Chapter 7 – Aftermath

After Max finished filling Lydia up with his cum, he was overwhelmed with exhaustion so he laid down on top of her to rest.

Unknowingly, he fell asleep. Max woke up feeling a movement under him.

‘What’s happening?’

Max opened his eyes to look below him.

‘Wait! I fell asleep on top of her! Damn! I’m in real trouble now. What should I do?’

Recalling everything that happened a while ago, made his limp dick that’s still inside Lydia, slowly grow bigger.

‘Ahh! So tight!’

When he looked below him, Max saw Lydia looking at him not knowing what to do. Looking at each other’s eyes like this made it worse as his dick was getting bigger inside her. Lydia definitely felt it too!

‘What should I do? I need to give her a good impression! I can’t fuck it up like this!’

‘I’m going to try something. I hope this works!’

Max slowly pulled out his dick from Lydia’s pussy, but her juices that dried while they were resting made it harder for him. Lydia’s pussy right now was especially tight and his dick was a bit sensitive too.

While he was trying to pull it out, Max heard Lydia moan! His dick immediately got fully erect, rubbing against her upper walls. Max quickly pulled it out in case she thinks that he was taking advantage of her.

After pulling his still hard dick, Max immediately went away to sit on the corner of the bed. Lydia also got up and changed into a sitting position.

*awkward silence*

‘What to do…?’

Max stood up naked acting like he forgot about it and went in front of Lydia quickly, acting like he was nervous and said,

“I’m sorry! You can do whatever you want but please don’t report me to the office!”

Max acted like he was guilty about everything that happened and scared about being reported. He also put a scared face while looking at her, still naked.

‘Let’s see what you’re going to do.’

Lydia looked surprised about what he said but Max can see that she sometimes looks at his standing dick. Completely oblivious that Max can see the direction her eyes were pointing to.

After a while, Lydia gave a nod and answered,

“I’m really sorry too, I remembered that you were just trying to help me out of good intentions.”

“I’m Max.”

“Nn. I know. We went to the same middle school. I’m Lydia.” Lydia replied with her sweet sounding voice.

“What should we do now?” Max asked.

“Nothing, it’s fine. We should just forget about this.”

‘I can’t let it stop here! I need to try to make her open up about herself. I also wanted her to know that I’m interested in women and to make her look at me as a man.’

Now, Max need to make Lydia comfortable being with him so he said,

“But i…it’s my first time!”

Lydia’s face turned red after she heard what Max said.

“It’s your first time too! Look there’s blood.”

Max added while pointing towards his standing dick that still has some blood and other fluids on it.

After Lydia looked at it, she turned even redder. Lydia hid her head between her knees trying to hide from embarrassment.

Suddenly, Max pretended to remember something and acted scared while hurriedly saying to her.

“We’ve got a huge problem!”

“What is it?”

Lydia was confused and turned to look at me. She cutely tilted her head and asked.

While still acting scared, Max pointed at Lydia’s pussy that was covered with a towel and said,

“I ejaculated inside you. You might get pregnant!”

Lydia slightly lifted her towel and looked downwards. She then shyly said while having a red face,

“I… I’m on a pill.”

‘She won’t really get pregnant because my Child Making Mode was turned off.’

But Max was really surprised that Lydia takes pills. Maybe Lydia saw the look of his face and said,

“It’s my big sister. She forced me to take it.”

‘Now she’s starting to open up! I need to continue talking. What should I say? She doesn’t seem to care about me taking her virginity. Why is that? I can’t really ask about it. I’ll just ask next time when we get closer.’

Max shamelessly walked out of the room naked to check what the time is.

‘She probably thinks that because I don’t talk much at school, I’m a shy person.’

‘Acting a bit shameless will make me be able to do a lot more to her now and in the future. Especially when I started making my move on her in the next few days.’

‘It’s almost 7 pm already! We should probably go home now.’

Max went back inside the room and saw that Lydia already wore her clothes.

Lydia wearing a different shirt but her sports shorts was the same. Her shorts look especially hot right now knowing that her panties were soaked with his cum, making his dick stand up again.

Lydia’s face turned red seeing his dick, she sneakily looks at it occasionally while pretending to not care. Then Max asked her,

“It’s already late now, do you walk home?”

Lydia nodded. So Max sneakily asked,

“I can just walk with you, where do you live?”

“Just a few minutes walk away, near the park.”

Lydia vaguely answered. But it didn’t matter! Coincidentally, Max’s house was also close to the park!

“I also live near the park, let’s go together then.”

Not waiting for her answer, Max went on to wear his clothes bit by bit in front of Lydia. He didn’t care about her seeing him. Lydia will see more of his naked body soon anyway!

After cleaning everything, they went out of the room. Max slowly checked to see if anyone was outside and saw no one. He locked the door to the clinic so that no one will go in.

‘I’ll just pick it again next time.’

They then slowly walked out the school. While walking, Max tried to initiate a conversation. He wanted to make Lydia closer to him in some way before reaching her house.

“Why are you not angry?”


Lydia looked at him confusingly while tilting her head.

“Why are you not angry about what happened?”

Lydia looked like she was contemplating whether to tell him something. After a moment, she said,

“My sister said first times are the worst and that it would hurt really bad. Mine wasn’t that bad. I didn’t hurt that much either.”

“It also felt good.”

Lydia added in a very quiet voice almost like a whisper. Max cheered in his head but pretended to not hear it.

‘Of course, it would feel good! I used my only Aphrodisiac Powder with my heavenly sex techniques! I should watch out for some useful skills in the store next time. I’ll make it feel even better in the future!’

Now that Max knew Lydia’s thoughts about it. He only needed to find a way to get closer to Lydia at school while trying to break her relationship with Dex.

‘All these hot women are mine and no one else’s!’

After a few minutes of walking, Lydia stopped and said,

“We’re here.”

Max was surprised! Because their house was only one block away. He can already see their roof from where they were! He then told Lydia,

“What a coincidence! We live close to each other!”

“Look, that’s our house. You can see the roof!”

Max pointed to where their house was, then he turned to look at her. Lydia looked surprised with her eyes wide open.

‘Haha, it seems like we will have a lot of fun from now on!’

“If you need something from me, just go to our house! It’s only me and my sister living in there.”

Max told her that it’s only him and his sister living in there so that Lydia won’t hesitate too much if she needed something.

‘Maybe we can even play in the pool together!’

“Thanks for walking me home.”

“Yeah, no problem.”

Lydia then smiled as a response. Max went on to walk home while thinking about everything that happened. His plans were starting to fit in perfectly to each other.

Now Max only need a way to get closer to Lydia at school, then he would pretty much have her for himself! He also needed to do something about him being invisible at school.

‘I’ll slowly think about that later.’

Reaching home, Max went straight to my basement. He wanted to see how much he earned from having fun with Lydia.

“Fairy, how much points did I earn?”

[You earned a total of 2500 Points!
• 50 Points earned for kissing and groping!
• 400 Points earned for fucking her pussy!
• 400 Points for ejaculating inside her!
• 400 Points for taking her virginity!
• NTR Multiplier: x2! For playing with someone else’s girlfriend!] explained the Fairy!

‘NTR Multiplier?! Taking someone else’s girlfriend gives out a lot of Points! It doubled every Point that I’ve earned. I should also be able to level up with all the Points that I got.’

[You’ve earned a lifetime of 2000 Points. You leveled up! Please check the Store for the new items available!]


[You’ve earned a lifetime of 3000 Points. You leveled up! Please check the Store for the new items available!]



[Level: 4][3800/4000 Lifetime Points]


[Points: 2500]



– Lust Meter (Passive)

– Child Making Mode (OFF)





[Women Conquered]



[Store] Current Points: 2500

Weakness Reader – Read a girl’s mind to learn their weakness. (can only be used twice a day) 500 Points

Time Stop (Weak Version) – Stop time for 30 seconds. (can only be used twice a day) 1000 Points

|NEW!| Sexual Aura (Weak Version) – Make one targeted person sexually aroused. The longer they’re targeted, the stronger the effects. Physical contact doubles the effect. 2500 Points

|NEW!| Magical Voice (Weak Version) – People will be comfortable hearing your voice, slowly making them open up to you. 2000 Points

Face Mask – You can change your appearance to look like someone else for 1 hour. (one use) 200 Points

Aphrodisiac Powder – Can be put into food or drinks that will make a girl horny for 1 hour. 200 Points

Sleeping Serum – Make a girl fall into a deep sleep for 1 hour after drinking. 100 Points

Memory Wipe – Wipe the past 30 seconds of memories. (one-time use) 300 Points

|NEW!| Invisibility Potion – Turn your body invisible for 10 minutes. 500 Points

|NEW!| Health Potion – Cleans your body of any impurities making you look better and healthier. 200 Points

|NEW!| Memory Potion – Permanently learn everything you see in 1 minute. 300 Points.

[Lottery Spin] 100 Points

‘There’s a lot of new items! Well, I leveled up twice after all. What? Sexual Aura?! Invisibility Potion?! Memory Potion?!’

‘These items will be incredibly useful! Especially the Sexual Aura that I can synchronize with the Lust Meter. I can activate my Sexual Aura then check their lust level with the Lust Meter!’

Max didn’t use the Lust Meter while having sex with Lydia and his sister, because he used the Aphrodisiac Powder that makes a woman automatically horny and the Sleeping Serum that makes someone fall into a deep sleep. Using it won’t help him in any way.

‘But if I bought the Sexual Aura and use it with the Lust Meter, I can use both of it to the best of their potential! Those two really complement each other perfectly!’

‘It’s just that, it’s priced at a whopping 2500 Points! That’s all the Points that I’ve earned! These new skills are also more than double the price of the old ones.’

‘I guess it makes sense. It’s a passive ability after all. Passive abilities would surely be more expensive because there’s no time limit to use it. I can turn it on and off any time I want!’

‘Fairy, I’ll buy the Sexual Aura!’

Max was now used to speaking to the Fairy in his mind. It makes things easier when he’s in public. Then Max looked at his Status page,

[Max] [Level: 4][3800/4000 Lifetime Points] [Points: 0] [Skills]

– Lust Meter (Passive)

– Child Making Mode (OFF)

– Sexual Aura (Passive)


[Missions] [Store] [Women Conquered]


‘Great! I can’t wait to test all of this out! Maybe tomorrow after class, I can use the train to go to the popular mall in the neighbouring city.’

As Max was close to sleeping, lying down on his bed.

[New Missions available!]


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