Chapter 46 – Party (2)

A blonde girl wearing a tight black dress walked in front of them, giving Layla and her sister a hug.

“You guys really came!”

“Of course, I told you that we’re going!”

“You’re hair is so pretty! Did you made that yourself?”

“No, it’s my little sister that helped me tie it. Look at you, you’re so beautiful with that dress!”

Layla said, looking at the elegant dress that goes well with her graceful movements, giving her an overall elegant aura. With one glance, people can tell that she came from a distinguished family.

She also didn’t hold back in dressing herself up, wearing expensive pieces of jewelry. She had a necklace, a bracelet and there were also jewels on her dress designed to fit perfectly with everything she was wearing.

She smilingly thanked Layla then turned to Lydia who was beside her, still smiling and gave her a nod familiarly as they already knew each other from before. That’s when she saw Max, who was standing next to Lydia.

“Huh? isn’t this?…”

“Yeah, that’s Max. The quiet guy from school that a lot of people know about.”

Many people knew Max at school, not because he was popular or he did something embarrassing. It’s only because he was different. Everyone sees him as a loner that never talks to anyone.

Through the years at school, even those people that never cared about him, have got to know him by at least seeing his loner self that has a bored expression every time, once somewhere at school.

That image of him would be forever imprinted to their minds as a weird event they saw in the past, including her.

Max was also surprised seeing this lady in front of him. He doesn’t know her at all but he felt like he had seen her somewhere, he just couldn’t remember exactly where.

This was the friend of Layla and Lydia, Max wasn’t sure how they’ve met but from the looks of it, they were very close, closer than being normal friends.

Layla said that her name was Lan Ying but people call her by her other name, Alice. She was the one Layla had been talking about, that Max already knew so much about her.

“Max? That’s a huge change.”

Alice stared at Max like she can see through him, making Max uncomfortable inside. He silently asked Little Dou in his mind wanting to know if she was doing something weird.

He also took the chance to check her Status to see if she was the same as them,

[Alice] [Level 14]


[Aura Reader – See the truth by looking at people’s Aura. Effect depends the how strong the target is.]


‘Level 14?!’

‘She’s an Awakened!’

Max looked at the Skill she had and checked how it works and how effective it can be.

‘Wait, then she was looking at my Aura?’

[Just as I expected, she is the same as the three of you!]


‘Little Dou, we’re in trouble! She might see something from my Aura. I’m not yet sure how it works but still, won’t she see something?!’

[I don’t know either. But I know that if other Awakeneds check you with the same Status Checker as you had, they will only see one of your Skills and that will be your Sex Steal Skill!]


[Oh wait! I think I remember about Auras! I think she only sees different colors like if you’re saying the truth, there will be a white Aura surrounding you and if you lie, it’s gray? or black?]


[I can’t recall everything but that’s how it works! There are a lot more colors that she can see but I’m not sure what color’s for what!]


[The System doesn’t give me detailed explanations of Items and Skills, only the general description!]


‘So she might still see something huh?’

While thinking about all that, Max’s facial expression didn’t change. Both Alice and Max just stared at each other like statues.

Alice tried to see his Aura but she wasn’t able to see anything. And Max only stared back at her because he didn’t want to appear guilty of something.

He acted like he had no idea about what was happening but just weirded out by her stare, showing an awkward expression.


Alice realized that she was intently staring at Max, she looked around her and saw that Layla and Lydia were questioningly looking at her.

“Let’s go inside then!”

Alice acted like nothing happened and walked in, dragging Layla with her. Max stared at the blonde girl in front of him.

He remembered everything that Layla said when they were on their way here. Layla told him a lot of important things about her.

What she said was that Alice’s family businesses belong in the same industry as Xiao Ming’s father. Hotel, casinos, ships and yachts, all the same, but they are more focused in their casinos.

Her father was also one of the shareholders of their school, giving her a lot more freedom to do what she wants at school.

Not to mention that she was already the treasurer in the student council at school for a few years now.

One interesting fact was that the biggest and the most popular casino, Royal Grand Casino in Zhonghai City that Max went to, was owned by their family.

But Layla also said that she doesn’t know exactly how strong they are, as they had international connections, making Max curious as to how did Layla know a lot about her.

Max noticed that Alice seemed to give off an intelligent feeling when he was looking at her. But her green eyes and enchanting smile gives out a sly expression that makes him think that she was on to something.

Max had a lot of questions in his mind but he can only wait and see how things will turn out.

Getting inside, Max realized why he didn’t see a lot of people near the entrance. It was because they were having an outdoor party.

Most people were at the back of the house, enjoying the lively atmosphere while having fun with their own group of friends.

There were also people hanging out in the house but it’s more of just small talks and they don’t look to be familiar with each other.

Max can’t understand why would someone talk to other people that they don’t even know. It’s just a waste of time as they probably won’t see each other again anyway.


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