Chapter 42 – Little Dou’s Teachings (2)

[Remember, all I’ve talked about was so that you can just fill your body completely with energy, not wasting any space. I haven’t even started about the quality of the energy that’s filling their body!]


[Imagine a crystal clear water and compare it to some murky water or the cleanest air and compare it to a smog!]


[That’s can also happen to the energies inside your body! From what I’ve been seeing, the energy that you can harness from this world is quite polluted!]


[It was significantly weaker than the energy that is available in the System. Not to mention the System has a lot of other different energy that you aren’t even close to knowing about!]


[Basically, all you need to know is that its trash! But since Yu’er got in the Women Conquered section, her energy was being purified bit by bit!]


[And also, when she reached her current level, level 14, her energy volume increased by a considerable amount as the wasted space on her body was being filled up. She hasn’t noticed it yet as she never used up all of her energy!]


“So that’s how it is.”

Yu’er finally felt satisfied, hearing all the answers to the questions that had been bugging her mind. While Max thought about how little his knowledge was, about all these levels, ranks, skills and many more.

He decided to have a discussion with his sister to know all about the information she knows in the world of Awakeneds when he comes back tomorrow from the party.

He also planned to add little Dou in it to ask about some things that his sister doesn’t know about.

After Little Dou explained to them all about the energy and how the Women Conquered section works with it, a new set of questions came into his mind.

“What if in the future I added a Rank 2 Awakened to the Women Conquered section?”

[If that really happened, then their level will go back to level 21 or Rank 2 Early Phase. The System will purify their energy starting from level 21 as they get back in leveling up!]


“Mmh? Not back to level 11? What would happen to the energy they get from level 11 to level 20 then?”

[The System can’t do anything about that! The energy they got from level 11 to level 20 or Rank 1 Early to Peak Phase will be staying the way they were!]


[It doesn’t matter whether they have a lot of unused space in their bodies from having a poor method for gaining strength or having the polluted energy that they got from the world, the System won’t help them for it!]


“Won’t? That means you can?”

[The System can do everything! You probably won’t completely understand it right now as it’s not that useful for some things and all that you’re getting is mostly available for normal Awakeneds outside!]


[But as you get stronger, you will need a lot more rare items, items that are enough for strong Awakened organizations throughout the world to sacrifice their fellow Awakened’s lives for!]


[At that time, you can just watch on the sidelines as those things that they call treasures, would look like garbage compared to what the System have!]


[And about your question, the System can indeed help them for that problem but you have to understand how complex the method is!]


Little Dou calmly told them as they were intently looking at her, she tried to mimic how wise people act, looking at them like they were her students,

[Let me give you some of my knowledge by giving you an example. Let’s say someone is level 27 or Rank 2 Middle Phase Awakened and that person got into the Woman Conquered section, the System will merely break down their energy to make use of the wasted space!]


[At the same time, purifying the polluted energy that they got from the world. It’s all that simple!]


[However! If the System would also ‘fix’ their energy that they’ve got from level 11 to level 20, the System would then have to pull their level down to level 11! And that’s also not really a hard thing to do!]


[But! Both of you are forgetting one crucial thing! It’s that when an Awakened reached Rank 2, they will get their second Skill!]


[If the System just pulled down their level to level 11, their second Skill will disappear. There will be a lot of things that would be affected and that is the part that will not be a simple thing!]


[The System determined that it isn’t worth it to remove a Skill for some few energy and potential wasted! After all, there are safer and easier ways to deal with that! I’m not going to say how, as it’s a secret!]


Little Dou gave them some more information to let them understand the complexity of what they were asking and also a little bit to brag about her knowledge.

She didn’t know that she misinterpreted what Max was asking, he was only asking whether there’s a way in the System that can help them about it.

Max wasn’t asking why don’t the System want to help them if it has the capability to. He understood clearly that the System will always have a reason for the things it does.

In his mind, the System might arguably be the most intelligent being in this world. Hearing what Little Dou said about a safer and easier way, he was lost in his thought,

‘Could it be just as I thought? Maybe I’ll try it someday. I’ll use the Wish Card to get some Purifying Pills or some Energy Pills that can be used to increase the energy volume in their bodies, it might even make us level up faster.’

‘And about maximizing the potential by filling up the wasted space, I can just think of some Rebirth Pills or something that can completely fix everything including maximizing the potential and replacing the quality of energy.’

Yu’er learned a lot of critical information that she never even had an idea of. In the world of Awakeneds, their understanding was that the potential is what you were born with, not something that can be increased.

At least from years of research, no one has proved that something can increase the potential of Awakeneds.

And the purity of energy, she had never heard of it. She thought that maybe some people already know it but it just wasn’t publicized.


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