Take Up the Cross – Chapter 111: Breaking the Brick ☆

“Kohl, mished Bosh!”



(The worst hindrance for my entire plot!)


Kol screams into his face with a coarse odor that honey wine doesn’t leave. Earthy and fruity instead, a raw taste of Zennia’s alcoholic obsessions leaves Adris wanting to spit into her mouth to close it.

“Looked all… all ‘round, but, now, Kol sh’aved Bosh, right!?!”

Oh, so happy to “rescue” Adris, it’s far from piety and duty that burns in Kol’s heart. Mouth open, she pants while leaning in for another deep whiff, nostrils flaring as she steals it.

“Mmm, Kohl, glad Bosh good… Kohl, did good thing… now, give, Kohl, ‘thanksss’…!

“I—! Ugh!


A single word quickly rejected sends Adris higher up with Kol’s hands under his armpits. She rubs her face against his chest while his erect dick drills into her rock-firm stomach!

Even if he can keep his hands off of other females if he focuses, all the way up to the alluring and silent siren that Still is, there’s an odor infecting him that tries to slide his mind into a frenzy.


(“— A great Tribulation —” is all you give me to stop this rampaging brigand!? No, there’s… more, unreadable…!?)


Even a Talent designed to demystify cannot scratch beyond the surface of the pitch black aura, the ones Adris can make appear in his sight when thinking of others’ place in his world, that the kobold exudes.

Deeper than any other flavor he’s encountered thus far, its quality is both overwhelming and hiding a secret twist which the subdued harpies did not have.


Eternal rage that curdles your interest even as your loins tighten!

Uncultured arrogance that offends the intellect while a brute’s fascination growls in approval!

The irrepressible desire to stand out before all others, perfectly matching a brilliant man’s life in the light cast by others’ greed that he acted in!


None of these common spicy and sweet layers obscure the bitter flavor overtaking his brain, reminding him of the experience that it is to read Rantil. Even as his spirit rouses from immediate danger, her aura looms over it and falls downward to suppress it.

Like the allip’s corrupting influence, Kol’s is a tantalizing call to roll in desperate play before seeing who is top and which bottom will be crushed into the dirt!


(This rambunctious idiot is like me in more ways than this! She’s a crossbreed of unknowable darkness and insipid normality, too! I’ve… created…!)


What Adris started in the garden in desperate terror and continued in erotic fixation upon how far into her pussy he could screw his fingers, has grown to surpass those early inklings of her budding power. An ascension stage’s sage-like neutrality is aided by his lurid observation of her strong frame.

Kol’s emotions change along with each touch and meeting of skin between them. The environment two opposing lovers cultivate is a wildfire!

So taken by drink that she tilts forward, one hybrid almost collapses onto another. Adris uselessly slams his fists into her shoulders, begging his visions to stop and for her to release him before he commits a deathly carnal error.

“KOL! Let me down!”

“… Huufff… Mmm!? Oh, Bosh…?”

Finally becoming aware that he’s a being separate from herself, Kol’s muddy consciousness is too obsessed with Adris for him to escape the same draw. Tail still wagging and whipping around, she bites her lower lip coyly upon recognition of him. When Adris averts his gaze so that he can’t stare into her pink jewels, she gains a smile like a kid out of the corner of his eye.

“Huh, down? What’if, Bosh, run ‘gin…? Kohl, won’ let you~?”

“I have no need to flee from you.”


Adris awkwardly reaches down and jams his finger into her nose, earning a snort for the abuse as she spits.

“… HAH!? Bosh… alwaysh actin’ like Kohl, nothin’, huh…?”


(No! I act like the sexual catastrophe you are…!)


At her side, a rough-looking champion leans in to squint in disbelief, for he’s seeing past the illusion, too.

“No…? Huh.”

Unsure before now, the cocksure grimace full of veiled contempt Castile gains proves how fast a disguise can melt away.


(Such sad limits…!)


“Hah, your ‘Boss’ is just busy, Pink. Saying that he doesn’t have time for kids’ games, yeah?”

“Bosh, never, play game! Alwaysh… smart…! Workin’ sumthin’!

Adris can’t tell if he’s being defended or insulted, but it leaves him equally cold and hot at this girl who has been wasting time inebriating herself when enemies abound. If he can’t detach himself from the mind-numbing smell he’s cooking in, then he’ll lash out at it and give into anger instead!

“For telling me you got a lot of respect for this guy, the way you show it is pretty weird, you know?”

“… Ah, yes! In this case, Castile would be correct, Kol!”


(No…! Calm down… and use that voice cultivated just for this…!)


“That you might finally act even the least bit knightly when showing respect due, for once, instead of just ignoring my words—”

Almost a roar before, he lowers his voice until it drips venom by the last bit of his jab.

Release me.


Whether it hit correctly or not, Adris can’t tell. The moment his anger is voiced, all he can feel like is jamming his dick down her opened mouth full of hazardous teeth…


(Ah… help me…)


“Ahh, right, ‘knight’ is her favorite word, glad you know it!” Hazing the kobold as she gapes in shock, Castile clicks his tongue and sounds like a father demeaning a bratty daughter. “You were bragging at me that you’d learned to ask nicely, just like ‘Great Knight’ does? That ‘politeness’ is a little weird in practice, Pink, haha!”

Affably, despite the contents of the joke being at Kol’s expense, Castile shakes the girl’s shoulder while drawing closer.


(A wonderful lifeline from impending death…! Though, why…?)


Rather than aid in Adris succumbing to his growing erection and thrusting himself at the cause of it, Castile distracts her from her mad quest for closeness.


(… You are the spy that keeps me from talking plainly with Kol! From… asserting myself with…?)


“Nah!? Pish off, Rooshter!”

Adris is usually clever, but the reason for Castile to intrude escapes him. With how hard Castile is staring at Kol and how little the girl fights back against another man crowding her…

Kohl, show ‘ready, came here to…!” Screaming and bickering is forthcoming, until something else takes Kol’s priority. “OH!? RIGHT!”


Kol finally drops Adris to land on unsure feet and kick away like a wounded cat. Leaving Kol confused, he makes sure he’s standing tall and quickly catches his breath further away from her tasty stench.


“Uh, Bosh…? AH!” The doll does not budge as Kol cautiously leans in and sniffs while whispering, “‘BLACKIE’…? Smell like…?

… before aggressively closing on the servant’s thin neck.


(You… don’t just, lick others like that…!)


With a lecherous slurp that flushes Kol’s cheeks for a moment and leaves Adris’ throat tight, Kol digs for “authenticity” in a way that compels him to step forward to clap her on the head before he restrains the unusual black tremors building in his heart.




(I finally had my lust under control, and then the one girl who I can’t stop from boiling my mind pops out…! I have to get rid of her, now!)




“… Huh, not Blackie…!? Geh, meybe, another ‘goop’!?” At first ecstatically happy, Kol then collapses into despair. Her legs wobble and thighs squeeze against themselves. Once rage flies away, the wolf-like girl squirming where she stands turns her head wildly, searching for this elusive goal. “Nnnn!? Bosh, then… where, ‘Blackie’!? Kohl, shwear, wush gonna…!?”

Whining and grasping, Kol’s fast hands earn a slap when they grab Adris’ vest again.

Eyes that were soft, hungry, firm in dismay.


(No thanks to any of you, that threat is over.)


“You’re far too late to add in your bit, Kol. I’ve already destroyed that disappointing… traitor.” Evenly said, Adris refrains from choking on the hardest word.

“NAH!? Bosh!? Beat…!?” The oversized spear clatters to the floor again, leaving Kol to grab her head and flail about in angst. “GRAAH!? Kohl… Uh, Kol wanted, was lookin’ to beat up that…!


With the tag-alongs intently watching, Adris keeps tip-toeing away from the unsteady kobold.


(How much did you drink!? Get a grip!)


Kol keeps stammering, stuck in random thoughts that can’t add up to her rationale for her actions as Adris just quietly squints in return. “Ah, come on… Bosh!? Kohl, knows, can fixsh…!?”


(Don’t waste my time with excuses!)


Adris’ touch is already on Kol’s cheek, though he begs his body to flee.


(And don’t fall for her, you idiot charlatan…!)


Ready to forgive her and then steal her tongue!

The real enemy at present is this tomboy in masculine clothes that hides a perfectly feminine figure, with an outfit so advantageously crafted that Adris’ fast fingers at her hips are ready to rip open the crotch which stretches from thigh to thigh with a pull-down access!

Kol leans in silently while watching, her eyes flicking nervously as Adris plans to release the tension across her mons and slit that the restraining buttons at her waist imprison with.


(But I don’t have a death wish…!)


Adris can never give into this hunger, giving away far too much if he does…!


Just as Kol’s darkness carries maddening howls, ones that whisper with repressed longings tickling his soul in a way that the dark world’s with “Serras” didn’t, it also invites the shadows around her unnoticing self to crowd and pelt Adris with accusations.

To oppress and dominate, to warp into submission: they scream that one or the other must surrender, gibbering about how little the reason for this matters…!


Adris fehl Dain cannot exist in the same place as Kol ‘fehl Dain’ without the two being weighed against the other.

Evil armor and black cross are unsteady allies, at best.

Their “concepts” can coexist, but only in appropriate circumstances and in the right power dynamic.




(No, no, no! I can have Kol anytime…! That, I think I can survive, at least…)


Rather than fiddle with his comrade’s pantaloons any longer, he pushes her away.

“AH!? Why…?”


(Now isn’t the time to die after escaping it once! Just, get her to leave, then, even if I have to hurt her to do it…!)




“If you… hadn’t been so busy preening about beating the wolf woman…!” Catching his breath, forcing his lungs to not be empty and needy, Adris sneers at her while waving his hand. “… you would’ve been there for the real threat when you were required.”


If Adris can’t win an argument with logic, then he can easily make her back down with their failures. Make his attraction die by turning her beautiful face hideous with rage.


(And share some of the pain I went through!)


“But…! Kol wash, no, ish feelin’… too much, so Kol…!?” Again the girl shifts uncomfortably, rubbing hands over her arms and then her breasts. “Ah!? … It, Kol tried to win and join Bosh…!”

A dark glare turns to lock on Castile, though the inoffensive red-headed gunman doesn’t appear to notice this hatred in his reverie over the spectacle.


(Stop looking at him!)



Adris’ hand yanks on her head, bringing her back to the argument she started.

“Tried!? I see, you ‘tried’ to be my Right Hand against that traitor, just like you tried to win in the garden?”


“Then, did you not even beat her, Kol, if it’s the same outcome?”

“Well… Kol, did beat a lot… of…!”

“And without beating her yourself, you’re still punishing that monstrosity like you won handily? Enjoying your position to have some fun tormenting your lessers?”

“… Oh…!? Nah!? Why is, Kol, bad one, now!?” Like always, her fur starts to hackle when her competence is in question. “Bosh, mesh around with bad guys, enjoy…! Kol doesn’t like…!


Anger shifts quickly, though Adris no longer cares.

It’s too much to deal with right now, because once he has his result he can ignore the argument.


Becoming furious with Kol, he no longer needs to feel her touch as they keep slapping each other’s grips away.

Adris finds his strikes to be entirely expert in a way that causes Kol to bare her teeth, spitting acid when she can’t land a grapple.


“Grah!? Bosh, fasht!


(Again, you have to have things your way!)




Every time things get good…


(Kol always blunders through my winning streak, stomping my trick dice flat before I can even collect on half of what Fate owes me by now!)




While anger sharpens her wits, Adris’ glare still becomes so hard that she unconsciously backs down. Notes of total confusion and indignation join with the weird neediness to Kol’s musk, a brilliant loss of momentum that Adris marches all over!

“Do you not recall who won in the mud, already grabbing at me again!? Are you abandoning the glory of honor so swiftly, raising a challenge with petty complaints?”

“No…!? What, Kol remembers what she said! Kol… isn’t doing like that, not…!”

Adris’ accusation sobers her up, leaving her flexing fingers and swaying as if she’s got biting ants crawling on exposed skin.

“No… Kol, didn’t come to fight, or challenge, ah, not Boss, at least? How Boss fought was… very strong, impressive, more than Kol…”

A hint of jealousy bleeds back into her voice, but she also stares even more hungrily.


(What? How did I fight at all!? … You’re just looking for excuses, passing it off on me!?)


Adris can’t see any truth in the idea of him winning the mysterious confrontation of the last night, no matter how much he wants to believe he did.


“No, Kol, happy with that…! Ah, Kol wants, oh, was hoping…!”

She paws at him again, not grabbing as if she’s rediscovered manners. Voice going lower, she instead sounds muted as she slinks closer.

“Kol… needs…!

Adris leans in and whispers for only her to hear…




You need to realize who the real enemy is here.”




… before pushing her away.

If he stays within a foot of this brain-melting object for even a second longer, he’ll rip his own pants off and start barking for her to kneel with her mouth open.


(If we embrace each other now, we— no, I, might go insane and never leave here!)


Adris’ senses are entangling with Kol’s again, lusts weaving together as he longs to be free of that bondage. Even without attempting to overlap, just their mutual agitation brings pleasure when Adris pushes off her skin.

With “the end” approaching, hinting to Kol that she could sate his lusts with eager encouragement for the effort would tip her into a “challenge”.

If Adris were to let go of his shielding outrage, surrender would be instantaneous to a day of pleasure and torment under her bouncing hips.




(You idiots left me to face “Death” alone! Even if “Serras” would never have harmed me, the fear backing her could’ve ruined me!)


That raw truth aids in disentangling his needs from this easy outlet.


(I bet “Castile” and “Serras” are just dying to watch me lose myself like an idiot while strangled by your tight hole! But, I won’t give them the satisfaction…!)




“I have important work to attend to, Kol.”

“Nah!? Important!?” Reaching for him while snarling, Kol then drops her hands. “Kol, not important?”


Giving space? Looking for a new angle of attack?

Adris isn’t sure of the reason when she lowers her head, huffing the whole time while whispering painfully.


“Kol, wants to be part… of, big plan… to… be useful…” Why isn’t voiced, because she constantly brushes off her part. Or, worse, she improvises painfully and leaves it up to him and Still to clean up.

Kol squints in pain and chews on her words with consideration. “Why, Kol not… part of Boss’ plan, or couldn’t be?”


(Why is this…?)


Something stabs at Adris’ heart, but the attempt to brush Kol off is working.

“If you bothered to keep up, you could be. But, I’d have to see that effort first…”


Feeling victorious with that barb, Adris swiftly clasps his hand around his “student’s” smaller one.

Grabbing another female’s hand appeals to Adris. It refocuses the energies that awakened upon seeing Kol’s youthful, tanned self that seems stuck in idiotic fantasy about what he represents.

A meager fantasy he’s eager to prove insufficient to describe his sexual exploits…


(I don’t exist just for you to challenge!)


“The good of others comes before our own petty needs or lapses, even if we’re teammates, Kol.”



The floor shudders once when Kol stomps down, cracking a tile and taking the trio from the door when the rest back away from growing danger.

A wild energy flows through her, causing the air to feel both crisp and dry with sudden heat!


“Shitty… goop… thinks better than Kohl!? Take Bosh… muh teesher, like Blackie, try, too!?



(“Teesher” (TEACHER)!? What…!?)


A brief clarity in Kol’s demeanor refogs with the alcohol and petulant rage joining hands. Her fearsome heat haze traps all present, currently disregarding Adris as an “ally” when the hallway seems to warp into a rounded tunnel with her at one end.


“Leggo… muh Bosh…!

“… I…”


Fearless, yet confused, Adris’ cohort instead defends him with her own body as she offers herself to this desert mirage.

“… I… regrettably decline any commands from ‘you’, honored guest. My ‘brother’ and I are currently carrying out an important mission.”

Though utterly incapable of protecting anyone, her actions mystify the boy with how emotional she grows carrying them out.

“Please seek another servant… perhaps, the one assigned to you.”


(Is this… jealousy? No?)


Not sure why he immediately thought she’d be jealous, the well-bred contraption instead seems resolute to simply keep at this “game of indoctrination” that he’s started.

Even if it’s an order from another guest, she doesn’t show servility. Instead, it’s a stoic pride that opposes Kol.


“AH!? … Then… goop, decidsh…” Although not long, Adris remembers how vicious Kol’s claws are when her fingers curl and the tips grow sharper. “WANNA GET BROKE…!?


Adris rips his attaché away, inverting Kol’s object of hatred. An act that only causes Kol’s eyes to shake harder with fury.

Stand down!

“Bosh… gonna…!? Why, more than Kohl…!?”


Confusion, despair, and something else colors the tanned face of Adris’ implacable frontliner. Even if she’s piss drunk, Adris could never expect the shaking kobold to showcase so many rare emotions like…


(Why are you sad!? SHIT! This isn’t what I need right now…!)


“Hold up, Pink!”

“Rooshter, leave Kohl, ALO—!


Muscles strain as two arms meet, a clap of air sounding off when Castile clamps down!





Kol’s arm is lifted up, struggling with all her might to drag Castile’s down as the man is forced to bend.

The two seek their own victory, leaving Adris free to back away. Though her heat haze might bind others without question, the subtly ringing bells linked to a black cross artfully used as decor do not forgive attempts to cow him.

Phantasmal flames lick at him as he pulls away, but even “Serras” comes free in a stupor after being yanked out. Once withdrawn, her troubled face recovers an implacable, but curious, expression.




The ground cracks more as Kol leans forward, ripping to free her arm to try to fling a grown man clear down the hallway!





Castile twirls past the titanic shorty, barely avoiding being tossed headlong when he releases at the last moment. Recovering in between the two sides, the chipper slayer slowly reaches down and picks up his dropped hat.


“HAH! Kohl, told’ju! LEGGO—!”

“Man, when did you get to be so strong, Pink?”

“— MUH—

Ah? Shtrong!?


Kol’s rage subsides like a crying kitten given milk. Castile’s muttered compliment leaves the kobold girl swaying in place, both dumbfounded and exhilarated as her lips taste the words.

“Mmm? Rooshter… think, Kohl… shtrong?”


(He better by now, or he’d be a fool!)


Having someone else compliment Kol goes a long way in defusing her meltdown. Adris observes as Castile sidles up to Kol, herding her from the doorway’s entrance.


(Help!? He’s helping!? Then… time to exit…)


“Huh, I remember a girl in rags who screamed a lot, but that was a while ago, damn I’m dumb?” Adris notes that this “Castile” sounds unusually wistful, a mood that brings pause to his escape. “Especially last night, I felt like I was getting slow when you kept acing every ~BOOST~…?

“Oh!? Kohl…? KAKAKAKAKA!” Despair and anger switch for pure satisfaction, with Kol stumbling to lean against the gate’s other door for support. Slapping it repeatedly, she keeps babbling. “Welllll, Kohl, done a lot of work…! Beat, lotsha shtrong monstersh…?”

“Anything like what us four found on the way up to the second tier?”


“… Pink, you ain’t taken the time to talk to me today! I’m listening…

Somehow, the focus of the fight shifts completely. A careful invitation from a sure-footed ladies’ man starts a conversation that blinds Kol to Adris’ presence.


(… That’s… good…?)


“O-Oh? Ah, then, in… in old place, Kohl, fought… giant Shiny Rooshter! It, ob-obnox-? Ah, ‘disgusting’, like small Rooshter! Kakaka!”


(… Finally, peace.)


Content to leave these two to their own conversation, Adris uses many mental tricks to push down his burning guts. To slacken the tent that his pants have become.

Though he doesn’t know what’s driving Kol to act so belligerent, he has to ignore the sights and smells, or he’ll lose himself entirely.

“Let’s go.”



Around the side, the two (in-training) servants of Kestner avoid this isolated discussion as Castile moves his large body to lean on the same door next to the small Kol.

“Oh? That strong, and we kept passing it by!? How’d you ‘gild’ it then, white tiger?”

“KAKAKAKA! Chopped at big chicken, tried to make it dinnah~!”


(I can return to Kol later. By then, she’ll have sobered up…)


“Ah…!? Bosh, wait!

A last gasp of effort goes with Kol looking past Castile for Adris, one that is ignored.

Only for the blocker to seamlessly steal sight once more as Kol’s obsession cools.

“Nah… uh… fine…? Haah… haaaah…!

If… no, choice… then Kohl will…!




When they’re finishing with their conversation, Adris will be well ahead in his plan…


(Let’s resume my proper disguise.)


A mental trick isn’t even needed, though he has the code words and thoughts that Fatso taught him to alter his personality and sense of self.

Instead, Adris just slides back into a role.

One of many throughout the years, not even the imposing height and artificial opulence of these hallways can oppress now.




Adjusting his sash and vest, a servant prepares for work.


By the time he’s ready for this previous guest to be talked with, he’ll have completed his duties that are currently being neglected. —


(OH!? Hmm? An interesting way of looking at things.)


A vision, flashes of scenes with a silent narrative, replace his sight for a moment.


(I need to make sure the servants are “working properly”? There’s much to discover about the manse’s state, but I hope there’s not too many easy weaknesses…)


His hand conveys instructions to his tagalong.

“Serras” nods her head at his own tilt.


(No, our names are already set, aren’t they? They fit in accordance with the “Maker’s designs”, just as if they always belonged~.)


The hallways ahead will contain a lone harpy along the way at some point.


From this lesser servant he meets, he will obtain information in order to carry out his intentions. To discover his truths and move this tale to its proper conclusion. —


(What a useful… and upfront Talent…?)




On the other side of the gate, the last bits of conversation call out like an evil omen even when Adris swallows the last of his insecurities down.


“Man, Pink, who would’ve guessed you’d turn out so strong with a sturdy set of black armor and a little polish scrubbed on it?”

“KAKAKA! Rooshter, finally… seee? How great Kohl ish, after sho long…!?”

“‘After so long’, that what you said? Ah, maybe I was wrong from the start…?”

Nah…?” There’s a feminine shock in Kol’s voice, before Kol’s rich voice fills with allure. “Oh… really?”

It comes directly after Castile’s tone grows more familiar.

More effortlessly inviting and equally intrusive.



… Brother?”

Ahead, his sister pulls on him.


The proud banners which hang in their matching colors are a constant reminder of the destined future of this story. Her face betrays confusion that has never been witnessed, as if she’s beginning to doubt his motives.


(I can’t have that.)


A story the servant started, one imagined so that this doll can pull a concealed dagger from her dress to lodge in the back of her Maker, is necessary so that the Creator of this tale can laugh his head off…




“Hey, Kol, they say a woman gets, just, amazingly beautiful when she gets some self-confidence…”


“So how’d a mad dog like you become a stunner when you were already so sure of yourself…?”




(What the fuck kind of line is that?)



An essential component of the duo stops in a rush, leaving his opposite yanking as the boy turns and stares back down their trail.




“… Huh? Kohl, not dog…!? What, ‘stunner’, that… mean…?”

“Just, I feel like I was blind, thinking you were a kid instead of…? Being a bit lame is something guys like me can be when we’re too busy not looking, so sorry, I blinked like an idiot and missed it!”

“… AHH!? Sorry!? Why…?”




A clever apology that means nothing is a clear opening move.

Any charlatan’s mind that hones such verbal weapons can follow the purpose and means of this man’s conversation, already unmasking the intended goal.


It’s an easy conclusion to reach.

That she hasn’t noticed it is because the words are a smokescreen far thicker than her intellectual prowess can clear.

It’s a tool as beautiful as the girl he talks to.

A precise instrument that lays out poisoned meat for an arrogant puppy to chew up.


The absolute enticement of a strong man who can seem as weak as he needs to be in order to show how much he longs for someone.




(It’s all too easy to appeal to women when you’re both indisputably handsome and eloquent in your simplicity. To use insult and compliment together to throw someone off!)




“Maybe… I was blind to a real gem? Jealous a bit, that it might one day shine brighter than me? Maybe you’re even… better than me, right now, in some ways, Pink?”

“Kohl… ish… better than… Rooshter…!? REALLY!? … No, KAKAKA, that, ‘obvious’!”


The large portal’s door slowly, ever so torturously, swings shut.

Behind it, with time running out before they will be hidden and alone, a tall man with vivid red hair has his large hand running along a shorter woman’s messy nape. Flicking a short ponytail.


(That’s what I am… allowed to flick. That and more…)


“Hey, I can’t always be perfect at everything…? If I gotta say who’s more in demand after she livens up a place, then it’s definitely you, right?”

“… Hah… Kohl… ish pretty, huh?”

“Sounds like bragging when you say it yourself, but it ain’t wrong! When you enter the Call, don’t you steal their looks way better than I do?”

“Kohl feelsh, shame way…! Kakaka!”


Full of derision, Kol’s face when lifted up to look into his has a shit-eating grin. A tomboy’s true beauty isn’t anything to laugh at, even though she currently finds the comment more funny than endearing.

At least, she should find it funny, considering it’s Kol we’re talking about; but, this story takes a strange twist when her furred hand extends to pat his cultivated, bare mid-riff with a six-pack of abs. Because Castile wears so little aside from his barbaric armor, any female can get a full taste of what he has to offer.


For someone other than Kol to say it, even if it’s obvious, seems like it brings a vitality to her contented expression that might be difficult for others to gift sometimes.


“Well, maybe… Kol can find out just how much better, put… Rooshter to test…!?

“… Oh, you got something you wanna prove, Pink?”

She sounds so thrilled when speaking to Castile, a private moment that might’ve happened in the past now repeated for passive onlookers to briefly share. For his part, Castile sounds like he’s hiding eagerness at just the right level while still letting its temptations entice.

“Rooshter, too shtrong, when Kohl talk… alwaysh… ignore Kohl… Now, Rooshter… maybe not ignore Kohl?




Rotten rose petals spill around them.

An odious joke of a “distraction” is the ultimate curse at the conclusion to Castile’s gambit. Its final scene will flay the soul if Adris dares to describe it.


(Ascended… I can hear her laughing again…)


An evil bitch, a secular goddess of greed, chortles as she watches him “exchange” once more.

Applauds his twisted priorities with dainty hands that clapped when his arm was ripped open…!




Gray and sleek, the door’s handle seeks to shut.

The crease of connection, the seam where a gateway will lock tight and never open to the same scene again, is almost sealed.


Too sharp are the lines in this godforsaken manse absent any sort of human touch, save the dutiful whisk of harpy feathers. They harm the sight and soul of the observer, because they don’t convey any nuance that always lies underneath the formalities.

No raw conviction or pain or anger, like the kind that watching four girls suffer because of a pointless betrayal committed by a lowly scumbag, is brought fermenting to the surface.


That precious spear that answered all his needs was traded away, but the temptations of others always seem to sometimes lead back to scenes like this one!




One last look at an often ignored warrioress’ daunting, but enticing, figure reveals another line written in the black ink on Kol’s white fur.

Its crudeness matches her own, revealing a truth that most people would overlook if not pointed out so plainly at the last possible moment.


(— A Rubicon [POINT OF NO RETURN] —?)


But that’s a tale for another time.

This one’s “tribulation” is already bypassed, leading to the proper chain of events to proceed anew.


No further information is gifted, but it’s not as if the servant involved in this story needs to bother with the business, or affairs, of another guest and their —









Fast movements are born of rabbit boots woken from their slumber, prodding the sluggish beast within to feed more authority.

The moment he bolts, the visions vanish.




Thoroughly abused during their flight from a murdering butcher girl, his tyrannical set of footwear resonates with the servant’s need as he joins with the wind with one bounce.




(Not right now, sorry!)


From some unknown place, he draws in leg movements that both reject and mock his own personal style of combat. Planting one foot, the energies transferring across his hips bring a dark smirk to his lips as their irreducible force slams into the doorway that was nearly shut.

The mystical mechanism shudders and sparks when the gateway attempts to shift despite his impact, only locking in place the grand construction that is much more imposing than the boy when his “aura” vomits out from his foot to wash over it.

Polluting the design, contaminating its purpose and allowing him to slip through a foot-and-a-quarter size gap!


(I’m, her…!)




“NAH!? BOSH!? ‘FUCK’!?”

“Hey, kid…”


A palm thrust outward, held aggressively toward the top slayer of the Call earns a slow draw of a wicked handgun, one that gleams in the candlelight with two barrels cut short and loaded to bear.


“… I don’t like how you’re always looking at Pink with greedy eyes, y’know?”

“BOSH!? Oh…?”

“Not before…”

One hammer cocks as the man points at an aching heart.

“… and certainly not now.


Suddenly sandwiched between two powerhouses that bear ill will toward him, a boy named—


You touch my kobold and think I care about your opinion?

“HAH!? ‘Your’!? BOSH!?”




When the door grinds shut with a squeal, it’s too late to exit the stage suddenly set.

The new “guest star” is joined by a silent spectator who also squeezes through before a door lurches closed, creating instead—


(I’ll fucking kill you, even if it’s a fake “you”.)




“Bosh!? Why—!?”

(Do you not know how hot you are!?)

“Do you not get what he’s aiming for, Kol?”

“Rooshter? … Bosh…”


Pushed against the door, Kol slides a bit down it. Tilting just so perfectly that her breasts are straining against the tight tunic and vest. Prominent, youthful invitations for hands, urging even Kol’s own to come up and squeeze over one.

Her voice is husky as she smirks at Adris, despite usually lavishing praise. Fierce eyes are moody as she grows bold.


“Kohl… ishn’t dumb, Bosh! Rooshter, Kohl… kakaka, do what strong do!?

— Want… mate, with shtrong…!”


(You do know.)


No ignorance is what Adris finds, no innocence of character.

At least, not about what Kol has to offer.


This close to him, the girl puts on an open display by shifting around. Shorter pants leave her legs exposed as she leans over and reaches out to tap Adris on his chest.

“Kohl, ishn’t dumb! Not, ahh? Shtupid!” Loud and bragging, she’s also sincere, “Kohl, know how, mush male… want Kohl…! Quit… bugging Kohl! If Bosh… keeps, next to… Kohl, can’t… haaah… help…!?”


(You know… and you’re gonna go with him?)




In Adris’ ears, the sound of beating is driving him nuts.

It’s a mercy to be deafened by it, though, rather than hear everything said by an obnoxious girl whose face keeps changing as she runs through an emotional landslide.


“Kohl put up with Swordbird… shoving dick againsht Kol’s mouth!? Feel tingly, when think about… opening lips, even if Swordbird, ugly!? Hmm…”

An extremely strange admission is said not with embarrassment, but a distant squint of consideration.



(Why would you want him…!? Why think about it, let it…? Is this what [Invitation to Darkness] reached for…?)


That Kol should find pleasure in the idea of being forced is… not what Adris was anticipating unearthing with his bizarre Talent.

Adris’ hissed question brings a wicked smile, though Kol’s eyes only wander.

“‘WHY’!? KAKAKAKA! Kohl, not know…!? Weird, feel! Always feel… weird, when—”


But she stops suddenly, marching toward him slowly.

Her eyes sharp and hands lifted, menacingly.


“Bosh, get out… way… Kohl… wantsh…!

It doesn’t matter what you want.



Someone growling back is an impossible response for Kol.

Tempers flare into a wildfire, consuming the whole miserable forest that this sweating encounter has been festering in.


Bosh! Kohl, do, what Kohl, WANT TO DO!

No, you don’t.



Adris is forced back by her sudden start forward, but it’s not like she can ever catch him.

The gun pointed at his back is of no consequence, either.




“You are a knight.”


You are my knight.

“Uhhh!? Nah!?”


Blind anger alleviates a bit when he says that.

Instead, Kol hunches over while staring with head tilted.


“Nnngh!? Knightsh… only listen, STRONG!? No… Bosh… shtrong…!?”

She grips her head in outrage and confusion, stuck that way until she clicks her tongue and raises the fiercest glare yet.

“Kohl… don’t care!

Deshide… Rooshter…!

Bosh… won’t shtop…!?


(Wrong answer…!)


You won’t mate with any other male, ever, Kol, in your entire life.

“NAH!? ‘Fuck you’!”


An angry fist flails behind and lands on the great door, releasing a bang that reverberates down the hallway.

Kol lifts up with a hulking presence, her eyes shining as she prepares to tussle.



I didn’t tell you what to do, Kol, only stated a fact.

“… Uh?”


Adris’ attention is split as he glares over his shoulder at the impossibly strong slayer waiting to pull a trigger. The boy’s raised hand is still invisibly menacing him, though neither side seems certain how it accomplishes this.




Any male that you ask to mate with and agrees will be dead long before he can touch you.





Before the serious Castile can even open his mouth to answer this challenge, both give heed instead to a deep snort full of ugly greed.

The one it came from is shivering, drooling down her chin while staring at Adris. In the silence of this hallway where two men are…


“… Malesh… both… want, Kohl…!?” Being sought sends the girl into an ecstatic tantrum, stomping her feet as she shakes. “Hnng…! Ka…! Kakaka…! GREAT! Very… fun!”


(Needy… fucking girl…! You think this is a joke?)


“… Pink.”

Castile sounds astounded when saying her name, because Kol is forced to wipe her mouth with her furry forearm to get the slobber off before she continues talking.


“Nice… try, Bosh, but… but, Kohl…!”

Her claws glint as she dips forward to leap, carrying the preternatural sharpness of an Aptitude.





The air is so deathly thick with neediness.

Kol’s musk is so arousing that it chokes.

Or so choking that it arouses.


As she lunges, Adris succumbs permanently to the effect.

Lets it rewrite his brain as he studies this girl he broke open not so many nights before.




Threatening to scratch his eyes out and gut him, the mad kobold instead resells the image of herself naked.

Yelling out in sheer pleasure as her maidenhood is torn.

Surrendering to pummeling sensations that not even her rock-hard brain can shut out.


(Right… after I made her… surrender…!)


The hand that delivered that pleasure which made her collapse lifts, its veins visible as rage and domination search for the same…




… again with this girl that a false god should’ve collared a long time ago.




(Fine. You were right, Still.)


Adris’ mind breaks, too, his eyes nearly bulging when the tension of authority he releases merges with the stupid lust boiling out of the pit of his stomach.

Newfound potential and a filled reservoir leave it relishing in the opportunity to corrupt!




[Invitation to Darkness].”



Toward her, Adris curls his hand invitingly, offering no resistance to a lethal strike as his hand begins to smokily glow.

Only a winding aura of night claims his body as Kol enters within range. Once there, it’s too late to back out, just like with her heat haze.



Rather than open fire, Castile leaps away from the springing beguilement.


So, too, does a doll while slashing loose a stream of shadow that gripped her.




A ball of darkness erupts from Adris’ caliginous body, slamming into the airborne white nightmare.


Shocked by the sudden mental trauma that the raving whispers and screams that follow deliver, Kol tumbles prematurely to the floor with a crash. The ambiance throughout the hallway shifts as the sphere pulls back to circle around them.




(I can feel your need.)




This obscene Talent beloved by slayers and feared by monsters deranges as it confounds, ignoring defenses other than the spirit’s and striking at base longings.

Kol’s own heat haze erupts to counter the starry abyss leaking from Adris and spreading across the floor toward Kol’s kneeling form, but it’s a futile attempt.


(Surrender everything to me.)



Even if it is an attack, the fact that they are teammates, and bound by something far deeper, keeps the cross at Adris’ waist silent.


(I’m just returning the favor. And proving a point forever.)




Just his fingers on her neck, sliding over those thin scales that differentiate a kobold from a wolf up and aiming for the underside of her chin to lift slightly, send Kol screaming in pleasure back onto her feet.

On her tiptoes, the loathsome rebel that will fuck any strong male she can claim is pushed back toward the door by a boy that seems weightless as he glides on his inky power.





(You will feel what Still can never forget.)




Along with an ascension stage, aura senses and his technical control are refined commensurately.

Though her own aura rejects what he transmits, the titan’s sheer output can’t chip Adris’ sensual knife of sharp pleasure. His fingertips spark with shining darkness as it cuts through instinctual resistance, replacing rage with melting acceptance.


The only remaining issue from last time with Still has been resolved by Adris’ evolution:

He can now control the intensity of the feedback he receives.


(To be skilled is justice.)


And so, he sets it to its lowest resonance.


(That aura core in your belly is my closest ally!)





“… I’m going to fry your brain, Kol, so that you never forget that only I can give you this. I will make you its slave.



Seeking to crush him, Kol’s clumsy movements lead to Adris simply dropping into a lower stance to let her brutal grab miss. On the way, he rips at her pantaloons and their fragile buttons with a sublime flourish of a reaving arm.


An outfit made by a mad man is expertly crafted for just this purpose, with the flap that hides front and back falling free to hang against her right leg.

Because a foolish kobold still doesn’t bother with proper undergarments, Adris’ swift hands expose a tight slit that’s puffy with excitement and as wet as a boggy lake.


This low, the boy can lean in and sniff the forbidden scent that he discovers hasn’t been hidden at all. While drowning in the effect that Kol’s beauty and allure and resistant personality has on Adris, she has been…


Waiting to be claimed.

“GUH!? … NOT WRONG, BUT…!?” Rage isn’t easily stifled by merely toying with Kol, as she next drops a hammer blow with both hands.


Instant death shakes in the escaping air that her claws reject.




(Too easy, because you’re soaking in my own spirit.)




The scent of her aura is changing as it colludes with his own.

It’s whispering arrogantly, sharing weaknesses to exploit against its master as the servant aura thirsts. Hungers not admitted to are obvious by her actions, and even more so by the sensations transmitting.


(Why are you so needy!?)


If he listens, if discovers why, then there’s only one possible outcome.

This zone of proximity Kol would normally excel in will instead become her prison.





To the side Adris slips, letting a hammerblow whiff in the air.

While juking, he steals away a button on her vest without a sound.


A sideways backhand shortly after is also avoided. Kol’s body twists awkwardly, leaving her breasts straining the overly tight vest. Kol’s vest gives way to her magnificently developing bosom as it bursts out into an asynchronous jiggle.



At the moment of her tits’ revolt against being captured by her tunic, Adris’ curving finger slices through where the magical shirt has a seam like his.


(Magic is subsumed by a greater desire, serving it instead.)


A Dark Invitation whispers knowledge to conquer, telling him that applying “darkness” will separate the material. This subversive force morphs her meager command “to be clothed” into Adris’ desire to “unleash what everyone wants to see”.



Perky tits with their exotic duskiness announce their unveiling for the viewing public.

Though there’s no shame, Kol’s face is suitably vexed beneath the deep flush of red that betrays her arousal.


(Perfection. Give me all of this!)


While cursed to be a boy, Adris has a womanly choice glaring back. Cut muscles accentuate, bringing him back to the days when he’d been younger and had another girl at his call if he knew the right words.


But, this one is exotic and full!

Descriptions of her features yell out in Adris’ head, but it’s the draws that he can’t put to words that he obsesses over. A disparaging look from Kol doesn’t make him feel shame or hesitation.


Willingly putting himself in mortal danger, Adris leans closer. To take in as much as he can of her nubile body before time or idiocy ends his journey.

Even if he’s seen it before, he’s only tasted it rarely. Once, twice, or three times, how can that compare to having her every day!?

Multiple times a day, licking over her flat stomach up to her sternum, before plunging his head between her legs and sucking on the nectar that collects…!




Teats hard enough to drill through stone reveal Adris’ goal as his tongue creeps out.

He can’t recall tasting them yet.


“OH!? OOOOH!?”


About to drill a palm through his head, Kol drunkenly fumbles instead.

Adris is saved by a strong flick across an exposed left nipple, taking the initiative to snake fingers down to her soppy pussy, pressing against lips that beg to be parted.



AH!? … No… Kohl…!”

His lips wrap around and he tightens, enjoying the salty taste of an active girl’s sweat on the tip.

“OH!? SU—Sucking…!?”


Kol’s palm finally lands on his head.

It wobbles with jolting enjoyment, tearing at his hair impotently instead of maiming.


(Hard for you to find balance when you’re arching your hips and trying to hit the roof.)


Each slippery slide of Adris’ gifted fingers over her engorged clit and slit causes Kol to jump. The reaction bolsters the impishness buried in Adris’ psyche, a playfulness edging into his sheer frustration.

“MMMnnn!? Grahhh!?”

Jump for me.

Adris’s hand makes a quick game of it, changing the speed and pressure with each swirling motion. With minute adjustments, he can send her either upward toward the sky or pushing back into the door that Kol has been forced into, solely depending on in which angle he presses against her clitoris.


“… GRRRR… You… Bosh… haaah! … Guh, Roo— Roosh ish—


“Mmm… Watching… and there he’ll stay… only watching.


Bringing his attention away from her slippery teat, Adris licks up her skin, sliding around the light patches of fur at her shoulders until he reaches her neck.

The boy assaulting a girl that’s quickly succumbing to the attack isn’t stupid.

He’s fully aware of the tall, familiar stranger hovering just outside of the black paradise created by two competing auras. Very sure that the popping, crackling prison of degrading malice will hold up.




([Erotic Assault] won’t let others act to stop it once activated, just like two bitch sisters proved! Those kobolds in the Castillo froze in fascination exactly as… this asinine, treacherous, thieving pretty boy has!)


Neither of the potential interlopers will close, threatened equally by the slinking shadows and miasma that gather at this sphere’s circumference.

A girl whose state of undress is perfectly proportioned between clothed and naked is at the mercy of the strongest male present.




No one can save you, Kol.

“Nnn—! NAAAH!?

… G-Good…!?”

Even if Adris had never planned to use this Talent again, he tells himself as he finally squirms his fingers into her soaking cunt…


A Codex named Rantilius had made sure he wouldn’t overlook its effects or uses, almost as if she was planning for its need.


Thrusting into her sends the drunkard wild. Soft fingers rubbing on the upper side of her squeezing walls are encouraged, rather than rejected.

“DDAAH!? Nnngh, Bosh!?”

“Need more?”

Kol does, slapping her tail against the door as her squishy pussy keeps making sloshing sounds. Her knees spread wide, leaving them bent as she squats like a bitch.

“… Ka…! Kaka! Kohl, not… ‘impressed’…!”

You will be…


Her mind roars out that she should resist, but a body Adris alone has cultivated just delivers more eager understanding of its limitations. Her smell alone betrays the shift in her obsession, from simply needing strength to fawning over the unraveling he’s inflicting.


Whether fingers, tongue, or a solid, throbbing dick that he finally unleashes, Kol is a willing slave to their gifts.




When Adris’ hand touches upon his thigh, the supportive clothing springs away at his crotch. A curving pole drops free when unrestrained, its tip slick.

“MMMMMH!? Bosh… dick… haaah!


Kol’s furry ears flick forward and back as her mood changes once more.

No longer struggling uselessly, she just stares down while biting her lip. Her eyelids twitch with the pleasure one-sidedly inflicted on her bullied, sopping hole.

Thick musk grows even stronger with the new sweat gathering on her skin.


(Yes! Look at me like that! I like your slutty face…)


She’s a girl who possesses muscles that could crush Adris like a cracked egg, yet is barely able to keep herself upright. It’s absolutely entertaining and supremely rewarding to have Kol once more dancing on his fragile fingers, firming the lie that he’s a mighty being.


So weak to pleasure!

“BOSH! … Regret… this…!

Against the door she collapses, letting Adris drill deeper in. His other hand joins in, rubbing her jumpy, protruding clit while she leaks onto the floor and his skin.

“Nnngh! M-More…!”

Haha! Are you surrendering so soon?


Feeling her arousal starting on its way up the peak, Adris pulls out to receive a naked whine in return.

“Why!? Shtop…!?”


(Because… I feel like inflicting something even more…)




To train her body is fine. It’s continuing the same plan started that night where she nearly destroyed him.

Marking the route again through the virgin wilderness, and making the trail he stomped through permanent!


You piss me off, you stupid girl…



Against her cheek as he leans in, he kisses and licks, mimicking her own absurd greeting.

“Not shtupid…! Ugh, Bosh… don’t need… to tashte, Kohl, now…!”

You’re always missing… the point!


Adris pulls her up, hugging her miserably addictive self. His nose is to her shoulder, deep breaths tickling at his unmentionable fascinations with her.

All the beliefs in “control” and “rationality” Adris keeps trying to reaffirm are blown away so easily, folding like a hut built on sand when a storm rolls through.


(How does she smell so good!?)


What other women give priceless gold to evil-eyed perfumers to obtain, this tyrant from a tribe of wildling idiots naturally exudes. If he will recall later on, a clearer-minded Adris would bottle this scent to sell it.


(NO! It’s mine. It’s all mine!)


Doing something… foolish, like thinking another can do what I can, Kol?

Nngh!? Kohl, ‘relief’…! Sho…!?”

So get some ‘relief’, as you learn a lesson!


(Making an uncomplicated girl crumble is what I want!)


Adris’ grip tightens as he pulls next to her, firmly pushing between her thighs after forcing her to close them.


The only girl Adris has that he can do this with, it’s delicious watching Kol moan as he scrubs against her lips with his cock’s head.

Out the other side he pops, slickened by the swamp he savors the smell of. A tomboy instinctively squeezes hard on his cock, with only lust keeping his pole from being crushed by strength held in reserve.


“… Grrr…! Bosh… smiling…!”

Why shouldn’t I? No one can be the same size as you like I can… and be such a perfect partner…


(I have you where I want you, at my mercy, with no contest possible… because your own lust is destroying you!)




Every detail of her face is mesmerizing. He notes them within his mind, locking this close up view of Kol up until the day he dies.

Staring at him with such unrestrained emotions, her anger and attraction make Adris the only thing she can see in her world. A nose that won’t stop noisily sniffing meets his, slowly pressing against each other. Cheeks that lack any chubbiness are still soft.


“… There’s nothing you can do. This isn’t even a contest — it’s your execution!

“Haaah… Bosh… gonna… learn, shomethin’, too…!”


(Learn what you taste like…!)


The throbbing in his head is illuminating the worst aspects of his personality as Adris exults in them.


He tilts her head to force his mouth onto hers, pushing past resisting lips.

Tasting the moist warmth where words he hates and loves come from, Adris stops listening at all to the warnings at the back of his thoughts.




Kol’s long tongue that eagerly slurps others is instead claimed solely by him!

He chases it, locking around it as she grumbles and huffs…!


(… Love… me…! Only…! ME!)




“… Ungah!?”

Between her thighs he thrusts, stealing her composure as balance drains from her legs and she tries to fall onto his—




“GACK!? Ugh…!?”


Everything suddenly tastes like iron!

Drops begin to pool under his tongue, with a finger to his lips revealing red when he pulls it to look in horror.

But that horror he feels starts a rich voice shrill with laughter.


KAKAKAKA! Shitty… weak… tongue…! Tongue, on tongue, ish… weak…!”

With her breasts pushing into him, Adris’ favorite hated kobold presses into him.


“But… Mmm! Kol, undershtandsh now!”

That tongue he tried to steal sticks out, a little stain of his blood left on it.

Then, she noisily gulps after withdrawing it, letting the taste she stole vanish.

“Efferythin’… about Bosh, tashte… good~!

“You little… fucking…!”




Before anything else can go wrong, Adris lets the rage filling him control everything.


(Get fucked, you shitty little girl!)





Up Kol goes, lifted by arms on her butt that beg for strength and find enough to send the wolfish brat careening into the door.

“Gah!? Bosh, what! OH, OOH!?”


The first thrust misses, hitting on the outside of the target and jutting across her clit.

Kol’s legs kick out.

Laughable resistance!

Only his hands keep her aloft.


Up and down he slides, letting the slick friction build the intimacy between them that he intends to steal at the last moment.


Stealing a total win over a girl who always frustrates him by refusing to surrender!





“Haaaah! So… tight…!

That same rebel moans throatily as he pierces into a passage with nearly the same virginal tightness as before. Even a whole night of hollowing her out accomplished nothing, Adris laments while struggling to reach deeper.

Abdominals that spasm can’t relax their crushing pressure.

The further he digs, the more energy he expends on not screaming out himself.

“Nnnn!? Bosh… Bosh… in…!?”

Nearly stuttering with the suddenness of how she’s filled, the pint-sized tigress has the wind stolen from her bluster.

All she can do is twitch while staring into Adris’ face, her mouth open as she struggles to find words.

“Kohl… feel…!?


(… Ahhh, you feel… like you’re already gone…!)


It’s… easy! ‘I’m… cumming!’

“… Nah…!?”

Offering the right words, Adris then gives the reason to say them.

Rearing back, he plunges back into her noisy pussy to plow open the route to her needy womb.


Say it… Kol!


Kol’s legs kick out, then shake with each thrust he subjects her to.

A hole that’s hotter than the hellscape the harpies’ paradise turned into is growing softer despite the rejection she feebly attempts.


(Remember who taught you!)

“… Every… thing… you learned… is… because of me!


Slamming her into the door, Adris whispers between the deep thrusts.

Kol can only whine while mashing her eyes shut, drooling as he proves this fact again.


“Say it… like, that night!



The pleasure leaves Adris feeling like the whole world is shaking with the thrusts he commits to. No art is bothered with, only a dedication to see her lose!

While her free breasts flop around, back and forth, Adris’ sweat falls onto her skin as hers coats the floor beneath them. Muscles once tense give way with the digging head of his cock eventually finding distance to make for longer thrusts.

Legs that only kicked aimlessly now slap against his body.


Shay…!? Shay whaaat!?

Say… say, what… you say when…!


Even her stout tail clips his leg as it thrashes around!

Adris thinks she’s only uselessly opposing him, and bends over to unsettle her more; but, with a closer look he finds that her appearance is no longer fierce.

Kol’s only giving the hard stare of a submissive female, licking her lips, flushing to the point of illness while staring at…


(‘A man she wants’!? SHE WANTS ME!

Fuck! FUCK!)


That thought shuts out all the others.

Adris pulls his head back and stops glaring, needing to control his own enthusiasm before he loses his mind!


“AH!? AH!? OOH!? BO—BOSH!?”

Firm hands adjust to her waist, letting Adris inflict on Kol what he thought could only be unleashed on Rantil!

She’s almost weightless as she lifts and slams back onto his cock. He times his impacts to scrape as he gouges, needing her to feel what’s coming…!








Overwhelmed by the momentum and build up, the kobold girl splashes the ground as she clenches. Muscles which softened their grip now reverse course, locking Adris’ girth in place as his victim reaches in to rake across his back.




Razor sharp claws ignore a prohibition against harm, reflecting her pleasure back on him as a confusing sort of painful closeness. For a moment, the suffering leaves him wishing she’d dig in more sharply.


She convulses with the wave of satisfaction that goes to tip of toe and the end of her hanging ponytail. Kol’s pink eyes lose focus, seeing only the display of red and white lights that Adris remembers overwhelms him with each brutal climax he endures.


Stuck like this for many seconds, she finally lets go of his back and slams against the door while languidly catching her breath. The climax keeps rolling through her, but it starts to edge off…




… Until Adris begins thrusting full steam again!


Cringing at his new assault, Kol tries to flail against his chest with her arms, but no strength can gather.

This is… a lesson! Not over… until… you learn!

Kol, learn huwat!? AAAH!?”


Her sodden hole is still spasming as he picks up his pace. Soaking in his male energy, it still thirsts for what it hasn’t received.

A furnace like this one needs fuel!


“Getting hot… when others… want to… mount you…!?

“NAH!? Kol… feel… weird!? Kol… said…!”

Aren’t you… just too… needy!? Too desperate!?


(Trying to slip away from me, too!?)




From within the venom and heartache spills forth.

A voice that is Adris’, but carries ill favor he’s not used to, spews at Kol as she’s imprisoned by an orgasm intentionally prolonged and magnified!


“Kol… need, too…!?”


Kol, loyal…!

Her hands now rest on the door she’s being rammed into.

Trying to keep her level with the dick she’s strangling!


(Finally in the right… spot!)


Set like she’ll slip to the floor, Kol finally has no choice but to accept her punishment or fall.

To be sent to the floor to grovel there!


I taught… you…!

“YESH!? Bosh… Kohl’s… teesher!?”

Then why… are you asking for… ‘lessons’, from others!?


Slipping his hand further under to support her, Adris pulls the other one out and slaps her thigh hard.

A shrill scream unbefitting of Kol coincides with the would-be slut’s pussy nearly unscrewing Adris’ dick from him!


(Oh shit! Too tight…!)


Pleasure fades slightly as Kol’s aura floods back out to resist once more.

Rather than breaking her, one mind-blowing height only fuels more rebellion.


“Bosh! Wrong, one…!”

“You’re the… little tyrant! Having shows…! Inflicting torment… for your pleasure!”

Again he slaps her thigh, sending Kol’s tail wild as it whips.

“NYAH!? But…!? Kol… did, what… Bosh, like…!?”

“Like with Echo!? Making me… be on… display, for you!?”


Again, he slams his palm into her thigh. But instead of a displeasing yelp, he only hears a heavy sigh.


(Why… enjoying it…!?)


“Ahhhh…! But… Bosh…! Villain!

Says who!?” An arrogant scream from him brings a dopey smile to Kol’s face, his anger only proving it true!


(I’m not… the villain! Everyone else is…!)




A truly depraved part of Adris hisses that petulant rebuttal, leaving him straining and grinding his teeth. He’s already heard too many remarks about his damned soul thrown at him today. Even if spoken by a fake, they were too true to let run off himself without also melting his confidence and self worth!

Now, he’s brought to more suffering by a stupid girl calling him a…!




Moon…! Ahhh!? Call Bosh… villain!

“That annoying…! She doesn’t… even understand… what she is, much less… me!

“And… Kohl… Kohl…! NAAAH!?”

That addled curio… thinks… she’s not beautiful… not desired!


Unable to speak as she’s tormented, Kol screams out with that peaking shrillness that makes Adris pleased. It slows him down, eager to hear what stupidity she’ll open with next so he can bully her more!


(I will finally conquer—!)


Liksh… dis kinda Bosh…! Kohl… doesh!”



Being liked is the same as being rejected, if it’s an Adris that is a “villain”…!

It only makes him thrust faster, drinking in the friction that effortlessly glides over his prick.


“Nah!? Kohl…! Kohl wants…! Liksh…!


“I… what are you…!?”

“KAKAKAKA! Kohl… will beat… dat Bosh, one day…!




Again she gets ground into the door, locking her legs around Adris as he feels his control slipping. Whatever plan he had to punish her and how he intended to it is fast vanishing, as the opposition and closeness works its magic to turn him violent.


Kohl… wantsh… to… know…! Learn, from… Bosh…!


Risking falling, Kol brings one hand up to her breasts to mimic what Adris would do.

Though it should be painful, she pinches her poking tit between inexperienced claws!


“You do… anything for pleasure…! Ahh!”

Uh… Kohl, not know, what to do…!? Only… Bosh show… and Kohl, watch…!?


From her bruised tit she reaches out, grasping hold of Adris’ vest and pulling.

Kohl’s drunken face is mushy, snot hanging from her nose as her eyes swim.

Her whole body is soaked, from either sweat or the juices running down Adris’ cock to fall from his sack.


(I’ve never seen her so… steaming.)


Want… beat Bosh…!!!



All he allows is for her to enjoy being split on his dick!

An orgasm she never truly parted from is building again.


Haah, haaah, ‘art’… ‘talking’… ‘cool look’… ‘fucking’…! Everything… Bosh do… sho good…!

Kohl… wantsh… nnngh, to learn…! Be… like… Bosh…!


(You want to take those things from me!?)


Huhh! You can only learn… those… from me… understand!

“YESH! Teash Kohl…! Show Kohl…! AAAH!?

Adris’ balls are tightening as this begging Kobold so aggressively demands the entire world be taught to her!

Sho Kohl, can… beat Bosh… SHOON!

Subjects that took an orphan decades to perfect are ones this idiot thinks he’ll show her quickly and well enough to ever trump him!?


(Why should I create my own destroyer!?)


Begging for help from a charlatan like him, anyone that trusts him is truly mad.

But, also…


(… Fuck! They should be trusting me!)




There is a duty Adris has been neglecting.

An oath he made… to answer their desires!


Instead of answering them all, and leading them to his optimum path, he’s only been interested in some, letting the rest wither out of his sight!


(Ugh…! Shut up, you have no idea how hard it is… to keep things sane!)




You’ll… never… beat me…!

“NAH!? Kohl… will beat…! UGAH!?”


From Adris’ fingers spark dark embers, inviting Kol’s heat haze to fold back on her.

As he draws his fingers across her stomach, the pleasure he weaves spreads.






The pleasure must be indescribable, because Kol’s legs squeeze like a vice around Adris’ back to try to keep him from continuing.

A circuit carefully joined between his hands, her aura core, and his…




The dick stuck into the oven catches aflame.

Even if she struggles to contain him, Adris breaks free and keeps humping into her.


The drops of sweat that fall sizzle on her tanned skin and loose clothing! That ensemble has lost control of its colors, taking on the sheerness of total night instead of green as Adris’ aura invasion spreads.




Like with Still, Adris links their senses; but, unlike with her, Adris might not live to regret it.

Because Kol’s body is capable of mimicking the same connection, an inexpert tug on his soul hitting once as their pleasure mutually blooms. Manipulations he inflicts on her are unconsciously noticed, with the dumb prodigy slowly changing her own outflow to snip back at Adris.

Another snap is rejected, but she’s still reaching…!


(I’m not going to lose everyone…!)


You… are… mine! This power… I taught you!

“Uh…!? Kohl…! Belong… to… Kohl!”




Even if he promised never to order or rule them…!

Nobody said that they wouldn’t be his slaves willingly.




A last ditch assault leaves Adris trying to slam against her cervix, finding only clear space with her womb awaiting what is to come.


“I don’t need… to rule you… to make you… mine, Kol!

“NAH!? Then…!? How…!?


He puts his face next to hers, letting her taste his efforts with a keen animal’s sense of smell.


With her mind unsettling, Adris allows the darkness he summoned back into the fray.

The whispers that unnerve and addle join with his form, offering wisdom that will destroy the one who understands!




(I don’t need Rantil to become something to be feared! I always learn new tricks!)




As if to hypnotize, he screams as loud as he can, while keeping calm and letting his voice soften.

The duality of this action reminds him of Rantil’s own effect. A pale imitation at most, perhaps only a delusion of his mind, Adris hopes it lands as much pain as Rantil’s ‘Words’ do.




A knight… can only… serve… one… master! Are you… a knight!?

“Uuuhhh!? Kohl… ish… a knight!”

Into her stunning pink eyes, full of internal radiance, he stares.

Are you… my knight… or another’s!? Who… did you… swear to!?

“… AH!? … Kohl…! Ish… Bosh’s…!”


It’s hard to keep staring when Adris is ready to collapse into her.

To unleash his very essence and let his consciousness swim into a volcanic body that still slightly rejects.


The smell of submission isn’t enough.

Adris has to hear her crumble, or he’ll go insane from the pain…!


I gave… you everything…!


Worldly wisdom…!


“AAH!? YESH!?”


Kol’s hands fly toward him!

They wrap around to hang onto his back. This horrible, lusty, perfect wolf girl, one whose clothes seem ready to peel off after being rendered insensate, holds on for dear life.


Then… that means… you’re… MY WOMAN!



Kol’s head snaps back in shock.


And revulsion?






Adris’ heart is beating out of his chest when he stops thrusting after screaming this, shocking himself with the openness he used.


Studying “his woman”, with every sense he can muster, as she devours his words.

Drinking in the fast heart within her breast that matches his. The honesty of her stench and sweat, with how it mixes with fresh love juices that entice any man she meets.


(Right… she… can’t help it… after all… any man that sees her, is gonna want her…!)


As his teeth grind, Kol’s own reveal with an exhalation.


“… Hah… Hah… What… Kohl…?


She sounds puzzled.

Something in his claim, his absolute assertion, doesn’t convey right even with words translated by the wind.


(Words aren’t working again!)


The one thing Adris has always loved, his gift with tongue, is failing at the worst possible moment!






She begins to work him inside as he slowly thrusts.

So inexpertly, but with gusto.


Muscles that were resisting are now trying to meet his tempo. Even if they fail, there’s no longer that…!



Own you…!

“Nah!? OWN!? AHH!

Become mine! Always mine…!




Pure pleasure jolts through him as a single drop rushes up!

Abdominals that were clenching comically spasm, leaving Adris groaning at his “conquest” as the first drop of semen he’s been saving lands in her boiling canal.


Bo—Bosh…!? BOSH!

I will… always… own you!

Without… chains…! Without words…!

Cum-Cumming! Kohl… ish…!





(How can… I own you… forever!?)


He needs a way.

She has to realize it.

Before he cums, wasting this perfect moment that’s charged so highly that they might as well be struck by a bolt of lightning, Adris needs to prove it…!

That she can never escape!


There’s a way, there will be…!


(AH! That’s… what a “supreme being would say”!)


A trampling ultimatum!

One that speaks across the passage of days and the finality of death!

What he desires that will unlock the way to make her understand perfectly!





“… Y-Yesh!?”

Shaking while impaled on his dick, this is the girl that he gave everything from his new life to for the first time…!

A strange female, one covered partly in white fur that smells of an animal’s world and emotions, learned everything about men from him.

From her, he relearned what it meant to hold another and truly care about their needs while also engrossing himself in sensual discovery.

“… B-B-B-Bosh…”




I… will own you forever…!

“… Ahhh…!? ‘Own’…?”

Speaking the word sends her clenching again, eyes spinning as she stares in wonder.


YES! In fact… I’m going to own your entire bloodline, Kol, especially since you decided to steal my name!

“‘Bloodline’ (CUBS)…!? Cubs… with… with… Kohl…!?”

Her voice shakes, sounding comic with how rich it is to be sputtering words.

You’ll never escape from my ‘villainous’ seed! Every… one of your children will be cursed to be mine, too! AHAHAHAHA!

“… Bosh… and… Kohl…!?”




Kol finally sees Adris for the first time tonight when the madly laughing boy can feel her spirit piercing into his own.


Awakened by a bizarrely personal and intimate demand, she only blinks in wonder as he keeps up his good cheer.

Finally, after moments of silence following his trailing off…




“Kaka… kaka…


Dead laughter starts up to follow his mirthful kind, with Kol convulsing as Adris’ dick is nearly torn off.

Locking in the release that must now occur, or he’ll never be freed to exit from her.


“Kohl… won’t… evah… give in…

Nevah… owned by…


Sucha shitty Bosh~…”


The most obstinate, drunken, terrifyingly dense girl Adris has ever met sticks her tongue out meekly at him.

And spits as she blows, lightly coating his face with the saliva he’s been craving.







While Adris’ hands crush Kol’s waist and he drools onto her with a rage overtaking him, that same girl who rejected him…




… pulls back her head, exposing her indelicate, delicious neck to Adris.

Staring at him with hard eyes in a sidelong look.

Desperate to see what happens.








Like a monster is possessing him,

Adris whips his head to fill the open gap and plants his teeth on her neck, crushing the thin scales running up the side.




And bites.





The boisterous bruiser who swore off being owned yowls so loudly that Adris’ hearing deadens with pain.


A pussy only locked in jolts with each current running through her body, amplifying the pleasure so much that Adris’ block on receiving its resonance weakens.




His control evaporates, leaving him exploding wads of semen as deep as possible. With Kol’s already short stature and depths, this is directly at the mouth of her overhanging womb.

At this place is where the white stickiness that has been begging for release since he woke up finally finds an objective.





More screams explain the sound of water flowing, for a musty scent spills out onto the floor as she goes wild.




Kicking and hollering, the mighty kobold impales herself further on his dick when she jumps up to wrap arms and legs around him. She shakes like a child, as her overfilled spirit casts her aura in every direction like slashing blades of heat.

Pleasure between the two of them fills the hallway in a whistling spectacle of concentrated, dark-red radiance as their auras merge and carnage spreads!






Were it not for some outside force keeping him upright, Kol would already be a fluffy pillow for him to collapse upon.

“Adherence to protocol” is this universal law that Adris’ broiled mind names as the means by which he always seems to keep the illusion that he’s a mighty existence going. Somehow, no matter the situation, he always scrapes by with a little dignity.




As his rage, frustration, Impotence, exhilaration, mania, and obsessions all flow into the filled pussy of this wonderful bedmate of his, Adris finds himself basking in the satisfying afterglow of his…


(Victory…! I did win…? I, win…?)


With muscles in pain from his exertions no matter how brief it all probably was, mind drained from the futility of trying to convince a degenerate kobold girl of her crimes, and heart hurting from the feelings of loneliness dredged up from earlier to be rejected by carnal pleasure…


He finds, as he settles Kol against the wall to keep upright…



NO, NO MOOOVE~! Too… too good…! KaKaKaKa!


… that the way that Kol keeps creepily laughing to herself, when not yowling in a post-orgasmic jolt, isn’t quite as disgusting as it should be.


In fact, it makes him hold tighter, both for the feeling of closeness and the additional…





… satisfaction of inflicting more “suffering” as she leaks again onto his pants.

Finding control of her body impossible, her one involuntary release does disgust him.




(… I haven’t… fallen in love… with this awful girl, have I…!?)


Even if he screams that in his heart, he can’t look at her face to deny it in action.

With one hand under her butt to keep her up, Adris is instead covering recognition of his thoughts with his other hand so that Kol can’t witness this conflict.





… Has ‘brother’ completed his ‘duties’ with… this?


The high-class doll peering up shouldn’t possess forceful emotions; but, as the servant whips out a fresh cleaning cloth stored beneath her dress to begin tepidly wiping up the floor, Adris is reminded that spectators can be either a pleasure or…


(This is hell… Don’t look at me like I’m trash, please!)


Lifted eyebrows and pursed lips, and the way she wrinkles her nose, are an unwelcome indication of ill thoughts forthcoming from his personal servant, especially after Adris declared his undying ownership of another instead of leaving with his “sister”.

Not even bothering to pay attention to her task, this doll instead stares heatedly at Adris. Something about his actions offends her, but Adris is incapable of a deeper analysis.


(That look just makes me feel ashamed…!)


“Huh, now that was something you don’t see every day.”

The measured tone of an in-demand woman killer, stuck between anger and interest, is at Adris’ back as his butt spasms with the last of his spunk being left for a white kobold’s womb to do with as it pleases.

Though no longer pointed at Adris, there’s still two guns ready for him when Adris looks over his shoulder.


(Castile is still here, after I all but… called him a dickless dead man for coming after Kol…!)




A wonderful plan has finished.

And with it, the only results are that Kol is nearly unconscious, muttering deliriously as her quaking body keeps slipping back over into temporary ecstasy.


Also, that Adris is completely defenseless.

Even if an [Invitation to Darkness] might unlock some unmentionable desire in the slayer to succumb to, Adris has no inclination to have the result inflicted on him.


(Why… do I always do insane things when I get “hungry”? Please, save me, Still.)





Name: Adris fehl Dain, “Boss”, “Starr”
Titles: Lycia’s Little Brother, Slayer, Gigolo (Self-Admitted)
Race: Xin’El, Emperor’s Child (Human), ???
Sex: Male
Age: ?? – Young


Occupation: Crossbearer; “Star of Ruin, Cast Down from the Sky Upon a Dying World”, Slayer of Petripolis, [True False God] Discipline: [Rule in Dark]



[Tool Savant] – “Adris is a tool-collecting-and-utilizing fanatic. Most men would consider him disgusting for loving tools more than his own partner. Has so many tools that it can be said to be his true power. What does he do when he has no tools left? He seeks to acquire more, obviously!”


[Rule in Dark – Wave of Darkness] – “Making victory possible? No, no, no. That thing isn’t that kind! There’s more than that!”


[Brainfry] – “You’re still with me, right buddy? Yeah, you’re still there.”


[Refuse to Kneel] – “Ah, even the Alchemaster can’t make me submit! This is the one that’s saved me all those times!?”


[Tongue of Air and Darkness] – “What’s the difference between this and the old one? Why ‘air’?”


[Conceptual Refusal] – “How the fuck does dominating people’s minds turn into a weird statement like this!?”


[Obscuring Sonjil] – “Man, this thing has gotten pretty strong on Zennia. At first only creating an area of fog, it can now cover a direction? Is something wrong…?”


[Marital Arts – Self-taught] – “Hoh, even if it’s dangerous to use, it feels good to prove to myself that the body is still as willing as the mind! Even if I can’t call it aura, something is inside me now!”


[Verisimilitude] – “Stop giving weird names to what I do! But if my imaginative truths are more believable now, I’m not gonna complain.”


[A WONDERFUL CURSE] – “If that old corpse wasn’t already dead, I’d definitely kill him!”


[Authentic Fiction] – “All tales eventually gain sufficient truth if retold often enough, right? Why shouldn’t my fiction be better than ‘reality’?”






[The Mountain King] – “[Honor the gods, inheritor, and ever seek victory for their sake.]


Disposition: Resilient / Adaptable / Sinner
Alignment: Chaotic

Eyes: Black
Hair: Black, with strands of White
Skin: Tanned



Rantil Value – “Even after all of that, Master is still an idiot!”


Attributes by Grade:

Strength – E

Vitality – E

Dexterity – D

Agility – C

Intelligence – D

Mentality – C

Luck – F

Charisma – D


“If you want more, stop being mean to Rantil!”



Cethran Value – “Much the same as before, but isn’t the way you look at others a bit more dashing, now? Forced to open yourself to the world, perhaps the gentleman may grow? That is likely impossible, isn’t it, Adris?”

“Isn’t it awful that you were finally hitting your stride, only to have your lusts interrupted at the last moment?”

“My, haven’t you chosen a truly exquisite authority? Then, this means we’ll be meeting again, doesn’t it? Who can turn down a wonderful tale…?”

“This is more like your true nature, isn’t it? Supremely adaptable in all cases?”


“One step forward, two steps into iredeemable vice?”



“A boy who is a bit out of place as far as features, he descended from the top of the Castillo to the bottom by pluck, luck, and outrageous lying. Reborn into the world of Zennia, what can be said other than ‘he’s still exactly the same, but different’?”

“A sacrifice has to be made, so a false god chooses…?”

“A sacrifice is made, and thus a false god can finally be what it was meant to be.”

“No matter the role one thrusts themself into, those who know us the best will never be fooled.”


“To use a Talent upon others would normally make them an enemy, but if the Talent is designed to unlock their deepest desires, then…?”



“Here comes Adris, the Rapist King!”



Name: “Kol” fehl Dain, “Pink”
Titles: Idiot, “Tyrant Knight”
Race: Kobold, ???
Sex: Female
Age: ???


Occupation: Delver, Frontliner, ???
Discipline: Tyrant Squire




[Invisible Edge] – “Axe goes through everything?”


[Full Contact] – “Wanna go!? Kol, let fists talk!”


[“Ride on Dread“] – “THE WORLD, BELONG KOL! KAKAKA!






[ ?DARKNESS? ] – “▒▒▒▒▒▒▒▒……!!!”




[“Dreadful Armor”] – “This is where Kol will live and die. When Kol roars, armor roars, too!”


[Halberd of the Whirlwind] – “GET OVER HERE!”


Disposition: Straightforward / Confrontational / Respectful
Alignment: Neutral

Eyes: Pink
Hair: White
Skin: Tanned



Rantil Value –

Attributes by Grade:

Strength – C-?!?

Vitality – C-?!?

Dexterity – E

Agility – F

Intelligence – F

Mentality – C




Cethran Value – “Are you attracted to rampaging metal? Though in your case, you appreciate the voice, don’t you? Do you long to see more? If she reminds you of a certain someone, then…?”

“The mind of a simple girl is not so simple, is it?”

“Are you annoyed that her idea of fun aligns so well with yours?”


“Doesn’t it seem like you aren’t really annoyed, just fascinated?”



“Brash and forthright, a warrior wielding an axe with two hands forsakes protection to deliver only harm. Contrary to this impression, she also seems interested in a straight up fight. If her words are any indication, she offers little thought to her actions.”

“How Kol sees the world is defined by what she both wants and expects from it.”

“If you’re the victor, then that means you’re both morally right and justified by strength, which means whatever you do is correct, right?”


“No matter how strong, you can’t beat your teacher!”



“She’s coming in for a change!”







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