Chapter 44 – Going to a Party

Max was currently preparing to go with Lydia and her sister to the party that they invited him to.

He was fixing his clothes in front of the mirror. He wore a sweatshirt and a pair of jeans since Lydia mentioned that he didn’t need to dress up as it isn’t a formal party.

Last night after their long discussion, they’ve decided to first focus on getting Skills and upgrading them, rather than upgrading the System.

As they confirmed with Little Dou that being high level isn’t that useful when they don’t have the necessary Skills when a situation happened.

One of their reason was that they don’t have any Offensive Skill except what Max got from Lydia. But that’s far from enough.

They also figured that they needed some type of Life-saving Skill and if possible a Movement Skill, a Resistance Skill and an Escape Skill.

Yu’er was the one who convinced Max to do so as she had heard news of very strong Awakeneds still being killed because they are lacking in some way, whether that is not having a Movement Skill, a Defensive Skill, a Life-saving Skill or they are just purely outnumbered.

So if possible they wanted their foundation to be firm, being on guard against anything that can happen.

But all of that needs a lot of points that they will have to see what they would need to prioritize more in the future.

The last thing they talked about with Little Dou was how expensive Magical Space is. 50000 Points. They would likely not be able to afford that in the next two or three weeks.

They can’t waste that much time just for that so they decided to buy the Inventory first as it would be a better buy in the short term and they can just get the points back in less than a week.

Max also let Mango out after forgetting him being stored in the System. Max showed him to Yu’er and she instantly liked him.

From that time, Yu’er told him to just permanently let Mango out, unless they need to go somewhere else. Yu’er had been taking care of Mango since, adoring his cute appearance.

But Max was weirded out by it as he can understand what Mango was saying. He can clearly see that Mango was the opposite of what he looked like as he had a mature attitude.

Max also decided to buy the Dog Language Skill for Yu’er when she realized that he was able to speak with Mango. He accepted thinking that he will be able to get it back the next day anyway.

As Max had already bought the only Dog Language Skill from the Store, he had to use 500 Points for a Wish Card to add another Dog Language Skill. They spent 200 Points on it for a total of 700 Points.

Seeing Yu’er really liking it, enjoying talking to Mango while petting him with a smile on her face, he thought it was worth it as being serious all the time would not be the way they want to do things.

Before going, Yu’er told him to use the System Points to buy consumables if something happened at the party. She also gave him warnings about he shouldn’t get into fights, don’t just recklessly hit on women that he doesn’t even know.

She also taught him the basic things for an Awakened like don’t show his skills and ideally, not giving other people an idea about him having a Skill at all and just act like how he usually does.

The whole morning Max help his sister to practice using her Reverse Time Skill in different ways, trying out different things.

They’ve found some weaknesses, one of them was that you need to be close to the target and another one was the amount of time being reversed heavily depends on her energy.

They wondered if it’s possible to have upgrades to improve the efficiency of the Skill by reducing the energy needed and expanding the range of it.

Yu’er also taught Max her experiences with it as he also got her Skill when they had sex in the tub last night.

Seeing that it was time to go, Max told Yu’er he was going and went to Layla’s house as they would all go together with Layla driving her own car.

The place where they were going to was over an hour drive, just a little bit outside the city. Meeting them at their front gate, Layla turned to him,

“How is it? What do you think?”

She moved her body showing her amazing curves. She was wearing a blouse tucked in her dark colored pants that aren’t too tight against her body.

But even with all of that, her hot curves were still prominent with every movement she makes. She overall looked stylish, not needing to purposely show any skin to look beautiful.

Her hair was neatly tied, reaching just below her shoulders. Max didn’t know what to call it as it’s not a common style to see.

Max turned his gaze to Lydia and was speechless on what he was seeing. She wore her usual oversized baggy hoodie but she was now wearing a pair of sweatpants.

She gave out a lazy impression but with her attractive face, it only made her look cuter. Max thought that with just her face, she would look beautiful whatever she wears.

“Both of you look good.”

Max responded plainly not wanting to fall into Layla’s teasings. Seeing that it didn’t work, Layla stopped showing off by moving her body around to give Max a better view.

“Tsk. No fun.”

Lydia gave out a small chuckle as it was her first time seeing her sister be ignored by a guy. But Layla has something else on her mind.

‘He just brushed me off just like that? That’s a big improvement from the last time when we went to their house. At that time, he eyed my entire body like a pervert for a moment. I bet he didn’t know that I’ve noticed that.’

They went into the car with Lydia sitting on the front seat beside her sister. Max was alone at the back but that wasn’t the thing he was focusing on.

Their car was the one he was observing. The car was a luxurious brand that only rich people can afford. It wasn’t like a sports car that had cheaper prices.

It was a brand that only makes luxury cars like the car they were on. Max can feel the high-quality leather that he was sitting on and beside him was what looked to be a mini refrigerator, the window glass looked different too but he couldn’t say exactly why.

Max never went inside their house to see how wealthy they are that he can only imagine how much money their parents must have left them to enjoy their life like this, doing whatever they want.

That further proved their suspicion that their parents or just one of them were an Awakened as there was no news of their parents being successful business people.

“Yu’er didn’t go with you?… Let me guess, she isn’t good with parties right?”

“Yeah, how did you know?”

“Well, even though I rarely go to parties like these. Through the years, I still keep up with the happenings within the school.”

“I always look at pictures or videos of the parties that I don’t go to but I’ve never seen her even once.”

“Well, there would be a small party next weekend at our house so yeah maybe my sister just doesn’t like getting too much attention.”

“Oh, I’m excited about that! I haven’t told the girls at the swimming team yet but I think they would agree!”


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