited us to a party tomorrow and I accepted, do you want to go?”

“No, I won’t go. You should accompany them in case something happens at the same time, try to get closer to both of them, Lydia and Layla.”

Yu’er answered right away. She doesn’t see any reason to join them tomorrow as she planned to know more about her skill and run a few tests with it.

Max didn’t say anymore as he already knew that his sister planned to try out a few things with her skills tomorrow.

He ran his hands on her body as he got aroused, feeling her bottom sitting on him. Yu’er was also starting to get wet as his dick had been hard since the start.

She thought they can just do a quick one so it should be fine. She turned around to face Max, grabbing his penis from below and pointing it straight at her opening.


Max felt her warm tunnel around his dick. He put his hands on her butt and pull her down, at the same time thrusting up his waist

“Ahn! Ahh! Ahhn!”

Both of them got down after enjoying themselves. They finished so quickly that only a few minutes have passed.

They saw Lydia and Layda with their hair wet from a shower, packing their stuff. Layla turned towards them and said,

“We will go home now. Today was really fun!”

“Are you sure you don’t want to stay to eat?”

“No need, we already ate a lot for the day. We will get fat if this continues.”

Layla jokingly said while laughing. Max found her so beautiful, especially when her face was brightly smiling. He lightly shook his head and looked elsewhere as she was too entrancing.

They reached the gate and watched them as they walk to their house. Not before saying their goodbyes and Yu’er giving them a hug.

Max also noticed Lydia signalling him about tomorrow’s party. He gave her a slight nod and waved goodbye.

While looking at them walking down the road, Max thought of something and looked at Layla,

[Layla] [Level 18] [Target Charm: a Mental Attack Target Skill that charms people to walk mindlessly towards them. Effect depends on their Mental Resistance.] __________________________



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