Chapter 43 – Little Dou’s Teachings (3)

“But what exactly does it mean having a higher volume and quality of energy anyway?’

Max got everything Little Dou said but she never explained how is it relevant in real life.

[It means everything! Every Awakened in the whole world uses energy for their Skills. An Awakened’s entire body is also composed of energy. That’s what makes them stronger and gives them a longer life span.]


[Hmph! I’ll give you a clear example then. Imagine two people having the same Fireball Skill. Awakened A has half the volume and quality of energy in their body compared to Awakened B!]


[If they had a duel, the results would be obvious. There are only two things that can happen. First, if both of them let out the exact same mass of fireball, Awakened A will run out of energy twice as fast as Awakened B!]


[If both of them agreed to use up all their energy at the same length of time, Awakened A would only be able to put out half as strong fireball as Awakened B so that Awakened A can keep up with Awakened B in lasting the same amount of time!]


[I’ll give you another example, now with numbers. Awakened A has 1000 energy and Awakened B has 2000!]


[When they let out a fireball worth 200 energy, Awakened A can only put out five fireballs before running out of energy. Awakened B can do two times more than that with ten fireballs!]


[Assuming they both agreed to put out ten fireballs each, Awakened A can put out ten fireballs worth only 100 energy each and Awakened B can put out ten fireballs worth 200 energy each!]


[You can clearly see the difference between their strength, Awakened A’s fireball was only half as strong with 100 energy compared to the 200 energy fireball of Awakened B. But don’t take my calculations in a literal meaning!]


[That’s just the basics, the original calculations are much more complicated that you won’t be able to understand it!]


[With the original calculation, you have to consider how much energy an Awakened should use in a Skill so that they won’t waste it and some other more!]


[Also, the example I gave you was only about energy in general like one Awakened has 1000 energy and the other has 2000!]


[I never even started about what if both of them have the same 1000 energy and one has a low-quality energy and the other has a high-quality energy, what would happen then?!]


[You can only have a rough estimate as your brain can’t do all the calculations! But it doesn’t matter, most Awakened probably haven’t even thought of it as they just have no knowledge about the intricacies of energies!]


[Now that the both of you have an idea how it works, that’s a few steps ahead of others! You should thank me for sharing a little bit of my knowledge!]


Little Dou didn’t forget to boast but no one took it seriously as she’s just too adorable, especially with her childish voice.

[Basically, know that the Awakened with a higher volume and quality of energy will be in an advantage if it’s a fair fight!]


[They would also have a longer life compared to others with a lower volume and quality of energy. Like with a normal person, if you ignore accidents and genes, the one that eats healthy food will be in a better condition than the other who eat all sorts of junks their whole life!]


[Lastly, don’t take my examples literally as it isn’t realistic in the real world where some unexpected circumstance can happen!]


[Note that my examples are only about the same Fireball Skills but Awakeneds have different Skills. The chances of Awakeneds having the same Skill isn’t very big!]


[If they have different Skills with varying strengths then that’ll be more complicated. There are also circumstances involving schemes and traps and also outside involvements like huge groups of Awakeneds and organizations!]


[Haah, that’s everything! I’m tired, I’ll just lie on this pillow while I’ll give both of you some more of my knowledge!]


[Come, come! Ask this wise fairy some more questions!]


“Then about my Sex Steal Skill, couldn’t I just buy my sister a Skill from the Store and have sex with her so that we can both have it?”

[No, that is not possible! If you want to be specific, technically, the Skill they got from the System isn’t really theirs and will never be!]


[Let me explain clearly. When someone in the Woman Conquered section gets 100 in their Loyalty Meter, you can then start to buy them some Skills right?]


[Think of the worst-case scenario, what if they got removed from there? If the woman had a 100 in their Loyalty Meter, the only way they could be removed is when they die!]


[So let’s assume the woman died, the Skill that they got from the System will be staying in the System!]


[If someone checked their dead body for Skills in some way, if that’s even possible. They will only see one Skill if they’re a Rank 1 Awakened and two skills if they’re Rank 2 and so on!]


[Why is that? You should know that the only reason they got Skills from the Store was that they are in the Women Conquered section. At the same time, reaching 100 in their Loyalty Meter!]


[That’s it! No other way, no bias and no loopholes. As soon as they got removed in the Women Conquered section, in any way, no matter what the reason is, the Skill will not go with them as it is for the women that you conquered not some strangers or betrayers!]


[If the woman dies, she will be removed from the Conquered section and failing to meet the requirements, the Skill would then be leaving her!]


[That’s more like a security measure made by the System so that you won’t be schemed at and be used in some experiments forcing you to give Skills to others!]


[That’s not going to be possible as they need to be completely loyal to you. If they somehow got brainwashed then the Loyalty Meter will do the necessary changes in their numbers, still based on their loyalty to you!]


[That is also why you won’t be getting their Skills because it’s not theirs, to begin with. It is, in the System’s words, “System Skills that can only be used by women ‘in’ the ‘Women Conquered section’ with ‘absolute loyalty’!”]


[Can be used not given! The System is very strict about these things, not allowing any loopholes to exist. After all, it concerns your own safety if the worst-case scenarios happen!]


[Hehehe! *cough* Any more questions?] Little Dou looked at them with a poker face, holding her chin up.

Little Dou acted haughtily, feeling good explaining things with her own words. She was filled with excitement inside, being extremely helpful by teaching them and getting all these attention all for herself.

But her facade didn’t work. It only made her look cuter with her tiny size and adorable actions. Max and Yu’er were both holding themselves back in smiling as they don’t want to let Little Dou know that her act isn’t effective.

As Little Dou already appeared a bit tired, explaining a lot of things. They asked their last questions to end it.

“Max just reached level 20. He can now upgrade his System, right? How much would the System Upgrade be?”

“Oh and also how much does the Magical Space cost?”


Current Points: 2000


Rank 1 System Upgrade: Will allow you to level up from level 20 to 21, up to the maximum limit of level 30. 50000 Points

Magical Space: Personal space that allows both objects and living things inside. Comes with one hidden gate. 50000 Points


“The same price?”

[That’s just a coincidence! The System Upgrade will be ten times the price of the last one. The last time was 5000 Points, now it’s 50000!]


“T-Then, the next upgrade will be 500000 Points?!”

[Don’t be surprised. You are getting thousands of points every time you have sex, it’s not that difficult!]


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