Chapter 47 – Party (3)

Currently, Max was left with Lydia as Alice took Layla to meet some of their schoolmates that were already there.

A while ago, while looking around the place, Max used the opportunity to check the people that he saw one by one.

It was surprisingly easy because if they’re not an Awakened, he would only see their name and their level being 1. The third section where their Skill would be located won’t have anything on it.

There were only a few hundred people attending the party so after a few minutes, he finished checking most people that he can see.

So far, he didn’t see any Awakened among them. He thought that maybe Awakened in this city isn’t as common as he thought.

He also saw Layla and Alice with some of their schoolmates, hanging out near the pool area. Max found a sit to stay on with Lydia as he was enjoying the atmosphere in there.

There were a lot of women in their swimsuits playing in the pool. Some of them were also hot that Max couldn’t help but repeatedly stare at them without being too obvious about it.

He also fixed his focus to where Layla’s group were, as some of her schoolmates were just wearing skimpy swimsuits that he just enjoyed the scenery that he had the chance to see.

This was the first time he experienced a real party. He didn’t know what he should do so he just relaxed acting like everything was under his control.

While slowly figuring things out he checked out the hot girls one by one. The first one has short brown hair but with a voluptuous body.

‘No, I don’t like her. I think she had been going at too many parties that she was probably taken by many guys already.’

What Max thought was true because he watched as the girl started to make out with some random guy. He changed his focus to another target.

He stared at the hot friends of Layla. One girl was especially gorgeous, having a long blue hair with an orange bikini.

‘Beautiful! Those curves! Her breasts were a little bit bigger than average but her ass and thighs were perfect! Wide hips and long legs? Is she a part of the swimming team too?’

Max greatly enjoyed his time looking at different women. It was too bad that he couldn’t do anything to his hard-on as there were a lot of people everywhere.

Overall, the party appeared to be really plain as nothing unusual happened. He took the time to hang out with Lydia.

They went everywhere they can go to, played simple games together, tried out different dishes and the unique refreshments that were available.

They also talked about random stuff, just about everything that they can think of. There were some times when people join their conversation where they replied with a few words, not wanting to be rude.

Unknowingly, they forgot the time and just continued having fun with each other.

Max had to admit that even though this Xiao Ming has a bad reputation, he can really throw a decent party.

After spending a considerable amount of time at the party, he still hasn’t found any Awakened. This gave him a feeling of security that he would not be in danger even when there were so much people in there.

While he was relaxing, enjoying the party with Lydia, someone was thinking about him elsewhere.

Alice had been with Layla the entire time. After chatting with their friends, she pulled Layla to some place that doesn’t have many people.

“Layla, so is Max an Awakened?”

“Huh? Why? I didn’t see anything unusual about him so far. So no, I don’t think he is an Awakened.”

“Are you sure? So that I know how to act around him.”

“Yeah, his sister was a friend of mine so I am sure.”

When Layla said that Max wasn’t an Awakened. Alice had a lot of thoughts in her mind.

‘Is she hiding it? That’s impossible, she would never hide something from me. We’ve been very close since middle school and I can tell by her Aura that she was telling the truth.’

‘That means they don’t know that Max was an Awakened? I’m not really sure but I have a feeling that he is.’

‘All I see in his Aura was that he was quite weak but stronger than normal people or maybe he is just stronger than me that I can’t see it clearly?’

‘But that doesn’t matter right now. All that matters was that he is an Awakened and he is hiding it!’

‘I’ll observe him first to confirm it before telling Layla and Lydia. They should know that Max was an Awakened so they can keep their guard up in case something happens.’

‘Max huh? What are you hiding?’

‘Looks like interesting things will happen from now on.’

Alice gave out a bewitching smile saying,

“Let’s go find where they are! They might be bored already.”

“So you guys were here.”

Layla finally found them after going around the entire house. They were currently in a quiet hallway as they were tired of being approached by people.

“I’ve been trying to find you guys for quite some time now!”

“We stayed here as it’s too noisy out there and we’re bored, not knowing what else to do.”

“Hey, I haven’t even done anything yet. I’ve just been chatting with some of my friends. Come with me, let’s do something outside!”

“By the way, where’s Alice?’

“She just went to the restroom, she’ll be back in a few minutes! Let’s just wait for her then!”

While the three of them were talking to each other, waiting for Alice to arrive. An annoying voice sounded out the entire hallway.

“Layla, you came!”


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